November 28, 2011 at 10:22 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Way to go, Emma!  You are not the only person living in a state where The Governor sucks!  As an U.S. citizen, you have the right to express your opinion to the public!  Several people are behind you, and several people will support you.

It was earlier today when Emma Sullivan, an eighteen year-old student enrolled within Kansas’ Shawnee Mission School District was reprimanded by her school’s officials.  A senior at Shawnee Mission East High School, and a resident of Fairway, Kansas, Sullivan was on a field trip with her school’s Youth in Government organization.  The group had taken a trip to the Kansas State Capitol Building for observations and studies of their state’s government.

During this field trip, Sullivan made a tweet to some of her friends.  She was talking about the visit to the capitol building, and she gave some of her personal opinions about the trip in the message.  Apparently, Sullivan was listening to statements made by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback at this student gathering, and she was able to tweet through her cell phone about the event.  She posted a message saying that Governor Brownback sucked, and he blows a lot!

The message was sent to Sullivan’s circle of friends, yet Shawnee Mission East Principal Karl R. Krawitz got wind of it.  The principal reprimanded Sullivan for the disparaging comment, and he demanded that Sullivan send an apology to Governor Brownback!  Principal Krawitz told Sullivan that she is to have this written expression of atonement prepared by Monday.

Sullivan’s big sister heard about what happened, and she got in touch with local media officials.  The message was sent initially to sixty-five of Sullivan’s associates.  However, it spread to the general public, and over 3,000 people have responded through Twitter.  She is being suppported for her rights to Freedom of Speech and Expression, as more readers are reading and backing Sullivan’s statement.

Emma Sullivan is an United States citizen by birth, meaning that she has the right to express her opinions and views, regardless of whether or not they are agreed upon by all whom have heard them.  How dare this school principal open his mouth with the purpose of chastising a student for making statements that did not coincide with his own personal views!  If Emma feels that her state’s Governor sucks and blows, then she has every right to say so, and without restriction!

Later, officials from Shawnee Mission East High School issued a statement, saying that Sullivan was not forced to make a statement of apology to Governor Brownback.  The district’s officials did express a recognition of Sullivan’s rights to Freedom of Speech, and they claimed that she was not being censored.  Furthermore, a statement was made by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback himself, saying that his staff overreacted to the tweet made by Emma Sullivan.  The Governor made an online apology, and he stated that his staff overreacted!

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Emma Sullivan


The Great State of Kansas Flag Animations         Animated American Flag

feb2f454677c8cb4112da717f2b8c2ab Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Apologizes To High Schooler Emma Sullivan Who Said He ‘Sucked’

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It’s Out There; Where & When to Find It?!?

November 25, 2011 at 5:23 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

The search for life beyond Earth is continuing steadily.  Some of the current focuses have been placed onto locations within our own solar system.  It is understood that there is nothing within our immediate realm that can equate with the complex levels of life that exist on Earth.  Yet, the atmospheres and the grounds of some of the moons within our solar system are being examined in order to find evidence of the possible formations of primordial life.

Mars has been thought to be the best candidate to find life outside of Earth for generations.  However, as space probes and telescopic reviews have shown that Mars is not an hospitable location for life, scientific eyes have peered toward other locations within our solar system.  Some of these searches have included some of the moons of the outer planets.

It is usually agreed that for life to exist, it needs to be situated on a world within it’s solar system’s habitable zone.  This usually is a spot that is not too distant from the host star, where levels of energy and heat are delivered at the appropriate amounts for life to form and to flourish (not too hot, and not too cold; The Goldilocks Zone).  The habitable zone of our solar system includes Venus, Earth, and Mars.  Venus turned out to be too close to The Sun, causing it to suffer through a greenhouse effect before any life could form and stabilize.  Mars remains a study subject, as it is known that life does not exist there now, yet it is speculated that some early levels of basic life could have formed there during the planet’s early existence.

One former scientist, whom worked with N.A.S.A., speculates that other forms of life may be found within our own solar system, yet on some of the moons of the outer worlds.  Alan Stern, a graduate of The University of Texas, a Southwest Research Institute affiliate, and a N.A.S.A. affiliate, believes that life will not be found on the immediately obvious candidate, Mars.  This world has received the speculative honor for many years, as being the best location to find life outside of Earth.  However, the red planet is now understood to be a dead world, as researchers have been trying to learn whether or not it hosted life during it’s disant past.  Current studies are showing that two moons of Saturn, called Enceladus and Titan, along with a moon of Jupiter, called Europa, could be the best locations to find other forms of life within this solar system.

