Ding-dong! Gadhafi’s Dead!

October 21, 2011 at 12:32 AM (current news, historic review, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Ding-dong!  Gadhafi’s dead!  The world can breathe easier a la one less scent of shit!  Our Earth is a safer place…..?

The long-standing terrorist figure, and self-imposed dictator of Libya, Moammar Gadhafi, was killed earlier today.  At first, he had been taken captive by Libyan rebel forces of The National Transitional Council, which was working to secure the Libyan city of Sirte.  Yet, loyalists to Gadhafi saw that the rebels were battling within the streets, and they began to attack the rebels.  When his supporters tried sneaking him by, Gadhafi got shot in his right arm!

He was able to proceed further, riding in an escape vehicle that was provided by Libya’s National Transitional Council.  This is the group working to secure that nation, while installing a new national government.  They found Gadhafi, hiding in an escape tunnel, and they were able to capture him.  Yet, rebel forces saw this vehicle driving by, with Gadhafi in it, and they shot at it.  Unable to escape successfully, the fiendishly famous dictator of Libya caught a cap in the head from rebels who saw him in the back seat!

The members of The Transitional National Council tried getting him to a hospital in the city of Misurata, but he died just before they arrived at the site.  Images taken did show a bleeding Gadhafi, who was in the vehicle, before it could get to a hospital.  Video images were taken upon his placement into a truck, which showed him deceased in the back seat, with an obvious head shot!  Apparently, Gadhafi was trying to escape, after he had been found hiding in a drainage pipe.

Now, questions are being raised as to whether or not it was legal to kill Moammar Gadhafi.  He had been the leader of Libya for forty-two years, albeit an era filled with inhumanity, internationally illegal procedures, and a flippant demeanor to the world at-large.  It was during 1973, when The United Nations passed a resolution, which authorized international attacks on Gadhafi, based on the need to protect citizens of Libya.  Many are firm in the belief that this act did legitimize his recent assassination.

Meanwhile, Libya remains in a state of civil war.  International clamor continues because many feel that this nation has been plunged into a further state of disorder without an actual leader, and with rebel forces regularly amok.  The forty-two-year authority of Gadhafi did have Libya within some strange sense of control, albeit not to the best levels of it’s citizens.  Now that the dictator has been taken out, a nation remains without any central or stable leadership, yet still the source of massive and deeply craved deposits of oil!  President Obama and many national leaders are in favor of supplying continued assistance to Libya.  Our nation, aligned with supportive governments of Europe, do mean to assist with constructing a stable situation of government within this north African nation, without abandoning it cold turkey!



Libyan living in Tunisia celebrate outside the Libyan Embassy in Tunis, Thursday Oct. 20, 2011. Libya's information minister said Moammar Gadhafi was killed Thursday when revolutionary forces overwhel

Flag Libya (1951 - 1969) animated gif 180x135

Libyans likely had something similar to this going on, for the moment….


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