Drug Battle Between U.S. and Mexico Elevates, Despite Other Statements

September 26, 2011 at 11:06 PM (current news, historic review, late night studies, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

As our nation is focused on conflicts and warfare overseas, it is often overlooked that a battle continues to brew right at our back door.  Right now, our nation is locked in a very deadly battle, combating the forces that are steadily fueling drugs into The United States from beneath it’s southern border. 

Drug cartels from México have made their presence known, as their factions have shown elevated methods of displaying power against forces that attempt to block their efforts.  It nearly seems that The United States is engaged in a losing battle, while drug cartels from beneath it’s southern border are successfully imposing over eighty percent of the illegal narcotics into the nation.  As increased finances and security efforts have been enacted, it has become questionable as to whether or not a fight will be, or can be won against the pushers of pot.

The United States seems to be facing a duel-edged sword.  There are some issues with protecting the nation from drug trafficking due to what is happening within this country.  A lot of political clamoring has prevented fully-fledged efforts to block all action of illegal drug trafficking between The U.S. and México.  Disagreements on how criminals should be handled are occurring in discussions between both nations.  The U.S. remains concerned about the barely controllable violence happening within the drug battle, and México is seemingly on the verge of giving up it’s portion of the fight due to an unpopular opinion by it’s population.

During 2008, The United States elevated it’s southern border security levels.  A joint effort was put into effect with México, as The Merida Initiative began.  This meant to work with México, along with many nations of Central America and South AmericaThe U.S. Congress has approved funds to be allocated to these nations, which is meant to be used for purchasing equipment to fight the battles, and for the creation of programs that are supposed to review and to train security forces.

Additionally, The United States is said to be enacting stronger efforts to block the manners of international drug movements.  Over 4,000 new federal agents are being trained, learning how to complete tasks such as applying wiretaps, questioning suspects, and sending informants between both nations.  The U.S. has sent unarmed drone planes to fly over Mexican soil in efforts to locate drug smugglers, and to identify them in order to have either government deal with them.  Yet, the federal government of México currently is in a state of corruption that does not allow it to make effective legal actions against drug smugglers.

Human Rights Watch has been working with The U.S. government to deal with actions of drug cartels, and how these groups affect U.S. tourists.  They have been observing how attacks upon these organizations, and the eliminations of their central figures are working to reduce their levels of strength.  Yet, representatives from México and The United States have issued statements that contradict the findings of Human Rights Watch.  Both national governments have stated that levels of violence are on the rise with the actions of drug cartels, and those whom are responsible for committing the criminal actions are not being handled to the fullest levels of legal extent by either nation.

US-Mexico Marijuana Traficking









México                United States of America


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