Knives, Guns, and Our Young Ones DO NOT MIX!!!

October 4, 2011 at 7:58 PM (current news, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

The urban areas of southern California really have not been depicted as any places which actually harbor masses of civilized, cleanly, and overly intelligent individuals.  Certainly, that is a mean thing to say.  Yet, the U.S. media machine has been successful with showing how there is very little discernment between this area of our nation, and some overly-used comodes!

Reading some of the online news today gives one yet another look at how things fare in the southern-urban areas of The Golden State.  One unfortunate view shows where yet another one of our youths has been murdered, senselessly!  It is not just that the young man was killed, but he was killed at his school, no less!

South East High School of South Gate, California was the scene of an unfortunate incident which involved students fighting.  Now, seeing school youths involved in brawls is not uncommon, yet it does become disturbing when blood is involved.  The lunch session at the school this past Friday was when a fight broke out, and unruly incidents occurred which lead to a murder!

Seventeen year-old Cindi Santana was a student having lunch session when she was approached by her eighteen year-old boyfriend.  The couple had an argument, which escalated into violence.  The reports state that the young man punched the young lady several times, then he shoved her onto the floor.  Obviously not satisfied with his initial actions of abuse, the young man retrieved a knife from within his clothing.  He used this knife to stab the young lady multiple times!

On-campus L.A.P.D. got to the scene of the fight.  They managed to grab hold of the guy, as they were assisted by a campus staff member, and by a student.  The female was bleeding severely, and she was taken to a nearby hospital.  Unfortunately, she died at that hospital.

Gettis was a sophomore at this high school.  She was a campus cheerleader, and she was hailed as a good student.  Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy hailed Gettis as “a wonderful young lady”.  He commented on the loss to her family, and to the school, a sentiment echoed by the campus’ officials.

The boyfriend is eighteen-year-old Abraham Lopez.  He initiated an argument with Gettis before the fight began.  Campus security arrived to get hold of Lopez, yet the crime and the murder had been committed already.  He later said that he had explosives hidden throughout the school.  L.A.P.D. searched the campus, and no bombs were found.

Lopez now is being held by Los Angeles Police.  His bond is set at $1.26 million.  Meanwhile, South Gate High School attempts to recouperate after this recent incident of violence.  Another school, L.A.’s Gardena High School, had a shooting incident this past January.  One student had a gun, which discharged by accident, as the bullet grazed one boy’s shoulder, then landed in the head of a female student! Furhtermore, it was only during 2010 when this school had to face the results of a shooting during it’s lunch period.  A male student was shot by a student from a rival campus, South East High School.

It is very unfortunate that violence has become a regular facet of our public schools, as that comode can expand, nationwide!  Six shootings have occurred within U.S. schools during 2011.  Houston, Texas hails as a cap-popping center point, with two barrel blasts happening within a period of two weeks, during this past spring.  As one incident occurred at an area high school, the other happened, involving elementary school students!  The Betsy Ross Elementary School of Houston was the location where a six-year old-student brought a gun to school, and it acidentally discharged!

  South Gate High School

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