Time Well Spent!

November 4, 2011 at 8:22 PM (current news, movie reviews, science and technology, web gossip)

This evening offered the time to see a very good film!  I was elated with the chance to see another science-fiction film, and I was excited because some of my favorite, rising stars are a part of the cast.  As all of those factors were into play, watching In Time was all the more enthusing!

A story beginning in a not-so-distant future; humans are depicted as being genetically engineered.  People do not age past the age of twenty-five.  Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is living in this future world at age fifty, yet he has not aged past thirty years.  Will is a part of a futuristic society where human beings have genetically-engineered implants in their arms.  Each implant contains the lifetime allotments that are allowed to each person whom hosts the device.  These implants are used to measure and to deduct time for all actions of the people of whom they are within.

Will winds up involved assisting a man who has over one-hundred years stored.  People are coming from all over, trying to find, and trying to kill this man to get hold of his years.  He is Henry, and at age 105, he is ready to die.  Henry winds up with Will, as they are hiding from time thieves.  They get into a hidden storage facility, where they hide overnight.  During that night, Henry secretly slips to Will all of his excess time, which is a total of one-hundred years, then Henry is killed!

The next day, Will is shocked, and he gives ten years to his best friend.  He attempts to assist a dying woman, yet she dies in his arms before he can give her any time.  Meanwhile, the body of Will’s time donor is picked up by police, leading them to seek the man’s killer.  Will knows that he is an immediate suspect, so he assumes a low profile!

Will proceeds to travel, making various time payments to people with whom he owed debts.  He ended up losing an entire year while trying to avenge his mother.  Then, he pays a nice amount to get a hotel suite; a location where Timekeeper Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy) is staying.  Officer Leon winds up tracking Will because Will is behaving very carelessly with his time, and other officers have been tracking Will.  Also, Officer Leon means to keep an eye out for Will because he knew Will’s father.

Will wound up blowing off a year to enter a casino-hotel.  He gets into a time-betting game, calling one bet, and he wins!  Will regains his lost time, as well as surplus years.  Then, Will meets Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried), who is the daughter of the man who lost to Will in this time bet.  Sylvia has insightful words for Will, as they proceed to swim at the beach outside of the casino-hotel.

Suddenly, police arrive!  Timekeeper Leon with them, and he is tracking Will because of the reports of Will’s excessive amounts of time, and his flagrant usage of it.  Will is questioned, and he reveals that a man named Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) gave him all of the extra years.  Then, Timekeeper Leon takes Will’s time, claiming it was unauthorized, and he leaves Will with a mere two hours for processing procedures!

Will suddenly outbursts, and he kidnaps Sylvia!  They drive off and into the night, with Timekeeper Leon and police following them!  Leon rams their car, they proceed to drive recklessly, then Sylvia and Will wind up in a car wreck.  Time thugs are at the scene, and the thieves take a decade of life from the injured Sylvia.  This leaves her only with thirty-one minutes of life left to live!

Will gives Sylvia some of his time, but they only have a small amount left between the both of them.  Timekeeper Leon gets to the wreck site, yet he sees that Will is on the run.  Will and Sylvia do make it to the home of a friend of his, yet their time has been reduced to three minutes!  It is the home of the man who gave Will all of the extra time in the first place.  The man has gotten drunk, as time thieves arrive.  They steal the man’s ample time, and they kill him!

Will and Sylvia are on the run!  They trade Sylvia’s diamonds to thieves to get two days of life.  Yet, they are trying to reach Sylvia’s father, who allegedly has eons of time.  Will contacts Timekeeper Leon, to negotiate over Sylvia’s time.  Her parents are able to give up to 1,000 years to get their daughter to safety.

Will and Sylvia are in hiding, and Will reveals that he grew up without parents.  He tells that he had a time-poor childhood, as Sylvia tells that she had a privileged youth, due to her time-rich father, Phillippe (Vincent Kartheiser).  They reach a point where Sylvia has only eleven hours left, so they proceed to a time-share pawn shop!  As Sylvia is trying to contact her father, Officer Leon arrives.  He aimed to shoot Will, but Sylvia shot Officer Leon, first!  Will revives Officer Leon with five hours, and Officer Leon is rescued by another timekeeper.

Will and Sylvia pose as Timekeepers to take time from time thieves.  There are postings in the area that display Sylvia as wanted by Timekeepers.  Timekeeper Leon meets with Phillippe, who wants their assistance to get his daughter back.  Leon says that he has placed a new arrest warrant for Will and Sylvia.  Also, Phillippe has placed time hunters out to catch Will and Sylvia!

A shootout occurs as Will and Sylvia are running from Phillippe.  They escape on a city bus, and they get to a hotel.  Bounty hunters are tracking them, as they are stealing time from people who have information about Will and Sylvia.  Meantime, Will is gambling his time in some effort to save the both of them.  He wins the bet, then he shoots the surrounding thugs so that he and Sylvia can escape!

Will and Sylvia proceed to try assisting the time-poor population.  The devise a plan where Sylvia goes to surrender herself to her time-rich father.  Then, they kidnap her father, and they get hold of his millions of years worth of stored time!  The sudden time loss is reported to high-powered time banks in Greenwich, as Timekeeper Leon is now after Sylvia and Will!

Meanwhile, both of them are in an armored van, which they drive into a time lender’s vault!  They take the stored time there, and they distribute it to random people.  Timekeeper Leon has gotten wind of these actions, as he orders officers to shoot Sylvia and Will on sight.  Also, Sylvia’s father is out to catch them, and he has sent a time hunter to catch them!

A chase ensues, and Timekeeper Leon drives into the car of Sylvia and Will.  A foot chase follows, with Will and Sylvia running through time borders.  Leon is after them, but he runs out of time before he can reach them, suddenly dying.  Will and Sylvia run to get extra time from what was in Leon’s car, and they picked up twenty-four additional hours.  Meanwhile, thime share stations around the planet have been helped, as free time is distributed worldwide!

As the year winds down, several good features will premiere!  Next week has the release of three films, including Immortals, Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill, and Leonardo Di Caprio in J. Edgar. Finishing November and heading into the holiday season will include A Dangerous Method, Arthur Christmas, Carnage, Hugo, The Iron Lady, Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol, New Year’s Eve, and Sleeping Beauty!

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