Proper Protection Suit, or Publicity Stunt?

October 26, 2011 at 4:23 PM (animal activism, current news, environmental issues, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

I have been a supporter of P.E.T.A. because I believe that there needs to be more awareness and understanding about the need for the proper care that should be given to animals.  I have been a long-time advocate of animal protection, as well as for increasing the levels of attention that should be given to how animals are handled.  I do believe that it is important for all people to realize that we share Earth with millions of other species, and that we would not exist without them.

With that said, I have to stand back, taking a second look at this latest action that has been taken by P.E.T.A..  The animal rights and protection organization has filed a lawsuit against Sea World.  It’s platform is that the marine life entertainment and exhibition theme park has enslaved it’s world-famous orcas, and that this action is a violation of The 13th Amendment!

P.E.T.A. means to use this particular Constitutional amendment to try showing how Sea World is violating laws against slavery.  Now, there are issues with this action on both sides of the coin.  At first, several people are finding it offensive.  African-Americans in particular could take ill with this issue because of the notion that their basic rights are being reduced to equate with the equities of non-human animals.  Also, Sea World, which has been hailed for it’s care and protection of it’s world-famous marine life, just may be insulted because of a seemingly trumped-up allegation against them that seems to be nothing more than attention-gaining stunt for P.E.T.A..

I did not think that P.E.T.A. was in a position where it needed to do more to gain attention!  I believed that the organization was well-known for it’s efforts to protect animals, and to spread knowledge about the urgency for awareness toward animal life around the world.  I did believe that P.E.T.A. was an organization which truly has it’s focus placed on the need to save animals, and provide proper levels of education to the general population about what needs to be done to assist with all related actions.

Sea World seems to has been a long-time supporter of animal care and protection.  However, there have been long-standing legal campaigns against the theme park for how it has handled it’s animals, with focuses on orcas, along with other marine life.  Claims include that the orcas are fed improperly, often, as they are only given certain types of fish.  Living within free waters allows these marine animals to have access to any manners of edible sea life that they may choose to consume, and the Sea World marine animals are denied this basic action.  Also, their diminished manners of enclosure have lead to sensory deprivation, which reduces the animals natural abilities to function and to communicate.  Dolphins, in particular, are being said to suffer from this level of imprisonment because their natural capacities for intelligence are diminshed, and they are unable to make full use of their powers of echolocation.

P.E.T.A. is claiming to be standing in action for the protecti0n and the general welfare of the marine animals.  However, Sea World is responding, calling this blast from the animal rights organization as an excercise in theatrics, as well as a waste of funds that could be used for true efforts to protect animals.  Certainly, it is an issue that needs to be addressed, if Sea World is mishandling it’s collection of orcas, or any of it’s animals.  The theme park fervently stands by it’s efforts to protect, to rescue, and to return marine life to their natural, aqautic habitats, while it is doing all that it can do to provide excellent levels of care to the animals that it has for display.  P.E.T.A. is in a current action that could be more fanfare than favorable, yet all of the facts should be brought to light, so that the actual truth of the matter can be shown.  This needs to happen so that actual clarity can be allotted to the truth behind Sea World’s actions and P.E.T.A.’s actual intentions.

SEE THESE SITES!!!…seaworld-for-keeping-whales-as-slaves…Seaworld…back.topic=19…lawsuit_against.html

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