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September 10, 2011 at 12:10 AM (curious research, current news, historic review, movie reviews, political atmosphere, social opinion)

Friday, Friday!!!  A pair of interesting features were viewed today, and I did enjoy both of them.  I really had not seen too many trailers, or read a lot about these particular films, yet watching them was pleasing.  As both of them featured Academy Award winners, the movies were certain to be exciting!

The Debt started the evening scene.  At Israel’s Atarot Airport during 1965, Stephen Gould was on a secret U.S. Air Force mission.  A young Rachel (Helen Mirren) and her crew were after a renegade Nazi surgeon who experimented upon nine innocent people.

It forwards to 1997, when Rachel is having dinner with her daughter and a group of associates.  All of them are attending a social gathering.  Her ex-husband Stefan (Tom Wilkinson) is there, as they are at a celebratory event for a book that was written about the two of them.

Reflecting to the prior December, Rachel was catching her breath, and holding a pot of boiling water.  A man was in her home, whom was bound, gagged, and bloody.  He managed to get aloose, and he fought with Rachel.  He bruised Rachel, then ran off.  However, she got up, grabbed her gun, then she crawled after the attacker. As he had made it out of the apartment, and was running down the street, Rachel was able to sharp-shoot him from her balcony.

At present day, Rachel finds herself struggling with memories of a past lover.  She gets to an Israeli airport, meeting her former colleague, David (Cirián Hinds).  Both of them return to Rachel’s apartment, where Stefan (Tom Wilkinson) is waiting.  They bond, and the do some combat training.

The three recall Rachel’s youth, when she was a secret agent for Allied forces.  Younger Rachel (Jessica Chastain) was deployed into Nazi territory, where she sees a gynecologist.  He asks her some questions, and Rachel makes an appointment.

Forwarding to the 1960’s, David (Sam Worthington) boards a bus toward West Berlin.  He is taken to a secret spy hub, where the undercover agents are attempting to get hold of a contraband book.  Rachel tries to leave with it first, but she suddenly is attacked.  They escape, yet are attacked by other agents.  The group escapes before the first David can arrive to see what has happened.

The agents flash back to their earlier lives as secret agents in World War II Eastern Europe.  Rachel was on a military task, where she encountered David and Stefan (Marton Csokas).  Their mission was to catch Nazi war criminal Dieter Vogel (Jesper Christensen) to bring him before trial.  They have information that Vogel is a practicing gynecologist, so Rachel poses as a pregnant woman needing to be examined.

David, Rachel, and Stefan get photographs of Vogel.  The pictures are verified as the Nazi soldier, so Rachel and David proceed with visitng the doctor to get examinations of their baby.  They have the photos, which they will use to capture Vogel, yet their mission goes astray.  David and Stefan develop romantic feelings for Rachel, placing a slight sidetrack to their plans!

While continuing on their mission, the three spies expose some of their past experiences to each other. Yet, they continue with their mission, seeing Vogel as their gynecologist, and building an unsuspecting bond with him.  They manage to arrange an appointment where Rachel is visiting with Vogel, they are able to sedate him, and they have him taken away, as David and Stefan are posing as doctors.

As they try to escape the facility, Rachel is caught by guards.  David and Stefan have Vogel, whom they hold as a captive in their apartment.  They tend to the war criminal as he plays with their minds about events that could have been, and those that might be.  He manages to convince David that Rachel is pregnant with a child to whom he is not the father!

Vogel torments David further, causing David to attack him.  The others proceed to get true information behind what happened with Vogel and the captured Jewish Germans.  Rachel returns, trying to talk humanely with Vogel, and meaning to get further details.  Yet, his talks to David about his not being the true father of Rachel’s child cause David to attack Rachel!

Rachel suffers from the brutal beating rendered by David.  Meanwhile, Vogel escapes, and Stefan has to make up a story about Vogel dying to cover his tracks.  As time passes, they become a group of heroes for what they did with the Nazi war criminal.

Years pass, and they learn of a man in an asylum who claims to be Vogel.  Rachel goes to Kiev to find out whether or not this is true,  and she seems to find a mentally-impaired, elderly man who likely is not Vogel.  She prepares to leave the asylum, yet she sees the real Vogel in a hallway nearby. 

Rachel catches up with this man, and they have a short talk.  It turns violent, as Vogel attacks Rachel with scissors, stabbing her.  However, she kills him by injecting poison into his back.  She leaves a message that is intercepted by an asylum worker, who forwards the details to the world!

The Debt

Our second film was the all too real story, Contagion!  Gwynneth Paltrow headlines this story, starring as Beth Emhoff.  She is working with her company, going to Hong Kong, where they have a new facility being dedicated.  She mingles with her co-workers, which includes exchanging handshakes, bodily fluids, and other uncleanly interactions. 

Beth returns to St. Paul, Minnesota, where she reunites with her husband, Mitch (Matt Damon).  All seems well until that evening, when Beth falls down, foaming at the mouth and seizing.  Mitch takes her to a hospital, and Beth dies.  Doctors are baffled about why Beth passed so suddenly.

Mitch has to report that Beth did have jet lag.  Meanwhile, Dr. Ellis Cheever (Laurence Fishburne) runs an examination of why several people within the area have died because of similar, yet unknown causes.  Doctors continue with research, and Dr. Cheever finds clues relating to bird flu.  He proceeds to find out that various strands of the influenza virus have mutated, and that they now are transmitted to humans alone!

The virus spreads rapidly, and initial attempts to cure it are useless.  Minneapolis is declared a danger zone, and the area is shut off from outside interaction.  The national guard arrives to ensure the city’s isolation.  Dr. Cheever leads national information dispersions to tell how the virus has become a deadly disease.  He is broadcast on a television program to tell about how to protect against infection, and Dr. Cheever learns that fears of a global infection are being spread rapidly.

The National Guard gets to Minneapolis, isolating the city from the rest of the nation.  Dr. Erin Mears (Kate Winslet) is there for a conference, and she finds herself barricaded in her hotel.  She is able to reach Dr. Cheever, who wants to help her to sneak out of Minneapolis.  Yet, she is not able to do so because other citizens feel that she belongs held up within the city like other possibly infected people.

Mitch, his son, and his daughter get to Minneapolis, as The National Guard gets there to blockade citizens from exiting.  They do manage to reach the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, but they are turned back by The National Guard.  They have no choice but to observe as the effects of the virus work to decay the nation.

The CDC finally recognizes that this illness is the mutated outcome of a virus that was spread by air.  It demands that Minneapolis is quarantined, and that special bio-hazard uniforms are worn by anyone trying to enter this city.  Yet, despite multiple efforts to contain the virus, it does escape Minneapolis, becoming a global infection over a brief period of days! 

Sarah Jessica Parker headlines the screen as the supermom/superwoman, starring as the lead in I Don’t Know How She Does It, opening September 16!  That same day has the adventures of wildlife conservation activist Jane Goodall taken to film with Jane’s Journey.  The rest of September will feature Abduction, Dolphin Tale, Dream HouseInsight, Margaret, My Afternoons With Marguerite, Stay Cool, Straw Dogs, and 50/50!  

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