Heeere’s 2012!!!

December 31, 2011 at 9:00 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, environmental issues, historic review, human life issues, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

We are on the verge of 2012, and I am simply chillin’ this evening.  I am not going to any parties, or doing anything overly festive.  I likely will find some good programs on television, and watch some of the New Year’s Eve programs later tonight.

I see one channel that has programs about Nostradamus and related prophets being shown this evening.  I may browse some of those.  Lady Gaga‘s concert program is on one of the HBO channels, later tonight.  Several of my momentarily favorite films, including Burlesque and The Karate Kid will be on this evening, as well.  Yep; this pretty much will be a television and computer game evening.

What was 2011 like for me?  I am not finding any standout recollections.  It seems to be a point of transition, possibly lasting longer than it needs to last.  It almost has been something of a rut from which I hope to escape during 2012.  This coming year needs to be one of advancement and improvement for me.  I need to release things that are not in my favor, while making greater efforts to get hold of those things which will help me with progression.

These so-called interpreters of the readings of Nostradamus, and other ancient, prophetic forecasts, keep saying that 2012 is the year that will bring some levels of disarray due to the planet being aligned with the center of the galaxy.  That is curious; is not the planet always aligned with the galactic center?  Is it not moving in a circular / elliptical orbit, meaning that the core of the galaxy and the planet can be linked, directly, at any given time?

I am watching one of these programs, which is discussing the alleged prophecies regarding the galactic alignment and the predicted disaster for December 21, 2012.  I have seen several of these shows already, so I was not too much into watching this one.  Nothing is being said within this show that has not been said in several other related programs.  I would like to know about what is being done to avert any allegedly oncoming catastrophe, since so many people seem to be aware of, in fear of what might happen at the end of this year.  Stop telling me about what you have heard about, and start telling me about what is being done to prevent the disaster!

Anyway!  Now they are talking about an asteroid collision with the planet on that date.  The asteroid designated as 4179 Toutatis is supposed to come within a horrifically close distance to Earth on December 21, 2012, leading to some levels of disaster due to it’s gravitational effects, or a possible impact.  Again, it would be thought that any approaching space objects would have been spotted already, and actions would be in place to attempt diverting them from impacting the planet.  Of course, the asteroid could have it’s shields and deflective screens active, so we can not see it until it is too late!

Toutatis is supposed to be within 0.04633 astronomical units of distance from Earth when December 21, 2012 arrives.  Well, what does that mean?  One site that I am reading is giving further clarification, stating that this distance equals to the asteroid being 4, 306, 642 miles away from our planet.  It will be eighteen times further from Earth than our moon’s averaged orbital distance of 238,000 miles.  Not exactly nearby!

The asteroid Apophis is the one that astronomers, other scientists, and observers have been discussing most vocally.  It is supposed to graze the planet by 2029, then turn back for a strike during 2036.  This asteroid has been estimated to be three-hundred and ninety miles wide; definitely big enough to knock the shit out of something!  If it manages to hit Earth in 2036, it’s impact would cause a blast that is more than 100,000 times greater than the power of the bomb dropped at Hiroshima!

Well, I am sure that there are teams of researchers who are reviewing the skies for signs of any oncoming celestial objects that might bring disaster to Earth.  Hopefully, there are adequate amounts of expert eyes that are watching what is beyond our planet, and that are doing all that is within their capabilities to save us from a point of total annihilation.  I would venture to think that if such an object is out there, teams are working already to divert any oncoming disasters, privately, and without alarming the general public!  Happy New Year!!!

Asteroid strike











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Iran Tries Heating Up Against The World’s Wishes!

December 30, 2011 at 12:42 AM (current news, environmental issues, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, science and technology, social opinion)

Tensions between Iran against The United States, and the Western world in general, have been borderline hostile/volatile for years.  It probably has been unstable for centuries, yet it likely can be traced to the 1950’s.  This is when Great Britain and Iran got into a disagreement over oil because of Iran’s attempts to nationalize it’s oil productions and exports.  Such an action likely would have lead to great limitations of oil access to an oil-addicted Western society.

Currently, Iran has been in the process of experimenting with nuclear materials, in likely efforts to begin the assembly of an atomic arsenal.  The International Atomic Energy Agency has become aware of this activity, and the organization has released reports on it’s findings.  Leaders from Canada, Great Britain, and The United States have reviewed these reports, with the nations showing immediate intolerance of an entance into nuclear experimentation by Iran.