The space probes Cassini, Galileo, and Voyager all have taken images of these moons.  Cassini is at Saturn right now, and it is continuing to deliver images back to Earth for further studies.  It’s Huygens probe was launched to study Titan, gathering images of this moon which revealed that it experiences periodic rains of hydrocarbons, and that it has rock-like objects which may be water-ice!  These studies have propelled ideas for sending future probes to Titan, collecting further images that will reveal whether or not actual forms of life did exist on this moon.

Titan is observed because of it’s thick atmosphere.  It contains nitrogen and methane, which are some of the building blocks for life.  Titan also has lakes of hydrocarbon at it’s polar regions.  Examinations of this moon show that there is a small amount of water/ice there, but this composite area would not have life, likely due to it being too cold.

There is a jet of vapor containing salt-water that is being expelled from Enceladus.  At this moon’s south pole, this chemical is being ejected, hinting that there could be an interal area of Enceladus that has sustained heat due to the gravitational forces exerted from it’s pull on it’s host world, Saturn.  Some studies suggest that the water has remained liquid, and it is able to be ejected as gas, because of this heating by Saturn’s gravity.  This same heat could have allowed for life to have formed at microbial levels.

Europa has a surface that is covered by ice.  Many scientists believe strongly that an ocean exists beneath this ice layer.  The speculations go onto suggest that the ocean has been able to maintain heat due to the powerful gravity of Jupiter.  This heat, and the elements within Europa’s ice-covered ocean, are thought to be what has been necessary to maintain life beneath the moon’s ice cap.  If life is found to exist within the undercover oceans of Europa, then it likely would be extremely basic, and in the forms of microbes.

The search for life elsewhere will continue, hopefully until it reaches some levels of success. Keep in mind that outer space is extremely vast, and that we barely have begun to view what exists within the ultimate beyond.  I have to believe that finding life elsewhere would be an affirmation for humanity, and indeed for Earth, herself.  There is more than one star out there, and these other stars host planets.  Surely, some of these exoplanets are within similar settings that have allowed them to be homes for life.  This life simply could be blowing in the wind, sprouting flowers, crawling through mounds and tunnels of dirt, or slithering through exotic oceans that are slightly beyond our current understanding.  Yet, certainly, life is out there!

The Crab Nebula is filled with mysterious filaments that are tremendously complex.

SEE THESE SITES!!!…life-odds.htm

animated gif alien

Thinking about the stars….Alien Spaceship Flying Left To Right Emoticon Emoticons Animated Animation Animations Gif

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The Weight of The Multiverse Concept!

November 24, 2011 at 1:01 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

I got into one of my science moods this evening, watching a program about current theories of the existence of our universePBS had an interesting show being broadcast, with scientific discussions of the nature of what we are attempting to comprehend about the cosmos.  I did sit, while trying to keep up with comprehending about what was being discussed and proposed by researchers who presented their ideas.

The concept of a multiverse seems to be expanding (pathetic pun…).  Ideas are being proposed, which state that our known universe is expanding from a point of initial explosion, The Big Bang.  This creationary dispersal not only allowed for the creation of our universe, but it is being suggested that other universes emerged from this point, also.

The speaking scientists began to discuss dark energy, and they questioned why there seems to be a lack of it within our universe.  As by the levels of current studies, scientists are suggesting that there should be more dark energy present within our universe.  The lack of this dark energy seems to suggest that what should be present actually is located within another location.  Fragile suggestions propose that the other locations are other universes.

Scientists are working to find out whether or not there actually is a multiverse.  This would be a collection of universes.  It is not known as to how many universes there could be, and that may never be known.  Yet, it is being said that our universe is expanding, and scientists are working to understand what force is causing this continuous, outward propulsion.  One suggestion is that dark energy is present, and it is responsible for the expanding universe.

Continued suggestions state that dark energy would be either excessive, or not present at all within a multiverse.  The concept of string theory presents the notion of extra universes and extra dimensions.  This theory suggests that there are additional dimensions that exist in conjuction with time, and the three spatial dimensions with which we are familiar:  height, length, and width.  String theory proponents propose that six additional dimensions are present, which nudges an opening to the idea of a multiverse.

