Did You Hear About THIS Oil Spill?

October 10, 2011 at 10:04 PM (animal activism, climate studies, curious research, current news, environmental issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, science and technology, social opinion)

I am actually enthused by watching Dancing With the Stars, right now.  Some of these performances actually are entertaining!  I am finding myself pulling for Nancy Grace because I am a fan of her show.  I know that her dancing is not at the top of the contest, but she is improving.  I thought that she looked nice, tonight.  Derek Hough and Ricki Lake rocked the house!

Anyhow.  While browsing the web, I got caught on the topic of oil spills.  There are several sites that display information about the dangers of these human-caused degradations of our oceans.  I was caught on a CNN e-article in particular, which gave details about this current situation with the oil spill off of New Zealand.

An oil tanker from Liberia that is called The Rena started to spew it’s load, last Wednesday.  It is roughly fourteen miles from North Island, where it collided with The Great Astrolabe Reef.  It is now situated within Tauranga Harbour.  The tanker was transporting a half-million gallons of oil, and reports state that nearly ten tons of it has been recovered, so far.

The Rena is being watched to see if it will buckle under the stress of the oceanic pressure, compiled with the force of the oil that is pressing against the ship’s frame.  Sensors have been fashioned onto the ship, which are meant to give information on the status of the frame, and to warn if it begins to collapse because of the undersea pressure.  This work is being done by naval professionals whom were aboard The Rena.

Meanwhile, the spill is concentrated within The Bay of PlentyMaritime New Zealand has created a one kilometer border around the sunken ship.  It’s leaking load obviously will cause risks to anyone within the general region of the accident.  Greenpeace New Zealand has released a statement about the spill, underscoring the dangers of transporting oil overseas, and the risks that will be imposed upon marine life because of this accident.  Also, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is asking for answers over the occurrence of the oil spill!











oil tanker


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