Tehran officials responded to the statements made by Western leaders, with signs of disdain at the embargos.  The United Kingdom already has imposed sanctions on Iran for it’s alleged efforts to gather nuclear materials for the purposes of creating a nuclear arsenal.  This lead to an outburst from Iranian youths in The U.K., as they raided The British Embassy in Tehran last month.  Additionally, Russia and The United States have become aware of attempted shipments being made into Iran that contained radioactive materials.

Due to the highly likely efforts at an entrance into the field of nuclear armament, Canada, Great Britain, and The United States are strengthening financial limitations to Iran.  These latest impositions have lead to Iranian supporters raiding Great Britain’s embassy facilities within Tehran.  Great Britain reacted by severing it’s diplomatic relations with Iran.  Also, France immediately allied with it’s greatest European neighbor and ally by reducing it’s level of diplomatic representatives within Iran.

Furthermore, Russia took control of a package that contained radioactive metal that was headed for Iran.  A flight from Moscow was preparing to depart to Tehran, yet it was halted after alarms for radioactive materials were sounded.  The airport had radiation readings that gave level readings greater than twenty times above the allowed levels!  Russian agents did seize the package, possibly preventing some level of nuclear devastation at the hands of an Iran-related agent.

When looking at the issue, it could be viewed as a double-edged sword.  As some nations have access to and control of nuclear arsenal, it only seems inevitable that other advancing nations want to have the same levels of weaponry and alleged security.  However, as the greater number of terrorist factions and out of control dictatorial regimes are centered within this area of the world, it is practically logical for Iran to be watched, as well as controlled, regarding it’s access to and production of nuclear materials.

I do not see that Iran will be stopped from acquiring a nuclear weaponry supply.  If they want it, eventually they will get it.  It seems that the issues will be focused upon what Iran will do with it’s nuclear supply (they claim to want it for national energy use…).  Only one package bound for Iran happened to be stopped by Russian customs officials, yet how many were not caught, having proceeded into Tehran?

Threat: An Iranian politician claims the country's military is preparing to close off the Strait of Hormuz - the most important oil transport channel in the world










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WR 104 NOT to Harm Earth in 2012!

December 27, 2011 at 10:39 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, late night studies, science and technology, web gossip)

One of the Doomsday 2012 events that allegedly had been predicted was destruction of Earth by a solar eruption.  It was foretold that a nearby star would be the cause of a tremendously devastating period of time as the result of it going into supernova.  It’s explosive end would produce extreme gamma ray bursts, which would head directly for our planet!

Well, clarifying research has been released to show that this manner of mayhem will not happen during 2012.  Some of the alleged prophets of doom had stated that the star known as Wolf-Rayet 104 is set to explode at any moment, with it’s releases of gamma rays aiming directly for Earth.  Due to the star already showing signs of depletion, it was being foretold that these gamma rays would strike our planet by December 21, 2012.

Well, actual scientists have been studying WR 104 to find out the truth of it’s current status.  The American Astronomical Society has done studies to identify how far along the star is in it’s life.  It was during 2009 when results were acquired, showing that WR 104 indeed was near to it’s point of supernova.

It was disturbing because it had been believed that WR 104 was in a position where it’s explosion would expel gamma rays that would be hurtled toward Earth.  Along with this star being located within the constellation Sagittarius, it seemed justified to December 2012 foretellers to state that this star would come to an end that coincided with the doomsday prophecies.  However, clarifying and legitimate statements have been made by actual scientists to dispel proposals of WR 104 being the cause of 2012 world termination.

The American Astronomical Society has released research evidence to show that WR 104 is not going to destroy Earth by emitting gamma ray bursts.  The results from imaging done at The Keck Observatory have shown that WR 104 actually is a binary system.  The stars are positioned at an angle between thirty degrees and forty-five degrees, aimed away from Earth!  Any explosive gamma ray releases from this star are not in a position to be directed toward our world.

Binary 'deathstar' has Earth in its sights




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Christmas Does Not Always Bring Joy….

December 26, 2011 at 11:17 PM (current news, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)


I was doing my usual browsing of the evening news sites, when I was caught immediately by this most awful report!  I am sure that not everyone had the most-pleasant Christmas, yet the day for this particular family was terrible and tragic.  It was painful to read about, as children, and an entire family were involved in the terror.