Dr. Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University has been working to make some reasonable levels of comprehension in regard to this idea.  Dr. Steinhardt, and several other scientists, have been working to find solid reasonings to support the multiverse concept.  Their studies involve the understanding of string theory and dark energy.  This includes the proposal that our universe should not exist in solitude because of a lack of dark energy present.  Strings are found within dark energy, and an unusually amount of strings are being found within the studied regions of the universe.  The suggestion continues to propose that due to a lack of strings found within the known universe, other universes must exist to balance the level of strings that should be present within the greater workings of spacetime.

This proposal expands to the idea of a multiverse.  Several universes could, should exist, if at least to account for the level of strings needed to fill the levels of dark energy that should be present.  Additionally, the needed amount of strings for a multiverse to exist proposes that additional dimensions should exist.  These would be added to the known measurements of height, length, and width.  Now, this is where I will admit to having fallen off of the subject.  Yet, the proposal did continue to explain that there likely are the necessary amounts of strings present, and that an actual multiverse does exist.

These researchers are proposing that an excess of dark energy and strings, as yet to be discovered, do indicate the existence of a multiverse.  The current levels of dark energy within our universe are causing it’s expansion, as well as possibly causing the expansion of any other possible universes.  The scientists are referring to this theory as eternal inflation, or the continuous expansion of the multiverse!

Obviously, I will need to do more reading and research of this topic.  It is very interesting to me, and I would need to get a greater level of understanding before I could attempt to explain it, accurately.  I did attempt to start comprehending all of it when the program discussed the studies of Johannes Kepler, and his reasonings of why Earth is situated at such a precise distance from The Sun to allow life to exist.  This fact of distances between our planet and The Sun, along with the precision of distances between other astronomical bodies is supposed to figure into a logical rationale that could give proper explanation to the existence of a multiverse, and how strings factor into connections that allow for the precise distances necessary for all things to function, as situated within the seemingly perfect and undisturbed settings that are currently recognized.

Alright; enough!  I have missed Letterman because I called myself trying to gain some understanding of this subject.  It does interest me, so I will go ahead and put forth some levels of effort to attempt comprehending what I have tried to explain, so that I can try to be clear about that which I am talking/blogging.  Like I wrote earlier, all of this does interest me, and I am into lifting weights…..


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It is NO Secret…..

November 21, 2011 at 7:48 PM (animal activism, climate studies, curious research, current news, environmental issues, historic review, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

It is no secret that our planet is heating up.  Earth is warming to dangerously high levels, which will place the very survival of humanity in jeopardy.  Several statements and discussions have been made by those whom study this subject regularly, and whom actually know the details behind the factors that sustain this subject.  Anticipations project that our planet will experience a significant rise in it’s overall temperature during this century.

Details are revealing that Earth will have a two-degree increase in it’s overall temperature by 2100.  That might not sound like much, until you factor in that this increase involves the entire planet.  This temperature change, although it may sound miniscule, will have a major effect in the manner in which Earth is capable of supporting life.

Climatologists are estimating that our planet will have an exceptional level of global warming.  Researchers whom work with The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization are stating fervently that the levels of greenhouse gases around the globe are reaching record levels.  Furthermore, these levels are increasing, with very little being done to abate their abusive advances.  While several nations allegedly are working to limit individual productions of greenhouse gases, it does seem as if the overall efforts are not beneficial.

The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization is stating that three specific greenhouse gases have extreme levels, and they continue to increase.  While several nations are making efforts to reduce these dangerous emissions, the majority of the tactics are not working.  Due to this, concerned world leaders are having a meeting that will be held in South Africa, during next week.  The discussion will focus upon global climate change.

A similar session was held in Copenhagen, during 2009.  At that meeting, agreements were made to set limits that were supposed to maintain the levels of dangerous emissions and productions that have been contributing to global warming.  As these levels continue to increase at seriously dangerous levels, another session will occur in South Africa.  This is to occur in the city of Durban, lasting from November 28 to December 9.  At this meeting, world leaders are supposed to discuss global warming, while presenting plans to curtail the devastation that this climatic catastrophe is presenting to our planet.

