A Totally Terrific Theater Trip!

October 8, 2011 at 2:15 AM (animal activism, current news, late night studies, movie reviews, tv reviews)

Friday, Friday!  How does that song go?  Oh, let me not hurt my ears!  Anyhow.  It is Friday, and the usual Friday routine did go down.  This particular evening was a delight, as we saw two movies which were very enjoyable!  Let me get down to these descriptions!

I had been waiting to see Real Steel!  It was worth the wait, and it was a very exciting feature!  It starts in the year 2027, where Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) lives on a Texas farm.  He owns an intersensory robot called Ambush, which participates in the county fair robot fights.  This particular fight pits Ambush against a bull, and Ambush loses a leg to the bull due to overconfidence!  The bull proceeds to ravage Charlie’s robot.

Charlie learns that he has to report for a custody case involving his son, Max (Dakota Goyo).  Charlie does not want custody of the boy, as his former sister-in-law has volunteered to keep Max.  However, Charlie makes a deal to take custody of Max for $100,000 (it was only $50,000 at first…).  Charlie wants the money so that he can buy the popular and powerful robot called Noisy Boy!

Charlie does wind up keeping Max for the summer though Max’s Aunt Debra and Uncle Marvin still have custody of him.  This upsets Max because he feels that he has been sold.  Yet, Max knows about Noisy Boy, and he has excitement about the robot.  He finagles with Noisy Boy, getting it to speak Japanese, forcing Charlie to reset it for English! 

Charlie prepares Noisy Boy for his first fight.  It is to battle the robot Midas for a $50,000 prize.  Noisy Boy is powerful at first, yet Midas retaliates with strength!  Charlie is unable to give commands fast enough, and Midas ends up decapitating Noisy Boy!  Defeated, Charlie and Max leave the fight with the robot’s remains, taking them to a scrap shop.

At this scrap shop, Charlie and Max try to steal used parts to repair the robot.  It begins to rain heavily, and Max slips down a side of stacked parts.  A robot arm reaches out to catch Max.  Charlie tries to save Max, but he slips down the stack!  Max is alright, and he finds parts of an old robot as Charlie digs out of mud.

Charlie wants to use some of those parts to repair Noisy Boy.  He and Max start working to fix it, and Max does not want it to fight anymore.  Max proceeds to befriend Noisy Boy, teaching it, as it shows that it does comprehend Max.  Max learns a little about Charlie’s past, including how Charlie put so much into Noisy Boy because he had failed with prior fights.

Charlie and Max proceed with Noisy Boy to a robot fight arena.  There, they encounter the powerful robot called Zeus!  Charlie wants to get into this fight, and Max proceeds to having Noisy Boy attack Zeus.  They leave one arena, going to another where Max gets $100,000.00 from his uncle to fight.  This is given to Charlie first, $500 in advance, provided that Charlie tends to Max while his aunt and uncle are away.

Charlie proceeds to involve Max in his fight plans with Noisy Boy.  They attend one fight, where Noisy Boy wins, and it gains popular attention.  Charlie and Max proceed to Detroit, preparing for a battle against the powerful robot, Atom!  While there, they are offered $500,000 to sell Noisy Boy, but Max does not want to sell it.  He and Charlie proceed to a fight against the robot Midas, and Noisy Boy is destroyed! 

The Real Steel Championship begins, as Charlie and Max now have a robot called Atom.  A two-headed robot is prepped to fight Atom.  Charlie now is working with Atom’s programming, and he has Atom to defeat the dual-domed droid!  This encrunks (yes, damn it.  encrunks…) Max, as he grabs the arena microphone to call out a challenge to the powerful robot called Zeus!

The controllers of Zeus wanted to own Atom, at first.  They begin to believe that they can have Atom if Zeus wins this fight.  Meanwhile, Charlie has a heart-to-heart talk with Max, and both of them enter into a fight against the robot, Frankenstein.  Atom wins, and they proceed to The Real Steel Championship in Atlanta.  Their opponent is a two-headed robot called Twin Cities.  Atom wins because of Max being coached through Charlie’s boxing skills.  Charlie and Max proceed to accept the challenge to fight Zeus!

Before this battle, Charlie gets ambushed by thugs who nearly kill him.  They steal money from Max, also.  As Charlie recouperates, he decides that Max should go to live with his aunt and uncle.  Yet, Charlie’s friend Bailey (Evangeline Lily) convinces him that he can be a good father, and a good friend, to Max. 

Charlie and Max regroup, as they prepare Noisy Boy to fight Zeus.  The battle starts, and Zeus is brutal to Noisy Boy.  It gets to the end of the fight, as Noisy Boy is heavily damaged, and Charlie resets the robot’s controls to Shadow Mode.  Noisy Boy mimics the movements of Charlie, which leads him into an all-out a battle that ends in a tie!

Judges review the scene, as it is apparent that both robots have fought intensely.  Noisy Boy showed exceptional character and strength, but the judges to choose Zeus as the winner.  However, Noisy Boy gains popular recognition, and he becomes the favorite of the people!

Real Steel

Our second film was the highly delightful and emotionally charging Dolphin Tale!  After seeing pods of dolphins swimming, it is shown that a high school swimming championship begins.  A young male swimmer named Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) is transferring to another school. 

Sawyer is getting acquainted with his neighborhood, as his mom, Lorraine (Ashley Judd) has organized a pool party.  Yet, Sawyer is upset, as his best friend is leaving for the military.  He gets on his bicycle, he rides to a nearby beach, and he discovers a dolphin on the shore that is trapped in a rope.

A call to 9-1-1 is made, but the dolphin is suffering.  Sawyer reaches out to it, removing ropes from it’s lower areas.  He tries to get ropes from around the dolphin’s mouth, also, and he sees the dolphin is bleeding.  Sawyer waits, as veterinarians from Clearwater Marine Hospital arrive to take the aquatic mammal for treatment.

