Ancient Egypt Assisted By Ancient Aliens?

September 15, 2011 at 9:55 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, late night studies, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

I was watching a rebroadcast of Ancient Aliens, one of the hit series that airs on The History Channel.  This particular episode is entitled Aliens and Ancient Engineers.  It explores theories surrounding how the buildings of some of our planet’s most spectacular, man-made structures were completed with the assistance of extraterrestrials.

Rediculous, I know.  The show examines several of the extremely intricate and fascinating buildings that were constructed during ancient times, and which remain to this day.  It delves into the curiousity surrounding how such detailed and megalithic structures were made by humans without the technical capacity that exists today.  Some speculators, theorists, and such, dare to propose that many of the fantastic, ancient buildings were constructed with the assistance of extraterrestrial beings!

The Egyptian pyramids were examined as obvious examples of human work with the assistance of more technically advanced beings.  These fantastic and enormous buildings are so tremendous, and they are situated with such precision.  Some skeptics, and followers of ancient extraterrestrial visitor theories, believe that these pyramids had to have been built with the help and/or instruction of more capable beings.

At first, I found it all to be insulting.  How could these people sit here and claim that the fantastic works of our ancestors could not have been completed without the help of beings from beyond this world?  Why would they not have the knowledge of mathematics, physics, and other advanced studies that would be needed to create these nearly perfect structures?  Why would they not have been able to do these things?  Just because you are stupid… 

I went on, examining websites that explore similar ideas.  One example that was mentioned is the mathematic precision involved with the alignment of The Great Pyramid at Giza.  It is supposed to be aligned exactly with the magnetic north pole.  This is an accomplishment that is curious for humans to have achieved before such advances in science occurred, or even before the actual recognition of where Earth’s  magnetically-aligned north pole is located!

The Sphinx is built so that the structure seems to interact with the movements of The Sun.  The rising and setting of The Sun all seem to occur precisely around the head of the great lion-pharoah.  Such an exact tracing of The Sphinx’s head occurs only at winter solstice of the northern hemisphere, so it is questioned as to how the ancient Egyptians had such knowledge without the help of beings from beyond.

Theories suggest that the alien visitors came from a world within the constellation Leo.  This is why a megalithic lion is situated within The Sahara Desert; a reminder of from where the extraterrestrial visitors came!  Some details allege that the extraterrestrials visited Earth at some point around 10,500 B.C., having humans to assist with this construction as an eternal reminder of their presence on our world. 

The head of The Sphinx was said to have been that of a lion, originally.  However, it was changed after several thousands of years, during the reign of the pharoah Ramessses II.  He was arrogant and conceited, and he wanted to have a marker that would remind the world forever of his presence.  Supposedly, Ramesses had thousands of Egyptian slaves and workers to remove the lion face, and to have his facial image replacing the spot!

Back to the pyramids; The Great Pyramid is constructed to cohere with the mathematic figure pi.  The perimeter of the structure, when divided by two times it’s height, the resulting figure is supposed to equal to pi to it’s most precise outcome.  Ancient alien theorists argue that ancient Egyptians did not even know what in the Hell pi was (although they were sitting right beneath Greece…), yet alone have been able to construct a fantastic building based upon calculations aligned with surrounding mathematic figuring.  Certainly, these prior human beings had to have had outside assistance….

These are just a few of the speculations proposed by this program.  It actually is very fascinating, as it suggests that other ancient, and fantastically enormous structures around the planet were constructed with the assistance of extraterrestrial beings.  Many people do want to know how ancient human beings were capable of such fantastic works without the knowledge that allegedly arose during modern times.  Additionally, many people do believe that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial beings who left their markings in some of the most obviously hidden locations!

These Ancient Alien shows are very fascinating.  Personally, I would have to have the exact evidence of the extraterrestrials having been on Earth before I would dare to suggest that our ancestors could not have completed their fantastic works on their own.  Oh, some of the locations supposedly have images inscribed in stone that portray beings that did not look human!

There is a lot more to these theories.  I would have to say that it would be necessary to watch these programs, then to have intelligent and inquisitive individuals to use their own inferences to come up with some reasonably rational revelations.  Indeed, it all is fascinating, and it does poke-tease at those of us whom want to believe that Earth is not alone out of all that is out there!  I would have to suggest for people to watch these programs, then read some of the arguments, and actually look at the evidence, to decide for themselves as to what the truth might be.

Pyramid and Sphinx, Giza, Egypt Photographic Print by Jacob Halaska

SEE THESE SITES!!!…for-aliens

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