Talks are supposed to occur that will allow world leaders to recognize what laws and policies are in place within various locations around the planet.  Various national laws to cope with climate change, and to address methods of curtailing the dangerous effects, will be examined.  Ideas for new methods and national laws to assist with this planetary problem will be presented, while focusing on the actions currently in place by Australia and China.  These nations already have initiated plans to reduce pollution, and they are working to create additional ideas that are meant to suggest methods of more efficient energy use.

It is The International Energy Agency which is displaying how the current methods of energy use and global pollution will lead into an overall situation of global decline.  The IEA is specifying that extreme levels of climate and weather changes will occur, provided that our planet remains on it’s current, human-lead path.  Estimates show that by 2020, dangerous emissions will have risen by twenty percent from the present levels.  Such an increase will raise the overall temperature of the planet by 38.3 degrees, Fahrenheit.  This temperature change has the capability to produce severe droughts, and excessive levels of rainfall around the planet.  IEA officials are saying that changes need to be made by 2017, lest a mandatory, zero-carbon emission policy is put into place for every nation by 2035.  The longer that delays to make these changes occur, the greater will be the amount of money that is needed to curtail the deadly effects of climate change.

The agreements set by The Kyoto Protocol were invoked, as levels of encouragement to move into immediate action.  During this 1997 international meeting, held in Japan, nations agreed upon a treaty that was meant to reduce the dangerous effects of global warming by significant levels.  Thirty-seven nations agreed immediately to work toward efforts at reducing global warming by drastically cutting their productions of the four major greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and sulfur hexaflouride).  However, The United States was NOT one of these nations!

The U.S. has implemented the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  This began during 2009, with plans to reduce power emissions from ten states.  Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachussetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont have agreed to cut energy wasting within their borders. However, as forty other states have not committed to any solid plans to assist with greenhouse gas reduction, The United States remains at the back end of the path to promote any permissable plans that will protect our planet!

However, nations within North America, along with Asia, Australia, Europe, and Oceania, have committed to plans for protecting against, if not preventing, climate change.  These will present meaningful efforts to curtail the dangerous effects of greenhouse gas emissions, and other serious problems that will create dangerous, if not deadly levels, of alterations that humanity is inflicting upon Earth.  Particularly, it seems as if The Kyoto Protocol is the most effective plan, to-date, that means to work toward reducing the effects of global warming.

The levels of greenhouse gases that are being emitted around our planet, at extreme levels, require immediate reduction, if not an altogether elimination.  If immediate action does not happen, it is certain that levels of global warming will increase.  This ultimately will lead to extreme levels of ocean rising, polar ice cap melting, sporadically heavy rainfalls, intense droughts, unusual animal migrations, increases of insect populations, and uncontrolled animal extinctions.  These major changes ultimately will lead to drastic changes within planetary ecosystems, which likely will lead to a major threat to our own survival as a species.

B15A Iceberg breaks away from Ros Ice Shelf



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The Unrest That Ran in South Sudan!

November 13, 2011 at 1:50 AM (curious research, current news, historic review, late night studies, political atmosphere, social opinion)

As with any new start, gaining stability usually can present some levels of trouble.  Earth’s most recently created nation, South Sudan, is experiencing the drama that can accompany a sudden beginning.  It seems that this country is dealing with an explosive start!

At the end of last week, a refugee region of the nation was bombed.  An area called Yida, which is a refugee camp within South Sudan, was attacked by The Sudan People’s Armed Forces.  No one has yet to confirm as to whether or not anyone was killed, as there is disagreement about how many, or if any, people died.  However, four bombs fell, with one that did not explode, and one or more leaving a six-feet-wide pit.  The bomb that did not go off was compressed between a school building, as people nearby heard explosions when a white airplane flew overhead.

The Signature Antonov Bombers of The Sudan People’s Armed Forces are believed to be behind the bombings.  One of the explosives landed in a schoolyard, and it was the one that did not detonate.  Two bombs went off at the outer areas of the refugee camp, and a third bomb exploded near a landing field where refugees received supplies from United Nations workers.

