Boldy Going Where They Keep Going and Going!

September 27, 2011 at 9:53 PM (current news, extraterrestrial studies, social opinion, web gossip)

Now, now, boys!  Play nicely!  Well, I guess making that statement is quite moot, at this point.  When the feud has been festering for forty or fifty years, it probably is not going to end with a quick handshake and a few kind words.  So, it probably is to be expected that when one challenger publishes a new book, it will include some gibes at a long-term adversary!

George Takei and William Shatner became world icons due to their immortalized roles as Captain James T. Kirk and Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on the television series, turned world phenomenon, Star Trek.  This began when the first show premiered during 1966, and it indeed has taken us to places where no one has gone before!

It seems that some level of discord has been continuing between Shatner and Takei.  I have read some stories about a rift that started separating the men during their filmings of Star Trek:  The Original Series.  He claimed that Takei had a long-lasting vexation with him, which may have started during their filmings of the 1960’s hit series.  Yet, a more announced and public disagreement was brought to light during 2008.  This was when Takei took the step to wed his same-sex partner, and Shatner claimed to be angry for allegedly not being invited to the ceremony.

Shatner maintains a website, where he put an entry that sniped at Takei about the wedding.  Here, Captain Kirk (Shatner) claimed that Lieutenant Sulu (Takei) never invited him to his (Takei’s) wedding, which was something of an insult.  Shatner went on, stating that he was not concerned about Takei’s revelation of homosexuality, and that Takei had some psychological issues that kept him from communicating with Shatner.

A truce was supposed to be called during 2009.  Howard Stern was supposed to have both men on his Sirius Radio broadcast, and only Takei showed up.  Takei told Stern that invitations to the wedding were sent to all of his former castmates of The Original Series, but Shatner claimed that he never was invited.  Takei claimed that Shatner was invited, as he stated that he was surprised that Shatner did not show up, as “he enjoys the limelight”.  Yet, Takei also claimed that Shatner never would attend any events that included other members of the Star Trek cast because “he doesn’t like the limelight to be shared with colleagues from Star Trek”!   

Now, William Shatner has published this new book, Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World At Large. It allegedly contains some sharp scrawlings about Takei, supposed to be aimed at his former co-star and crewmate for making unkind statements about him (Shatner) for roughly forty years.  Shatner also defends himself against Takei’s statements about his “big, shiny ego”.  Shatner writes that he (Shatner), as is supposed to have a big ego.  “If mine is shiny, it’s because I tend to it very carefully and lovingly.  Perhaps George’s needs a good polish”!

George Takei Insists William Shatner Invited to Wedding

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