The 2012 Race Has Begun!

September 7, 2011 at 11:29 PM (current news, historic review, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It is interesting.  Before things got really rolling with the 2008 Presidential Campaign, I was good and set to go with Hillary.  I had all of my gear, my t-shirts, my stickers, and the rest of the hullaballoo.  Then, this lone ranger Congressman out of Illinois rode up.

I will admit to having been smitten, like several others.  I was so sick of W, and I could not believe the outright idiocy that must have plagued my fellow countrymen for having allowed him to infest The White House for eight years!  Despite having all of my things set to back Mrs. Clinton, I yielded to the allure and alleged promise of Barack Obama.  He did gain the Democratic nomination, my vote, and the 2008 election to The Presidency.

Now, his (first) four years are up.  I see and hear that many U.S. citizens are very unhappy with the way things are going for our nation, right now.  The job situation is especially frustrating, with many people questioning as to where the promise of an improved employment setting is at, right now? 

During 2009, President Obama did succeed in working with Congress to get the stimulus package approved.  Important bills were passed through The  House and The Senate, then signed by The President.  Standout issues that included healthcare reform and national finance overhaul did make it through Congress, then were signed by President Obama.

However, several issues are facing this President, which have the power to remove him from The White House, if U.S. voters do not approve of his performance in the handling of national issues.  The United States Postal Service is about to collapse.  It has to make over six billion dollars in payments to current employees and retirees by the end of this month.  What actions can/will President Obama make to assist in this seemingly desperate situation?

Over four billion dollars have been paid out to undocumented workers within The United States!  As the nation has an increasing number of unemployed citizens, and workers whom need additional assistance with employment issues, how is it that the nation has afforded to so blithely discard funds to non-citizens?  This money that has been dispersed illegally is not coming back, putting a larger burden on the U.S. workforce, and the U.S. economy on the whole.

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and Texas Congressional Representative Ron Paul are among the names on hand from The Republican Party that are on hand to challenge President Obama during 2012.  Texas Governor Rick Perry recently has entered the race, and even former Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice (a real long-shot, certainly…) is being mentionedOutside of Governor Perry, and Mayor Guiliani, it does seem that The Republicans will not win 2012.  Yet, shit has happened before….

I believe that to win 2012, President Obama will need to handle issues that include employment, the national debt, and our military actions overseas with strengthened clarity.  He will need to be ready to make lethal punches to defend himself, and with presenting his game plan, as his opponents certainly are not going to hold back in their attempted handlings of him.  Furthermore, it does seem that The President will need to give a verified level of reassurance to United States citizens regarding issues that are headlined by employment, health care, and military efforts.

Well, an entire year still remains before the next Presidential Election.  Yet, the scene is heating up, with potential Republican candidates giving public speeches.  The President is making introductory actions to defend his first term in order to have himself successfully elected into a second term.  All the while, concerned citizens and voters need to remain tuned to televisions, reading documents, and paying attention to web chatter, so that all the necessary information can be acquired that will allow the right candidate to be placed into The White House, November 2012!






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