Comet Elenin Is No Real Threat!

September 4, 2011 at 12:46 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology)

The truth is that outer space is a dangerous place!  There are all manners of objects flying about, radiation being blasted from stars, and  intense black holes.  Those are merely a few of the things that have the power to destroy anything that gets too close to them.  Now, information is being given about a rogue comet that is darting through space, possibly headed for Earth!

Well, the truth is that this comet actually will pose no threat to Earth.  It is that it’s presence attracts the interest of those whom remain curious about all that is happening beyond our planet, and possibly could pose some levels of threat.  Things like speeding comets definitely draw the attention of the people whom find intrigue with studies of outer space!

Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin had been observing images of outer space while he studied at The ISON-NM Observatory at Mayhill, New Mexico.  His viewings revealed images of a speeding comet that was labeled as C/2010 X1, then named Elenin.  These depictions were examined further by astronomers at The Maidanak Observatory, Uzbekistan.

The scientists observed that Elenin is over 375 million miles from The Sun.  At this time, it is on a path toward our inner solar system.  It seems that Elenin is on a path that will take it inside of the orbit of our planet, then return it back into the outer solar system.  Studies are showing it to be likely that Elenin will follow a path that will bring it to roughly 42 million miles from The Sun before it returns outward.

The Russian astronomers took keen images of Comet Elenin.  They observed that the comet is small, and that it is possibly breaking apart.  It’s coma is becoming elongated, and astronomers believe that it will crumble totally as it reaches it’s nearest approach to The Sun.

Speaking of which, The Sun already has made a couple of sneak-swipes at Elenin!  First, a solar flare was ejected, striking the comet, and causing it to begin a breakdown.  Then, our star made a coronal mass ejection, which further assisted with the disintegration of Elenin.  I guess The Sun found it to be a nuisance, and it did not want Elenin getting too close!

Leonid Elenin discovered this comet during 2010. The comet likely originated within The Kuiper Belt.  Some speculations suggest that it came from distant regions within The Oort Cloud.  It was suspected that Elenin could be one of the candidates to bring forth chaos and damage to Earth during 2012, yet it is now known that this comet will break apart before reaching the inner solar system.

Elenin 1aug2011 zoom.jpg

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