We Want to Know About Life Elsewhere, Especially On Mars!

October 17, 2011 at 5:24 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

We have been fascinated by Mars since our realization of it’s existence.  There have been centuries in which humanity has long-hoped, wished, imagined that Mars would be the sister-world to our Earth, indeed being another location for life.  Yet, even after all of the scientific evidence and advances that show how life on this planet is NOT present at this time, something will pop up in an attempt to show otherwise.

The latest effort; a YouTube posting of a so-called space station.  This past summer, an astronomer and blogger named David Martines claimed to have located a space station on Mars!  He had it labeled as Bio Station Alpha, with the claim of interactive activity occurring on our fourth world.  Martines reported that the structure is seemingly cylindrical, with measurements of more than 700 feet in length, and roughly 159 feet wide!

The overwhelming majority of space research experts deny that any type of constructed center exists on Mars.  The so-called Bio Station Alpha is an illusion created by cosmic energy that has interacted with cameras.  Cosmic rays are supposed to be common when telescopes attempt to view objects that are outside of Earth’s atmosphere. 

University of Arizona Planetary Geologist Alfred McEwen stated that the image indeed is a streak that was created by cosmic rays.  He is the lead researcher who works with The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment.  This is a telescope/camera that is situated aboard The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.  It is a $40 million tool which regulary photographs images of the red planet for review and study.

It is likely that this so-called image of a station on Mars is fueled by humanity’s deep desire to find life elsewhere in the universe.  It truly does seem that, out of the tremendous vastness that we recognize to exist beyond Earth, surely someone, something is out there that is alive, and possibly (hopefully) intelligent.  Multitudes of speculations and theories have been presented, yet nothing can be solidified until anything, anyone, living outside of our planet actually is confirmed! 

Mars Space Station

The streak on Google Mars, misinterpreted as a secret Mars base.











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