The Stuff That Comes Out Of THAT Mouth!

November 2, 2011 at 5:02 PM (current news, historic review, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

This likely could be good for his efforts at gaining more attention.  I was not sure as to how many conscious voters actually had him in mind, when it came to selecting this 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate.  Yet, Herman Cain remains in the race, and he now is facing charges of sexual harassment!

This past Sunday, the political news website Politico released a story that revealed sexual allegations against the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate from Georgia.  It claims that two women whom worked with The National Restaurant Association were sexually harassed by Cain.  This allegedly occurred during his term as President of that organization.  Cain denies the charges, yet reports go on to tell that two financial distributions of over $10,000 each were rewarded from his offices!  Later, Cain altered his story, revising it to say that he did not know about any agreements that were made with only one of the cases!

Cain went on, claiming that he did know about a payment made to one of the accusers.  This was supposed to have happened, where the woman was given three to six months of severance package (hmm…).  This case allegedly gave one of the women an undisclosed payment, yet Cain continues to deny that he has ever been a sexual harasser.  He states that the charges are mere smear tactics.

Political analysts have stated that Cain’s story has changed several times.  He is appearing to have some memory issues, regarding the facts of the case, and this is harming his case.  Meanwhile, viewers on both sides of the story are weighing in, stating that it either could hurt his campaign, or that people simply will ignore it.

It was Ann Coulter who spoke with Joy Behar on CNN about Cain’s current situation within the 2012 campaign, commenting that “our Blacks (Republicans) are better than their Blacks (Democrats)”, as she did provide her version of support to the embattled candidate!  Her delivery of this orally-produced feces went on, as Coulter tried to explain that the Black candidates whom she would support are the descendants of those whom suffered through Jim Crow laws, unlike the allegedly privileged life of “the son of a Kenyan”!

Three women currently are accusing Cain of sexual harassment.  He could lose footing within the Republican candidate race to Mitt Romney, if these allegations result badly.  There is one woman who claims to have additional knowledge of his actions, and she wants to speak out.  Yet, she has been placed under a gag order!

Herman Cain


Herman Cain by Chicago News Bench

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