When Foot in Mouth is A Family Thing!

September 24, 2011 at 10:13 PM (current news, late night studies, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Sometimes, it just gets difficult not to pick at her!  She is such a cute little silly/dufus thing!  It possibly is best for most people just to let her be, as the truth likely is that she knows not what she says.  I could not pass the chance to taint my blog with this latest hilarious/heinous outburst from the little Palin!

Young Bristol Palin was at a Los Angeles area bar-club and diner, The Saddle Ranch Chop House.  She was having drinks, riding mechanical bulls, and doing whatever it is that she does during her evenings out.  Now afflicted with some level of celebrity status, she has media popping out at her, from under logs, from behind shrubs, and at any general occasion.  As she is a typical youth, and likely as she is her mother’s daughter, handling instant attacks from camera-weilding journalists was not something for which she was prepared to handle!

Right now, Bristol is in the process of being filmed for a reality program that is going to be shown on The BIO Channel.  She already is carrying all of the calamity that comes with being a sudden celebrity, as she is on television, and she is across The Internet, just as much as her mother.  Her stint on Dancing With the Stars helped to propel her popularity, or perhaps pushed her perception of peskiness into the general public.  Whatever; she is now a well-known figure of American pop culture!

Bristol is about to have her own television show!  It will be shown on BIO Channel, with the episodes airing for half-hour broadcasts.  It does not have a title yet, though the fact that Bristol Palin is the central figure certainly will draw an audience out of various woodworks.  It is supposed to premiere later this fall, or perhaps during the Spring 2012 television season.

This recent announcement comes along with Bristol Palin’s publicity gained though her comments with The BIO Channel.  Palin was out one evening last week, heading to an L.A. area bar.  Paparazzi from this station caught wind of her presence, and some of them opted to follow her.  Bristol was captured on camera as she rode a bull-ride, and as she had some fun in that downtown area.

It was when Bristol arrived at the bar that she was verbally accosted by citizens whom recognized her.  She had the unfortunate luck of being approached by some drunkard, who opted to get rude with her. The outspoken simpleton started yelling toward Bristol, while calling her mother evil.  Bristol, for whatever reason, decided to engage in argument with this man.  He continued with his rants, and she asked him if he was a homosexual!  Bristol and friends proceeded to leave the club, as other drunk club goers yelled at them, calling them “White trash” and “bitches”!

It was at the point when the bar drunks referred to Sarah Palin as a whore when Bristol asked one of them if he was a homosexual.  She was comically/curiously inferring to the man’s claims of her mother being hyperactive in the bedroom as some strange link to this man being gay.  The man continued, calling Sarah Palin “evil”, and comically admitting to his own homosexuality!

All of this happened as Bristol was out that evening, being filmed for her part with The BIO Channel.  She will be a part of a series of ten, half-hour shows.  It is supposed to premiere later during the fall season.  It will cover adventures with her young son, her current friends, and it will delve into details about her time working with a charity organization when she lived with the Massey brothers, Christopher and Kyle.  The show does not have a title, yet.











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