Ancient Sites As Alien Landing Markers?

October 19, 2011 at 10:53 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, late night studies, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

I know that I am a little late with catching upon this topic, yet I am highly intrigued, nonetheless!  While watching an episode of Ancient Aliens, I am learning about Earth’s navels, and the axis mundi.  Listening to much of these details makes it all seem so far-fetched, at first.  Yet, there is such intricacy behind all of it that there would have to be some level of truth, some kind of validation, involved.

What we are talking about, now, is the theory of ancient sites having been constructed as coordination positions for possibly space faring vessels to use as guides and markers for the navigation of our planet.  Absurd, I know.  Or, is it?

I am fumbling, stumbling through this, while trying to come to a reasonable level of comprehension.  What I am hearing is that certain, yet specific locations around our planet were used as markers for landings and launches of ancient, space-faring vessels.  It is being suggested that many of the ancient and megalithic monuments were constructed at their precise points to be used as guidance tools for coming and going extraterrestrial travelers.

Certain locations include Machu Picchu, The Nazca Lines, The Great Pyramid of Giza, and Stonehenge.  What is being presented so boldly is that these sites initally were symbols to be viewed from above.  People viewing these monuments would have the needed knowledge to know exactly were to land and to launch their vessels that would coordinate with necessary paths to reach and to return to exact locations on and beyond our planet.  These monumental sites supposedly served as triangulation points for the landings and the launchings of spaceships that precisely coordinated with the then-necessary manners of geo-celestial navigation.

Monuments in locations like ancient Mesopotamia and Sumer allegedly contain inscriptions of an as-yet unknown language.  Some bodly suggest that this language was a manner of communication between extraterrestrial visitors.  The inscriptions were placed within these specific loactions, meaning to serve as messages for coming and going travelers upon our Earth.

The surrounding stories relate these markings as communications between ancient civilizations and their gods.  Theorists of ancient extraterrestrial to Earthling communication go onto suggest that the markings were meant to be readings for space travelers whom regularly came to and went from Earth.  An exceptionally inferior level of humanity was lead to create these fabulous markers, which were discernable only from space, at that time, as well as to leave writings that did not coincide with any known ancient texts.

It is all very interesting!  I am at first inclined to chalk this up toward another insult to humanity.  Again, humans were so damned dumb that they just could not have done all of these admittedly fabulous creations with out assistance from beyond our world!   That seems to be the underlying theme.  Yet, looking at these images, and listening to some of the theorists, does lead one to attempt examing the evidence, then trying to rationalize the exact nature behind what could be the actual truth at hand.  How did these things get completed, with such precision, and during such ancient times?

I feel it necessary to reitierate that we have no concrete evidence of communications between humanity and any civilizations from beyond our planet.  If they were here, then why did they leave?  Why did they not leave any methods to keep in contact with them?  Why are we so dead-set on proving that they were here, and why are we trying to contact them, if they seem to have no interest in continued, direct involvement with us?

Certainly, I have NOT explained this, thoroughly.  It would be suggested for all whom have interest to visit some of these websites, and to watch some of these television programs that delve into the subject.  Indeed, it all is fascinating, whether or not it actually is plausible.  If there turns out to be any truth behind any of it, then I would have to ask where they went, and when are they coming back?

An ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic depiction of flying vessels.


purple alien wavingspace craft flying saucergreen eyed alien waving peace sign


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