Seven Billion People, and Counting!

October 30, 2011 at 10:40 PM (childcare and child protection, climate studies, curious research, current news, environmental issues, historic review, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

The world population is about to reach seven billion.  Is that a good thing, or is it a bad thing?  We are not sure, yet!

The United Nations is going to declare that the human population of Earth is at seven billion, in an October 31  announcement.  They have decided to declare it as Seven Billion Day!  The child who is born, and who is declared as the official seven billionth human being, is going to be celebrated.  I am not sure as to how it will be decided which child is number seven billion.  They likely will have scan links, or something, that allows people in hospitals to know the numbers of child births.  Something…

The U.N. is stating that the planet will thrive with seven billion people.  It mentions the need to observe nations, watching how each is adapting to the expanding population.  Also, it does say that the need to maintain plans for handling variouls levels of preparatory actions must be taken seriously.  This does include the need to improve public maintenance levels, as well as increased manners of sexual education.

The United Nations Population Fund expresses that humanity will prosper with the population expansion.  It does mention that it has reviewed how nations are adapting to changes that accompany additional people, while many are facing challenges to assist with the growth spurt.   The organization has given a report that examines how nations are dealing with extra people, while they all examine thier national population increases, their needs for public educational and growth improvements, along with how to manage needed resources.

Occupy Wall Street and S.A.P. are working with the website  Along with The U.N., these groups are using this site to spread details about methods for all people to assist with positively maintaining Earth during the humanity increase.  The site gives information about ages of people around the world, their levels of education, and the combined socio-economic statuses of national populations.  All of this will be used for trend comparisons between nations, as each one will have varied manners of coping with more and more people!

Of course, questions are arising which include how Earth can be sustained with “a very crowded planet”!  Problems are present and are increasing, overwhelmingly due to the increase of humans.  Pollution levels are growing at unprecedented rates; deforestation is continuing and growing.  As more and more people are arriving, less and less levels of food will be available due to the excessive consumation and reduction of available, edible supplies.

An issue that is being eyed is how the general human population is aging.  Over one-third of humans will be over the age of sixty-five by 2030, specifically within the nations of the Western world.  It is being asked as to whether or not these nations can be, will be prepared to handle an excess of people, as the needed supplies could be decreasing more rapidly than anticipated.  As a significant amount of people will be senior citizens, will the rest of the younger population be able to handle providing stable and secure lives for the elders, while doing all that is necessary to maintain a functional society for everyone else?

The human population will continue to increase!  The United Nations Population Division estimates that the population will be at 10.6 billion people by 2050, and at 15 billion by 2100.  The majority of the population expansion will be in Africa and Asia.  It is anticipated that more and more of the Western nations will close their entry sites, as the nations within Africa, EuropeOceania, North America, and South America will be the areas to increase their numbers of rapidly expanding populations the most.  All and all, the groups should be an additional 1.7 billion now, with an additional 2 billion in 2060, and an additional 3.6 billion in 2100.  As the numbers of people will be increased substantially, what will happen to the rest of the planet?

Population Seven Billion Picture: India Crowded Streets

World Population

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Earth 6 Animation


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