The Weight of The Multiverse Concept!

November 24, 2011 at 1:01 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

I got into one of my science moods this evening, watching a program about current theories of the existence of our universePBS had an interesting show being broadcast, with scientific discussions of the nature of what we are attempting to comprehend about the cosmos.  I did sit, while trying to keep up with comprehending about what was being discussed and proposed by researchers who presented their ideas.

The concept of a multiverse seems to be expanding (pathetic pun…).  Ideas are being proposed, which state that our known universe is expanding from a point of initial explosion, The Big Bang.  This creationary dispersal not only allowed for the creation of our universe, but it is being suggested that other universes emerged from this point, also.

The speaking scientists began to discuss dark energy, and they questioned why there seems to be a lack of it within our universe.  As by the levels of current studies, scientists are suggesting that there should be more dark energy present within our universe.  The lack of this dark energy seems to suggest that what should be present actually is located within another location.  Fragile suggestions propose that the other locations are other universes.

Scientists are working to find out whether or not there actually is a multiverse.  This would be a collection of universes.  It is not known as to how many universes there could be, and that may never be known.  Yet, it is being said that our universe is expanding, and scientists are working to understand what force is causing this continuous, outward propulsion.  One suggestion is that dark energy is present, and it is responsible for the expanding universe.

Continued suggestions state that dark energy would be either excessive, or not present at all within a multiverse.  The concept of string theory presents the notion of extra universes and extra dimensions.  This theory suggests that there are additional dimensions that exist in conjuction with time, and the three spatial dimensions with which we are familiar:  height, length, and width.  String theory proponents propose that six additional dimensions are present, which nudges an opening to the idea of a multiverse.

Dr. Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University has been working to make some reasonable levels of comprehension in regard to this idea.  Dr. Steinhardt, and several other scientists, have been working to find solid reasonings to support the multiverse concept.  Their studies involve the understanding of string theory and dark energy.  This includes the proposal that our universe should not exist in solitude because of a lack of dark energy present.  Strings are found within dark energy, and an unusually amount of strings are being found within the studied regions of the universe.  The suggestion continues to propose that due to a lack of strings found within the known universe, other universes must exist to balance the level of strings that should be present within the greater workings of spacetime.

This proposal expands to the idea of a multiverse.  Several universes could, should exist, if at least to account for the level of strings needed to fill the levels of dark energy that should be present.  Additionally, the needed amount of strings for a multiverse to exist proposes that additional dimensions should exist.  These would be added to the known measurements of height, length, and width.  Now, this is where I will admit to having fallen off of the subject.  Yet, the proposal did continue to explain that there likely are the necessary amounts of strings present, and that an actual multiverse does exist.

These researchers are proposing that an excess of dark energy and strings, as yet to be discovered, do indicate the existence of a multiverse.  The current levels of dark energy within our universe are causing it’s expansion, as well as possibly causing the expansion of any other possible universes.  The scientists are referring to this theory as eternal inflation, or the continuous expansion of the multiverse!

Obviously, I will need to do more reading and research of this topic.  It is very interesting to me, and I would need to get a greater level of understanding before I could attempt to explain it, accurately.  I did attempt to start comprehending all of it when the program discussed the studies of Johannes Kepler, and his reasonings of why Earth is situated at such a precise distance from The Sun to allow life to exist.  This fact of distances between our planet and The Sun, along with the precision of distances between other astronomical bodies is supposed to figure into a logical rationale that could give proper explanation to the existence of a multiverse, and how strings factor into connections that allow for the precise distances necessary for all things to function, as situated within the seemingly perfect and undisturbed settings that are currently recognized.

Alright; enough!  I have missed Letterman because I called myself trying to gain some understanding of this subject.  It does interest me, so I will go ahead and put forth some levels of effort to attempt comprehending what I have tried to explain, so that I can try to be clear about that which I am talking/blogging.  Like I wrote earlier, all of this does interest me, and I am into lifting weights…..



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