The Yida refugee camp holds over 2,000 people whom have been without homes, after the fighting between Sudan and South Sudan began.  Yida is located within South Sudan, situated in Unity State.  The camp contains an additional 10,000 people from South Kordofan, Sudan, all of whom have had to locate new homes because of the battles.  The United Nations Refugee Agency estimates that more people will be added to these numbers because additional refugees will be searching for safe areas to live.  However, Yida is not viewed as safe because it is a mere seven miles from the border with Sudan.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit has stated that his nation will not begin retaliatory actions.  He made this announcement after the attack that occurred this past Tuesday, as he said that seven people were killed.  However, a response to the attacks from today has not been made, which did happen shortly after President Kiir participated in a press conference on his nation’s associations with Sudan.

Sudan has been involved with internal warfare since the late 1950’s.  South Sudan officially seceded from Sudan on July 9, after decades of fighting.  The South Sudanese population officially agreed upon a cecession with a ninety-nine percent approval vote, which occurred this past January.  President Kiir has rebuked announcements from Sudan, claiming that nation has bombed the South Sudan region of Guffa, and that seven people were killed.  Representatives from The United States are continuing to condemn the fighting, as Sudan has made a formal complaint to The United Nations, stating that South Sudan is attempting to initiate a border war.

Southern Sudanese President Salva Kiir

Salva Kiir

SEE THESE SITES!!! (video) (video)


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Comedy or Crap? Just Curious…..

November 10, 2011 at 2:11 AM (curious research, current news, historic review, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I actually held back from watching The X Factor tonight, in order to participate in politics.  I do not know why, as truthfully, I have more interest in the music than I do with this area of the political scene.  Yet, I did want to hear what these candidates had to say, so that I can be confident with my retaliatory approach in voting against their final nomination choice.

Detroit, Michigan was where this evening’s Republican Presidential Debate occurred.  Eight of the candidates gathered at Oakland University to give their versions of why they would make good Presidential candidates to the U.S. public.  Truthfully, I did not believe that any one of them could come up with a good excuse to pass him or her off as President.  Yet, it always is a good thing to size up the opposition!

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann expressed that The United States had the world’s second-highest corporate tax rate.  She found this unacceptable, stressing the need for the lowering of this tax rate.  Additionally, if elected as President, Bachmann means to repeal Obamacare immediately.  Also, sticking to the possibly racist idea, Bachmann pushed the agenda to have a fence built along the border of México and The United States.

The comedic (and possibly half-dead…) candidate from Georgia, Herman Cain, had what sounded like good ideas, expressing the need to cut national spending, and to focus on the domestic economy.  He attempted to give some clarity to the recent allegations against him, as he stated that Americans (U.S. citizens) should not have a President with a shady character.  Cain feels that his support base is strong enough to carry him over this sexual scandal!  Furthermore, he went on with his 999 plan, which means to equalize financial handlings and treatments of the public and the corporate United States.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman stands against the bailout of Wall Street.  He would have preferred a bailout of the private sector, as corporate bailouts are not useful.  Huntsman is for addressing banks that are “too big to fail” in order to work toward equalizing the national economy.  He stated that a bail out is not fair to tax payers, and as President, he would meet with state governors to find methods for repealing The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which Republicans have labeled as Obamacare!

Standing without a cane, or a walker, Texas Congressman Ron Paul discussed his intention to liquidate the national debt.  He sidestepped the accusations of racism against him, as he meant to address the tax code.  He would cut one trillion dollars from the national budget, and he would eliminate price fixing by The Federal Reserve, if elected President.  Cain mentioned that individual states should handle HR3010, also stating that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be eliminated!

Former House Speaker and Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich (The Newt…) concurred with suggestions to overhaul the nation’s financial setting, mentioning that he would fire Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.  Gingrich said that he supports plans like those enacted under President Reagan, which were said to promote less taxes and federal regulations.  Additionally, if winning the Republican nomination, Gingrich would challenge President Obama to a series of three-hour debates, where he would focus on his desire to have The President’s health care legislations repealed.

The candidate from The Lone-Star State, Governor Rick Perry, means to send the message that “America (sic) is going to be America (sic) again”!  Perry would enact an 20% flat tax across the nation, meaning to get a greater majority of citizens back to work.  He feels that individual states should handle Medicare and Medicaid, stating that doctors and healthcare providers need incentives!  Additionally, Perry supports a tax plan that allows people to maintain more of their earnings, as he will support a flat tax plan that will lead to a balanced national budget by 2020.  Yet, while in the midst of speaking about his financial plans, Governor Perry showed the rest of the nation what most cognizant Texans knew already (he is NO genius…).  While he was on live television, Perry forgot the third aspect of his own financial proposal, fumbling through his speech, and being unable to continue with naming the three agencies of government that he would eliminate, if elected to The Presidency!  OOPS to the max!!!

Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney is ready to repeal Obamacare, too!  Also, he mentioned that The U.S. should let Europe handle it’s own financial problems.  Our nation should continue business with The World Bank, yet we should not be ready to assist European nations with their finances.  He feels that Medicare should be handled by individual states, and that medical malpractice issues should be revamped.  Romney stated that “America faces a crisis”, alluding that the nation is headed toward financial upheaval that is similar to what is happening in areas of Europe.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Rick Santorum believes that the current national government has made The United States less competitive.  He would repeal Obamacare, lower taxes, and repatriate funds.  Santorum stated his belief that President Obama’s economic policies have failed, placing special harm to the middle class.  He believes that the bailout is not fair to tax payers.  Santorum stated that Medicare should be handled by individual states, that health savings accounts should be created, and that medical malpractice issues should be revamped for outcomes that will be more supportive to the common patients.

I did find it necessary to listen to what the opposition had to say.  Indeed, there were some good points, yet there were many points that were very wrong!  No one person elected to The Presidency as a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever, will have all of the answers.  It did seem that several of the Republican candidates were on the wrong path, with proposals that seemed would ultimately harm the less-fortunate, especially when striking at the medically financial allotments.

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/2011/11/09/glQAT0Dh5M_story.html

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Watching the Skies and Close Fly-Bys!

November 8, 2011 at 8:16 PM (astronomy topics, current news, environmental issues, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology, web gossip)

It is not Apophis, yet it is attracting a lot of attention!  Due to it’s current position and path, all cognizant eyes were set toward the skies this evening to see a near-grazing of the planet.  An asteroid was en route to buzz Planet Earth around supper time!

It is 5:31 p.m. CST right now.  This asteroid, 2005 YU55, is supposed to have buzzed by Earth within a range of 202,000 miles!  According to distances in space, that nearly is a smacking!  The actual positioning of the space rock brought it in between Earth and The Moon.  Yet, the experts working with N.A.S.A. are saying that 2005 YU55 will NOT collide with Earth.  It is locked within a revolution of our planet, but it is not expected to impact the planet at any time during this century.

YU55 apparently is one of a group of space rocks that pass within near distances of our planet, regularly.  Asteroids of this size rush by Earth usually one time per century, with one actually impacting the planet once every 100,000 years.  It is recognized that impacts upon Earth by asteroids and meteors have occurred many times in our planet’s history because of all of the past evidence of collisions.  These types of incidences invoke recollections of the 1908 Tunguska impact, which devastated more than 800 miles of Russia, while creating an explosion that was 1,000 times more powerful than the World War II atomic detonation at Hiroshima.

N.A.S.A. currently is involved with a possibly miniscule program that is geared toward finding asteroids that could collide with Earth.  The space organization works with The Jet Propulsion Laboratory to track space-faring objects that have the potential to bring damage to our planet.  During 2009, the organizations compiled a report to give details about the numbers of asteroids that pose potential threats to our planet.  The information colleced between them, accompanied by findings accumulated by The W.I.S.E. Telescope, show that a possible amount of 20,000 asteroids and meteors, ranging between .062 miles wide and .621 miles wide, could be within paths that might bring them toward impacts upon Earth.

2005 YU55 is supposed to be roughly 1,300 feet wide.  It is supposed to be extremely dark, black, due to being carbon-filled.  It is the largest asteroid to come within a near distance to Earth over the past thirty-five years.  The exact calculations show that it is to pass by Earth within 201, 700 miles by 5:28 p.m. CST.  This is in between the distance that separates Earth from The Moon.  However, A telescope will be required to view it because it will remain small to the eye, and likely hidden behind other space objects.  Another asteroid will not pass so close to our planet until October 2028.

PHOTO: Asteroid passing near the Earth

SEE THESE SITES!!!…2005-yu55-passes-earth-closer-moon/…2005-yu55_n_1071988.html

Asteroid_spins.gif - (6K)  

Rest in peace, Heavy D.…/heavy-d-rap-star-dies-at-44.html?amp

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Time Well Spent!

