President Obama to Sign American Jobs Act!

September 8, 2011 at 8:01 PM (current news, historic review, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Listening to President Obama is motivational, always.  I anticipated hearing what he had to say this evening, regarding our national crisis within the employment setting.  Flanked by Vice-President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner, President Obama delivered his explanation of The American Jobs Act.

The President began by explaining what this Congressional proposal is about.  He explained that it has the purpose of renewing and improving domestic and economic situations across the nation.  Mr. Obama said that the bill gives details about the efforts to renew and repair 35,000 United States schools.  It will allow for national renewals to our transportation infrastructure.  It will create provisions for the needed repairs to roads and highways throughout all fifty states.

The American Jobs Act will provide the needed measures that can assist with elevating the number of teachers returning to classrooms.  If passed, the bill will help with seeing that veterans are able to find stable employment.  Also, those whom are unemployed currently, as well as recent collegiate graduates, will be able to find work, without difficulty, through the provisions of this bill.

The American Jobs Act will provide a $4,000 tax credit to employers that hire individuals whom have been seeking employment for longer than six months.  Families with the majority of their members employed will receive $1,500 in tax cuts, provided that the bill is passed.  Additionally, greater measures will be set to have teachers rehired, to have veterans rehired, along with having jobs available for young adults, and citizens whom have been unemployed for extended lengths of time.

This bill stems from a July 2011 agreement to cut one trillion dollars in government spending by 2012.  It is set to provide additional measures by Christmas 2011, including additional cuts in government spending, adjustments to Medicaid and Medicare, and to create taxation regulations which assure that those citizens whom earn more money will pay more money.  President Obama’s plan is to reduce the national debt, pay down the national deficit, and to create new jobs all at once!

He went into deeper explanation, stating that measures will be implemented to help smaller businesses to receive payments faster.  The American Jobs Act will secure home interest rates to help financially-burdened families.  It will strengthen endorsements behind having U.S. – made items being sold overseas.  It will create avenues to allow U.S. corporations working in unison to achieve greater amounts of U.S. overseas business negotiations, sales, and trades.

President Obama alluded to the successes of President Abraham Lincoln to motivate our current government into action.  He fervently stated that our nation can not wait another fourteen months, until the next Presidential election, to see change, and the positive effects of change.  He closed his speech with the following statements:  “Doing nothing is not an option; our problems are man-made.  No single individual built America on their own”.  While invoking the thoughts of progress achieved through President John F. Kennedy,  President Barack H. Obama did give a spurring speech that was meant to motivate Congress, and the nation as a whole, into action with our current national impediments.

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