BANG-BANG Betelgeuse, Coming Soon?

October 22, 2011 at 9:18 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology)

All of the Apocolypse 2012 fanatics are having a blast with this topic!  The thought of it does present some levels of frustration to anyone whom is paying attention.  Yet, there does seem to be a strong level of evidence that provides relief to the idea of anything relating to this particular issue happening next year.

The class III red supergiant star, Alpha Orionis, familiarly known as Betelgeuse, is about to blow!  It is in the last stages of it’s life, and it is quickly depleting it’s inner helium fuel source.  At that point, the already enormous star will expand even further, as it’s core falls inward.  When all of the helium has depleted, and it’s expansion has reached the limit, Betelgeuse will go bang!

Some astronomical reviewers are saying that this could happen any day now!  Once it explodes, the greatest threat to anything in the way will be the shock waves from the blast.  All things within the immediate vicinity will be pulverized.  Yet, Betelgeuse is roughly between 430 and 520 light years away from us, which is supposed to be enough distance to where it’s explosive end will not affect our world.

The age of Betelgeuse has it labeled as a first generation star.  It was supposed to have been formed shortly after The Big Bang.  It is located within The Orion-Cygnus Arm, a spur of The Milky Way, just as we are situated. Some astronomers are proposing that the star was “a runaway”, having moved from it’s initial location.  Betelgeuse supposedly was located within the Orion OB1 Association, at first, and it has shifted from it’s primary position.

This star is the nearest red giant star to us, at a distance of 160 light years, or 520 parsecs.  Our Sun, along with Betelgeuse, are close to stars that include Alnilam, Alnitak, and Mintaka, the stars of Orion’s Belt, along with Bellatrix and Rigel.  Betelgeuse is within the constellation of Orion The Hunter.  It’s classification is M, which is said to be the most common type of star.

As a claification, there is no need to fear the explosion of Betelgeuse to be a part of the alleged 2012 end of all things!  Astronomy experts, those whom actually know what they are talking about, are saying that it will explode soon, which could be at any time between this hour and the next 100,000 years.   Yet, it usually does take some time for the stars to degrade into levels that take them to the points of supernova, and Betelgeuse is not displaying that absolute end-stage setting.  Not yet…

Betelgeuse. Image credit: Hubble

SEE THESE SITES!!!…betelgeuse-wont-explode-in-2012.html,2817,2376132,00.asp

planet2.gif (85110 bytes)

NOT AGAIN!!!  A 1.7 ton German satellite that has broken into over thirty pieces will crash somewhere on the planet Sunday morning, and no one knows where!


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