November 4, 2011 at 8:22 PM (current news, movie reviews, science and technology, web gossip)

This evening offered the time to see a very good film!  I was elated with the chance to see another science-fiction film, and I was excited because some of my favorite, rising stars are a part of the cast.  As all of those factors were into play, watching In Time was all the more enthusing!

A story beginning in a not-so-distant future; humans are depicted as being genetically engineered.  People do not age past the age of twenty-five.  Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is living in this future world at age fifty, yet he has not aged past thirty years.  Will is a part of a futuristic society where human beings have genetically-engineered implants in their arms.  Each implant contains the lifetime allotments that are allowed to each person whom hosts the device.  These implants are used to measure and to deduct time for all actions of the people of whom they are within.

Will winds up involved assisting a man who has over one-hundred years stored.  People are coming from all over, trying to find, and trying to kill this man to get hold of his years.  He is Henry, and at age 105, he is ready to die.  Henry winds up with Will, as they are hiding from time thieves.  They get into a hidden storage facility, where they hide overnight.  During that night, Henry secretly slips to Will all of his excess time, which is a total of one-hundred years, then Henry is killed!

The next day, Will is shocked, and he gives ten years to his best friend.  He attempts to assist a dying woman, yet she dies in his arms before he can give her any time.  Meanwhile, the body of Will’s time donor is picked up by police, leading them to seek the man’s killer.  Will knows that he is an immediate suspect, so he assumes a low profile!

Will proceeds to travel, making various time payments to people with whom he owed debts.  He ended up losing an entire year while trying to avenge his mother.  Then, he pays a nice amount to get a hotel suite; a location where Timekeeper Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy) is staying.  Officer Leon winds up tracking Will because Will is behaving very carelessly with his time, and other officers have been tracking Will.  Also, Officer Leon means to keep an eye out for Will because he knew Will’s father.

Will wound up blowing off a year to enter a casino-hotel.  He gets into a time-betting game, calling one bet, and he wins!  Will regains his lost time, as well as surplus years.  Then, Will meets Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried), who is the daughter of the man who lost to Will in this time bet.  Sylvia has insightful words for Will, as they proceed to swim at the beach outside of the casino-hotel.

Suddenly, police arrive!  Timekeeper Leon with them, and he is tracking Will because of the reports of Will’s excessive amounts of time, and his flagrant usage of it.  Will is questioned, and he reveals that a man named Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) gave him all of the extra years.  Then, Timekeeper Leon takes Will’s time, claiming it was unauthorized, and he leaves Will with a mere two hours for processing procedures!

Will suddenly outbursts, and he kidnaps Sylvia!  They drive off and into the night, with Timekeeper Leon and police following them!  Leon rams their car, they proceed to drive recklessly, then Sylvia and Will wind up in a car wreck.  Time thugs are at the scene, and the thieves take a decade of life from the injured Sylvia.  This leaves her only with thirty-one minutes of life left to live!

Will gives Sylvia some of his time, but they only have a small amount left between the both of them.  Timekeeper Leon gets to the wreck site, yet he sees that Will is on the run.  Will and Sylvia do make it to the home of a friend of his, yet their time has been reduced to three minutes!  It is the home of the man who gave Will all of the extra time in the first place.  The man has gotten drunk, as time thieves arrive.  They steal the man’s ample time, and they kill him!

Will and Sylvia are on the run!  They trade Sylvia’s diamonds to thieves to get two days of life.  Yet, they are trying to reach Sylvia’s father, who allegedly has eons of time.  Will contacts Timekeeper Leon, to negotiate over Sylvia’s time.  Her parents are able to give up to 1,000 years to get their daughter to safety.

Will and Sylvia are in hiding, and Will reveals that he grew up without parents.  He tells that he had a time-poor childhood, as Sylvia tells that she had a privileged youth, due to her time-rich father, Phillippe (Vincent Kartheiser).  They reach a point where Sylvia has only eleven hours left, so they proceed to a time-share pawn shop!  As Sylvia is trying to contact her father, Officer Leon arrives.  He aimed to shoot Will, but Sylvia shot Officer Leon, first!  Will revives Officer Leon with five hours, and Officer Leon is rescued by another timekeeper.

