Never Wanted to Meet ‘Em!

September 13, 2011 at 9:37 PM (animal activism, curious research, historic review, late night studies, science and technology)

I was watching The Science Channel after dinner, and I got into the program Dinosaur Revolution.  I found it interesting to watch how the artists’ imaginations were involved in the depictions of these ancient animals’ skin tones and dermal markings.  I am not sure that we actually have knowledge as to how living dinosaurs truthfully might have appeared.  I will look into that….

Anyway.  The show was displaying the presumed actions and habits of the raptor dinosaurs.  I believe that enough studying of the animals has happened for us to be able to recognize how they behaved, in regards to their manners of hunting, feeding, and cohabitating.  This particular presentation displayed the natures of one particular breed of raptor.

Utahraptor lived during the early to middle Cretaceous Period, roughly 125 million years ago.  It’s home territory was what was to become North America.  It is noted that Utahraptor was the largest of the raptor dinosaurs, with some of them reaching twenty-three feet in length, and weighing up to a half-ton.  As well, it is argued that Utahraptor is one of the dinosaurs which had feathers, which adds further support to the concept of surviving dinosaurs having evolved into birds.

One thing that is recognized as having been extremely formidable with Utahraptor is it’s tremendous claws.  It’s feet had four toes, with each of the second toes having an extemely lengthy claw that was nine inches to fifteen inches long, and is described as being similar to a sickle!  All of it’s other toes were clawed, too!

Utahraptor was a type of dromaeosaurid.  This means that it was a higher level of the theropod classification of dinosaurs.  The animal was “beast-footed” (I’ve met some of those people….), bipedal, and it moved swiftly.   They are presumed to have been very intelligent, as they cooperated in packs to handle their actions, especially hunting and killing prey animals.

Utahraptor was roughly twelve feet-long, and is figured to have weighed around 150 pounds.  As a dromaeosaur, Utahraptor was directly related to the achillobator, the deinonychus, and the velociraptor.  These animals did not live within the exact-same time periods, yet all existed between eighty-five and one hundred twenty-five million years ago.

Perhaps it was not a total threat alone, yet the methods of Utahraptor were similar to wolves.  As they teamed in packs, these dinosaurs were able to gang-up upon their prey, cornering, capturing, then consuming them.  Due to their higher levels of mental aptitude, they knew how to function as teams to attack and to kill prey animals.  It is basically believed that Utahraptors ate anything they wanted to eat, yet they favored feasting upon the expansive meat of the sauropods




 Utahraptor Prehistoric Clipart



dinosaur animation


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