The next day, Sawyer is late to his school, Mildred Helms Elementary of The Pinellas County School District.  At the end of the day, Sawyer goes back to the veterinary hospital.  He encounters a young girl who is holding a cooler full of reedfish.  Sawyer knocks it over, and their friendly pelican, Rufus, eats some of them!

Sawyer encounters a girl with a cooler full of reedfish.  She is Hazel Haskett (Cozi Zuehlsdorff), and she introduces Sawyer to the dolphin, Winter.  Hazel shows Sawyer other dolphins, and they see that Winter is not doing well.

Sawyer returns home, where he researches online information about dolphins.  He goes to the veterinary hospital the next day, seeing that Winter has been suffering, and that she had been attacked by the pelican!  Sawyer chases it off, but his father, Dr. Clay Haskett (Harry Connick, Junior), stops him.  They proceed with Hazel to the pool where Winter is recovering.

The next day, Sawyer sees that Hazel is crying.  She is very sad because Winter’s tail had to be amputated.  They spend time together, bonding, and telling each other about their past experiences.  As Hazel reveals that her mother died when she was seven, both children bond more over concern for Winter.

Dr. Haskett asks Sawyer if he is able to swim.  He wants Sawyer to be able to enter the pool, giving help to Winter.  Later, Dr. Haskett calls a meeting where the veterinarians discuss selling the veterinary clinic because they are low on funds.  This is upsetting, yet Sawyer continues to bond with Hazel, as they both spend more time with Winter.

It is one afternoon when Sawyer finds that her mother, Lorraine (Ashley Judd), is angry.  Lorraine knows that Sawyer has not been at school all week.  Sawyer admits that she has been at the pool with Winter. Lorraine heads to the animal hospital, and she is chased by a pelican while on the way there! 

After running inside, Lorraine sees Sawyer already inside.  She is amazed by all of the marine life at the animal hospital, looking at other dolphins in the pool, also.  Lorraine proceeds with Sawyer to see Winter, and they are met by the clinic’s owner, Reed (Kris Kristofferson)

As Sawyer beckons to Lorraine to let her remain involved with the clinic, Dr. Haskett enters the pool area.  Lorraine goes with Sawyer’s instructor, Mr. Doyle (Ray McKinnon), to whom she asks about staying to work at the clinic for school credit.  Also, she is able to help with moving Sawyer to a marine center for study and treatment.  Unfortunately, Winter goes into shock because she has been moved, suddenly!

Later, Sawyer gets home to learn that his cousin had been hurt.  However, he is allowed to stay with Winter at the clinic, overnight.  He and Phoebe talk with Dr. Haskett about dolphins, learning about the animals’ capacity for intelligence.  Sawyer goes back to bond with Winter, who becomes playful with him.  They bond, as Winter is able to push Sawyer into the pool!

Sawyer returns home to learn that his cousin has to be hospitalized.  His sadness leads him back to the animal hospital, bonding more with Winter.  Sawyer sees that Winter has been swimming in motions that indicate how she has been searching for her tail.  The awkward motions have been damaging to Winter’s spine, and if continued, the motions could be fatal!

Sawyer and Lorraine go to an aquatic lab, where they meet Dr. Cameron McCarthy (Morgan Freeman).  They take him back to the aquatic center to meet with Dr. Haskett, trying to get help for Winter.  Dr. McCarthy agrees to work with Winter, designing a prosthetic tail for her.  He has metallic and rubber parts to be used, yet Winter reacts negatively to the tail, at first.

A hurricane looms near to the aquatic facility, eventually arriving, then destroying many of the buildings.  Winter and the marine animals survive.  They all learn that $500,000 will be needed to repair the center.  This can not be afforded, so they painfully opt to sell the center.  Winter will be left in trouble, with no money to help her, and little time to get to another treatment location.  Sadly, the group ponders having Winter put down.

It turned out that a woman and her daughter had driven from Atlanta to see Winter.  The girl is disabled, without the functions of her legs, similar to Winter’s situation.  The girl bonds with Hazel and Sawyer, and they want to have a fundraiser to help saving Winter.  Dr. Haskett is against it, but he goes to seek advice from a lawyer, and from his mother.  Meanwhile, the others proceed with the idea for a fundraiser.

Surprisingly, news gets out about what is happening at Clearwater Marine Hospital.  Dr. McCarthy leads a financial push to have a prosthetic tail made for Winter, and to have the hospital saved.  Winter does get her tail, as all of the people work with her to help her with adapting to the device.  Yet, Winter rejects it, so all of the people are uncertain about her future!

Sawyer has a moment with Winter, where he asks her to wear the tail.  Dr. Haskett gets an understanding from Winter, as he begins to realize that a new type of attachment is needed to make the tail more comfortable.  Dr. McCarthy gets this message too, and he has a new tail that is laced with gel prepared for Winter.  It takes Winter a moment, but she does adapt to this new tail!

This was a very loveable and touching story!  All people whom love animals, and whom have affection for other living creatures in need truly will enjoy Dolphin Tale!  The story is touching, enlightening, and mentally stimulating!  I am glad to have seen this movie, and I definitely would recommend it to others!  I was partially upset, however, during parts of the movie, where they kept referring to Winter as a fish.  A dolphin IS NOT a fish….

Dolphin Tale


Get ready for more great movies to come!  A mass of movies comes out next week, with films including The Big Year, Father of Invention, Fireflies in the Garden, Footloose, Texas Killing Fields, The Thing, and Trespass!  October will wind down with features such as The Double, In TimeMargin Call, Paranormal Activity 3, Puss in BootsRetreat, The Rum Diary, The Three Musketeers, and 13!    

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