Gumby or Dumby?

September 17, 2011 at 9:19 PM (current news, social opinion, web gossip)

Was it a new and creative way to express one’s personality while attempting a daring act, or was it something just downright dumb?  Well, the fact that it was used in an act of crime does nudge the whole effort toward the edge of idiocy.  Yet, there was some humor in there!

It was Labor Day, September 7, when a ninteen year-old Jason Kiss opted to commit an armed heist.  He was with a friend who was dressed in a Gumby suit when they made an attempt at robbery.  Yes, dressed in a Gumby suit!  The area of Rancho Penasquitos, a suburban region of San Diego, California, was where a 7-Eleven corner store was held up by Kiss, and this character in costume.

“Gumby”, entered the store, approached the clerk,  and he demanded money, along with a pack of cigarettes!  Apparently not concerned with crime, or cancer, the assailant proceeded to try retrieving a gun from within the character outfit.  He had trouble reaching it, which seemed to cause him to become frustrated.  Then, his agitation lead him to decide giving up on the attempted heist, as he dropped some change onto the floor, then he left the store!

Certainly, the store clerk did not know what to make of the situation!  Reports say that he decided not to report the incident until the store owner had seen the video footage, and he had called the cops.  Then, the information was given to Crime Stoppers, and a $1,000 reward offer was issued for information about the suspects.

It was that following Tuesday when Kiss, and his accomplice, nineteen year-old Jason Giramma, gave themselves up, surrendering to San Diego Police.  Giramma admitted to being the one wearing the Gumby costume.  The San Diego police officers had both young men to bring it with them when they were to be interrogated. 

Giramma and Kiss were not arrested.  They both face criminal charges and fines. The issue was sent to a San Diego District Attorney for review, as charges may or may not be issued.  Quite interesting!  While some people may have been shot and killed for such an action, others simply get slaps on the wrist!

'Gumby' walked into the store with another man.

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/Gumby…Suspect-Botches-Robbery-Attempt…/15/…robbery-video_n_963507.html

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