As Justice is Served…..

September 21, 2011 at 7:48 PM (current news, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I do remember when this absolutely abhorrent event took place.  It was saddening, yet at the same time, disgusting, while invoking sentiments of rage.  It was very difficult not to assume an accusatory and presumptive attitude toward random people afterward. 

 The murder of James Byrd, Junior was horrifying, while angering and saddening all at once.  It occurred in the Southern town of Jasper, Texas, where sentiments of racial separatism and hatred toward outside ethnicities remained prevalent, even after the civil rights movement.  A man was murdered because of his skin color.

Mr. Byrd was walking in the town, during a June 1998 evening, when he was approached by a pickup truck.  Three White males were in the vehicle, and they offered him a ride home.  Byrd was about to enter the truck, then what seemed to be an act of neighborly kindness soon became an unrestricted action of evil.  The men grabbed hold of Byrd, assaulted him, then they were able to bind him to the back of their truck.

Byrd was attacked by the men in the truck.  He was beaten excessively, then he was chained to the back of the truck.  Then, an action of nothing less than malice occurred, as Byrd was dragged on the road by the speeding truck.  The driver curved the truck from one side of the road to the next, as Byrd’s body flailed along behind it.  He scraped along the road, as his clothing were torn off, and eventually, his skin was razed from his body.  Parts of Byrd were dismembered, and he finally wound up beheaded from the extreme pulling of the pickup truck.

Byrd had been scraped, skinned, and mutilated, dying a painful death.  The men involved, Lawrence Brewer, Shawn Berry, and John William King all were members of The Ku Klux Klan.  An organization that is iconic for it’s actions of hatred against people outside of their race had some of it’s members act in a manner which seemed to express pride as they murdered and mutilated a man due to his being of another ethnicity, his being Black.

Police got wind of what had happened that night, and arrested each of these men soon afterward.  They were faced with charges of capital murder, as trials occurred at three separate times.  Each of the men was tried, then convicted of murder.  Shawn Berry, who was the truck driver, was alleged to have cut James Byrd’s throat before dragging him.  He has been incarcerated in Brazoria County, Texas, and is eligible for parole during 2038.

John William King struck Byrd multiple times with a baseball bat, then he assisted with tying him to the truck.  He was caught by police, and incarcerated, where he joined the racist hate group.  He was found guilty at his trial for the attack on Byrd, and he was sentenced to death.  He remains on death row at The Allan B. Polunsky Unit at Polk County, Texas.

Lawrence Russell Brewer, the one whom drove the truck, was executed today.  His lethal injection occurred at 6:21 p.m., CST.  He had a final meal that included barbecue, a cheese omelette, fajitas, fried okra, and pizza.  Brewer was allowed to make last phone calls before his execution occurred.  Brewer maintained that he kicked Byrd, and he sprayed paint into Byrd’s face.  Yet, he insisted that the other attackers chained Byrd, and that it was Shawn Berry whom cut Byrd’s throat before they drove with him dragging behind their truck.

While jailed, Brewer became a member of a collection of racist inmates called The Exalted Cyclopses.  They are linked with The K.K.K., as some branch affiliation of leaders within the hate group. They are supposed to be the ones whom collect new members to The Klan.  However, all of Brewer’s links, liaisons, and memberships ended abruptly at 6:21 p.m., Central Standard Time. 

James Byrd, Junior

SEE THESE SITES!!!…convicted-in-jasper-dragging-death-executed

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