Will and Sylvia pose as Timekeepers to take time from time thieves.  There are postings in the area that display Sylvia as wanted by Timekeepers.  Timekeeper Leon meets with Phillippe, who wants their assistance to get his daughter back.  Leon says that he has placed a new arrest warrant for Will and Sylvia.  Also, Phillippe has placed time hunters out to catch Will and Sylvia!

A shootout occurs as Will and Sylvia are running from Phillippe.  They escape on a city bus, and they get to a hotel.  Bounty hunters are tracking them, as they are stealing time from people who have information about Will and Sylvia.  Meantime, Will is gambling his time in some effort to save the both of them.  He wins the bet, then he shoots the surrounding thugs so that he and Sylvia can escape!

Will and Sylvia proceed to try assisting the time-poor population.  The devise a plan where Sylvia goes to surrender herself to her time-rich father.  Then, they kidnap her father, and they get hold of his millions of years worth of stored time!  The sudden time loss is reported to high-powered time banks in Greenwich, as Timekeeper Leon is now after Sylvia and Will!

Meanwhile, both of them are in an armored van, which they drive into a time lender’s vault!  They take the stored time there, and they distribute it to random people.  Timekeeper Leon has gotten wind of these actions, as he orders officers to shoot Sylvia and Will on sight.  Also, Sylvia’s father is out to catch them, and he has sent a time hunter to catch them!

A chase ensues, and Timekeeper Leon drives into the car of Sylvia and Will.  A foot chase follows, with Will and Sylvia running through time borders.  Leon is after them, but he runs out of time before he can reach them, suddenly dying.  Will and Sylvia run to get extra time from what was in Leon’s car, and they picked up twenty-four additional hours.  Meanwhile, thime share stations around the planet have been helped, as free time is distributed worldwide!

As the year winds down, several good features will premiere!  Next week has the release of three films, including Immortals, Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill, and Leonardo Di Caprio in J. Edgar. Finishing November and heading into the holiday season will include A Dangerous Method, Arthur Christmas, Carnage, Hugo, The Iron Lady, Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol, New Year’s Eve, and Sleeping Beauty!

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The Stuff That Comes Out Of THAT Mouth!

November 2, 2011 at 5:02 PM (current news, historic review, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

This likely could be good for his efforts at gaining more attention.  I was not sure as to how many conscious voters actually had him in mind, when it came to selecting this 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate.  Yet, Herman Cain remains in the race, and he now is facing charges of sexual harassment!

This past Sunday, the political news website Politico released a story that revealed sexual allegations against the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate from Georgia.  It claims that two women whom worked with The National Restaurant Association were sexually harassed by Cain.  This allegedly occurred during his term as President of that organization.  Cain denies the charges, yet reports go on to tell that two financial distributions of over $10,000 each were rewarded from his offices!  Later, Cain altered his story, revising it to say that he did not know about any agreements that were made with only one of the cases!

Cain went on, claiming that he did know about a payment made to one of the accusers.  This was supposed to have happened, where the woman was given three to six months of severance package (hmm…).  This case allegedly gave one of the women an undisclosed payment, yet Cain continues to deny that he has ever been a sexual harasser.  He states that the charges are mere smear tactics.

Political analysts have stated that Cain’s story has changed several times.  He is appearing to have some memory issues, regarding the facts of the case, and this is harming his case.  Meanwhile, viewers on both sides of the story are weighing in, stating that it either could hurt his campaign, or that people simply will ignore it.

It was Ann Coulter who spoke with Joy Behar on CNN about Cain’s current situation within the 2012 campaign, commenting that “our Blacks (Republicans) are better than their Blacks (Democrats)”, as she did provide her version of support to the embattled candidate!  Her delivery of this orally-produced feces went on, as Coulter tried to explain that the Black candidates whom she would support are the descendants of those whom suffered through Jim Crow laws, unlike the allegedly privileged life of “the son of a Kenyan”!

Three women currently are accusing Cain of sexual harassment.  He could lose footing within the Republican candidate race to Mitt Romney, if these allegations result badly.  There is one woman who claims to have additional knowledge of his actions, and she wants to speak out.  Yet, she has been placed under a gag order!

Herman Cain


Herman Cain by Chicago News Bench

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