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November 10, 2011 at 2:11 AM (curious research, current news, historic review, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I actually held back from watching The X Factor tonight, in order to participate in politics.  I do not know why, as truthfully, I have more interest in the music than I do with this area of the political scene.  Yet, I did want to hear what these candidates had to say, so that I can be confident with my retaliatory approach in voting against their final nomination choice.

Detroit, Michigan was where this evening’s Republican Presidential Debate occurred.  Eight of the candidates gathered at Oakland University to give their versions of why they would make good Presidential candidates to the U.S. public.  Truthfully, I did not believe that any one of them could come up with a good excuse to pass him or her off as President.  Yet, it always is a good thing to size up the opposition!

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann expressed that The United States had the world’s second-highest corporate tax rate.  She found this unacceptable, stressing the need for the lowering of this tax rate.  Additionally, if elected as President, Bachmann means to repeal Obamacare immediately.  Also, sticking to the possibly racist idea, Bachmann pushed the agenda to have a fence built along the border of México and The United States.

The comedic (and possibly half-dead…) candidate from Georgia, Herman Cain, had what sounded like good ideas, expressing the need to cut national spending, and to focus on the domestic economy.  He attempted to give some clarity to the recent allegations against him, as he stated that Americans (U.S. citizens) should not have a President with a shady character.  Cain feels that his support base is strong enough to carry him over this sexual scandal!  Furthermore, he went on with his 999 plan, which means to equalize financial handlings and treatments of the public and the corporate United States.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman stands against the bailout of Wall Street.  He would have preferred a bailout of the private sector, as corporate bailouts are not useful.  Huntsman is for addressing banks that are “too big to fail” in order to work toward equalizing the national economy.  He stated that a bail out is not fair to tax payers, and as President, he would meet with state governors to find methods for repealing The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which Republicans have labeled as Obamacare!

Standing without a cane, or a walker, Texas Congressman Ron Paul discussed his intention to liquidate the national debt.  He sidestepped the accusations of racism against him, as he meant to address the tax code.  He would cut one trillion dollars from the national budget, and he would eliminate price fixing by The Federal Reserve, if elected President.  Cain mentioned that individual states should handle HR3010, also stating that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be eliminated!

Former House Speaker and Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich (The Newt…) concurred with suggestions to overhaul the nation’s financial setting, mentioning that he would fire Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.  Gingrich said that he supports plans like those enacted under President Reagan, which were said to promote less taxes and federal regulations.  Additionally, if winning the Republican nomination, Gingrich would challenge President Obama to a series of three-hour debates, where he would focus on his desire to have The President’s health care legislations repealed.

The candidate from The Lone-Star State, Governor Rick Perry, means to send the message that “America (sic) is going to be America (sic) again”!  Perry would enact an 20% flat tax across the nation, meaning to get a greater majority of citizens back to work.  He feels that individual states should handle Medicare and Medicaid, stating that doctors and healthcare providers need incentives!  Additionally, Perry supports a tax plan that allows people to maintain more of their earnings, as he will support a flat tax plan that will lead to a balanced national budget by 2020.  Yet, while in the midst of speaking about his financial plans, Governor Perry showed the rest of the nation what most cognizant Texans knew already (he is NO genius…).  While he was on live television, Perry forgot the third aspect of his own financial proposal, fumbling through his speech, and being unable to continue with naming the three agencies of government that he would eliminate, if elected to The Presidency!  OOPS to the max!!!

Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney is ready to repeal Obamacare, too!  Also, he mentioned that The U.S. should let Europe handle it’s own financial problems.  Our nation should continue business with The World Bank, yet we should not be ready to assist European nations with their finances.  He feels that Medicare should be handled by individual states, and that medical malpractice issues should be revamped.  Romney stated that “America faces a crisis”, alluding that the nation is headed toward financial upheaval that is similar to what is happening in areas of Europe.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Rick Santorum believes that the current national government has made The United States less competitive.  He would repeal Obamacare, lower taxes, and repatriate funds.  Santorum stated his belief that President Obama’s economic policies have failed, placing special harm to the middle class.  He believes that the bailout is not fair to tax payers.  Santorum stated that Medicare should be handled by individual states, that health savings accounts should be created, and that medical malpractice issues should be revamped for outcomes that will be more supportive to the common patients.

I did find it necessary to listen to what the opposition had to say.  Indeed, there were some good points, yet there were many points that were very wrong!  No one person elected to The Presidency as a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever, will have all of the answers.  It did seem that several of the Republican candidates were on the wrong path, with proposals that seemed would ultimately harm the less-fortunate, especially when striking at the medically financial allotments.

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/2011/11/09/glQAT0Dh5M_story.html

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