November 28, 2011 at 10:22 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Way to go, Emma!  You are not the only person living in a state where The Governor sucks!  As an U.S. citizen, you have the right to express your opinion to the public!  Several people are behind you, and several people will support you.

It was earlier today when Emma Sullivan, an eighteen year-old student enrolled within Kansas’ Shawnee Mission School District was reprimanded by her school’s officials.  A senior at Shawnee Mission East High School, and a resident of Fairway, Kansas, Sullivan was on a field trip with her school’s Youth in Government organization.  The group had taken a trip to the Kansas State Capitol Building for observations and studies of their state’s government.

During this field trip, Sullivan made a tweet to some of her friends.  She was talking about the visit to the capitol building, and she gave some of her personal opinions about the trip in the message.  Apparently, Sullivan was listening to statements made by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback at this student gathering, and she was able to tweet through her cell phone about the event.  She posted a message saying that Governor Brownback sucked, and he blows a lot!

The message was sent to Sullivan’s circle of friends, yet Shawnee Mission East Principal Karl R. Krawitz got wind of it.  The principal reprimanded Sullivan for the disparaging comment, and he demanded that Sullivan send an apology to Governor Brownback!  Principal Krawitz told Sullivan that she is to have this written expression of atonement prepared by Monday.

Sullivan’s big sister heard about what happened, and she got in touch with local media officials.  The message was sent initially to sixty-five of Sullivan’s associates.  However, it spread to the general public, and over 3,000 people have responded through Twitter.  She is being suppported for her rights to Freedom of Speech and Expression, as more readers are reading and backing Sullivan’s statement.

Emma Sullivan is an United States citizen by birth, meaning that she has the right to express her opinions and views, regardless of whether or not they are agreed upon by all whom have heard them.  How dare this school principal open his mouth with the purpose of chastising a student for making statements that did not coincide with his own personal views!  If Emma feels that her state’s Governor sucks and blows, then she has every right to say so, and without restriction!

Later, officials from Shawnee Mission East High School issued a statement, saying that Sullivan was not forced to make a statement of apology to Governor Brownback.  The district’s officials did express a recognition of Sullivan’s rights to Freedom of Speech, and they claimed that she was not being censored.  Furthermore, a statement was made by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback himself, saying that his staff overreacted to the tweet made by Emma Sullivan.  The Governor made an online apology, and he stated that his staff overreacted!

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Emma Sullivan


The Great State of Kansas Flag Animations         Animated American Flag

feb2f454677c8cb4112da717f2b8c2ab Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Apologizes To High Schooler Emma Sullivan Who Said He ‘Sucked’


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