For 2012, Perry is Scary!

October 2, 2011 at 7:27 PM (current news, historic review, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

We want to hope that all cognizant voters are paying full attention to the details surrounding the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election.  The candidates all are positioning themselves into the spotlight, preparing to make any necessary statements and clarifications that will assist them with their election bids.  As President Obama and staff seem to have been attempting a steady clean-up effort after eight years of chaos, their first term now faces charges from strengthening forces that want to see them put out.

The Republican Party is at the point of shuffling through candidates whom might have the potential to enter The White House after November 2012.  The Republican debates during September gave a more clarified look at that party’s 2012 Presidential candidates.  Seemingly consistent favorites, including Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, have been making efforts to place themselves at the forefront of Republican attention.  Yet, Texas Governor Rick Perry is emerging as the Republican favorite to grasp it’s party’s Presidential nomination.

Some Perry backers are touting some of the alleged success rates that have occurred within Texas, while under his governorship.  The claims range from Texas being the state gaining the most Fortune 500 companies during the last decade, to becoming the home to mega-corporations that include AT&T, Conoco-PhillipsExxon-Mobil, and Valero Energy.  These supporters will take these as claims of success into the Perry Presidential campaign, using them as so-called proof of leadership and success in the face of the national economic downturn.  Yet, it is being recognized that the state of job creation during Governor Perry’s terms, albeit over forty percent of all created throughout the nation, all have been minimally-paying positions, and most of which have no insurance benefits, or opportunities for substantial financial increases.

As an alert, it may seem that many citizens are overlooking the factors that have become methods of identification when describing Rick Perry.  Firstly, it should be reminded that Governor Perry mentioned that The Constitution should be re-written, and that Texas should secede from the nation!  He somewhat curiously made this statement, as a rebuttle to some government proposals made by Congress, and majority-agreed to be legislated within each state.  Also, some of Perry’s prime, election-based targets include government-lead direction of national health care programs, along with national efforts to assist Texas with it’s extreme levels of pollution.

Rick Perry has made other standout statements, and he has worked with other curious legislative actions.  Recently, services for childcare within Texas have been reduced, while roughly twenty-four percent of children within the state live in poverty, and do not have access to basic services of healthcare and consistent food.  The state’s “rainy day budget fund” will not allow for extreme budget cuts, while stored funds have not been used for the purposes of improving state education, or public transportation.  Along with the recognition of a financial shortfall, Governor Perry has suggested having young military recruits to fly predator drones along the border with México, in an effort to reduce, or to eliminate the current and consistent drug trafficking that happens at the Texas/U.S. and México border.

Several Texas residents, along with others whom actually are paying attention to the candidates, do realize that Rick Perry should not be, will not be the 2012 choice candidate for The Republican Party.  Already, he is being outshined during the Republican debates by Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, and some would say even by Michelle Bachmann!  There are several sites, and other information distributions, that show the full details about what each potential Presidential candidate is proposing. 

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/09/16/no-perry-for-president…/rick-perry-climate-sceptics-president

…he could be good at some things…..

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