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September 29, 2011 at 9:28 PM (current news, late night studies, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I was somewhat excited about The X Factor, at first.  I do enjoy hearing people sing (when they can sing), and I was thinking that the show would bring another concert-themed presentation to evening television.  I feared that it would be an American Idol clone show.  I do like to see and to hear singers.  Yet;  I do not know…

I was not impressed, this evening!  I think that I heard one or two good singers, out of what; nearly one hundred?  Simon only can come up with so many sprightly snipes.  Well, he possibly can bring them as often as he likes.  Yet, besides listening to him, I did find it difficult to sit through so many sounds that outright sucked!

I likely will give it a chance, though.  I really do like to hear singing, and they will eventually eliminate all of the sideshow acts.  When it does finally get down to the point where we can hear the real singers auditioning, then the show likely will be very good.  Plus, I really do love hearing all of Simon’s sarcasms!  L.A. was funny too, when he told one sour singer that she made him want to slit his wrists!

For example, that girl who came out, trying to sing Seasons of Love, was really upsetting.  That is a good song, and we had to sit through her destruction of it!  There were several people who came out to the stage, and they knew that they could not sing!  Yet, I guess that they really wanted to be on television, which was a mistake as well (most of them did not look like anything….).

I will give the show a chance.  When they sift through all of the crud, and they finally get to the real singers, then the show likely will be good.  This was the last night for auditions, so the real singing can start next week.  They are calling it “Boot Camp”, and it looks like they will have the singers in groups, eliminating them in masses, to get down to a total of thirty-two performers.  I will go ahead and tune in, so that I can see and hear what the real deal will be!

The X Factor Review: Six Factors That Separate X From Idol image



Animated Music - Notes

X Factor logo

I was wiggling to this….

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