It was yesterday evening, Christmas evening, when a Grapevine, Texas family gathering was held.  They were The Yazdanpanahs, and they had a gathering of their extended family to celebrate the holiday.  Their plan was to have a family holiday celebration at their apartment home, yet things went terribly awry!

A man was wearing a Santa Claus costume when he pulled a gun, then opened fire on this Texas family!  The reports say that the children just had finished with opening their gifts, and the family was settling into the mood of the holiday.  This sadistic Santa was watching, then he shot seven people who were in that apartment!

The reports say that the shooter likely was related to the family.  The adults of that apartment had gone through a separation earlier this year.  Grapevine Police may speculate that this was a likely cause behind the murders.   When investigators arrived, a gun was found in the kitchen, and a gun was found in the living room.

Nothing was stated about the religious affiliations of this family.  It is not known, currently, as to whether or not they were affiliated with the religious celebration of Christmas, or if they were having a Holiday family gift gathering.  Yet, this particular individual likely was going through a separation from his spouse, and he was not ready to accept the terms of what was happening.  His mounting anger and spite lead him to commit the unthinkable on Christmas Day!

It is upsetting to hear about such an awful crime occurring on a day that is supposed to be filled with happiness.  Yet, when browsing The Internet, it is shown that murder is as commonplace with Christmas as are the boxes beneath the trees.  Issues that range from family disagreements, to situations with communities, to employment settings, to various manners of issues between people often lead to the most horrid of results at the most wonderful time of the year!

Texas Police







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Planets’ Life After Death?

December 23, 2011 at 12:17 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology)

Actually, this is amazing information.  I, and I guess so did others, believed that when a star went red giant, it would destroy all of it’s nearest planets.  Well, after reading this recent e-article, it seems that is not the case.

A star that has been labeled as KOI-55 has reached it’s red giant phase.  It had a group of planets which were in orbit of it.  It was assumed that when stars expanded into red giants, all of the planets within the immediate realm would be engulfed and destroyed.  However, that is not the case with KOI-55!

Two planets that orbited this star before it’s deadly expansion were able to survive the red giant phase!  The worlds have the designations KOI 55.01 and KOI 55.02.  The star, KOI-55, was classified as a Subdwarf B star, which is more luminous than usual subdwarf stars, and it produces more heat.

It is not known as to how many planets are in this system, or were in this system.  Yet, research is showing that two worlds that orbited KOI 55 were able to survive their star’s red giant phase!  That is a very unusual discovery because it was thought, it was assumed that stars which reach their end-levels, expanding into red giants, all of the planets in the way would be absorbed and incinerated.  Nothing was supposed to be left after the star charred the worlds beyond recognition!

KOI 55.01 and KOI 55.02 are the smallest worlds that have been recognized in orbit of a star that is not The Sun.  Their orbital paths are within the realm that is enveloped by stars expanding into red giants.  The worlds themselves are speculated to have been gas giants, and what can be seen now is all that remains after the infernal absorption.

Professors from The University of Toulouse Research Institute of Astrophysics observed KOI-55, seeing that the star had gone through it’s red giant phase.  These researchers continued to review the star, seeing that it’s closest worlds indeed were engulfed when the star expanded.  Yet, unexpectedly, the worlds were not destroyed completely by the smoldering swallow of KOI-55.  Instead, a remnant core remained, seared completely, yet still present.  These findings were confirmed by Iowa State University Astronomy and Physics (Astrophysics…) Professor Steve Kawaler.

These planets are within orbits of KOI-55 that are closer to it than Mercury is to The Sun.  So, they already were outrageously hot.  Their proximate positions to the star made them immediate targets when it expanded into it’s red giant phase.  However, the task now is to find out how it is that KOI 55.01 and KOI 55.02 were able to survive an ultimate incineration process!

[item image]











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Eyes On Egypt As Unrest Unfurled!

December 22, 2011 at 12:22 AM (current news, historic review, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip) ()

Watching what is occurring within Egypt right now can be viewed from at least two angles.  There usually is a front and back side to every story.  This particular issue does hone upon a time-pressed issue that is happening within this area of the world, and has happened within the world on whole for ages.

Egypt is in the midst of revolution.  It was this past year when that nation’s dictatorial leader, Hosni Mubarak, was toppled from his position of rule.  Mubarak stepped as the Egyptian Presidency around February 12, 2011.  It was only one day earlier when he said that he gave a global speech, stating that he would not be forced from power!

Now, Egypt is under military control.  Tahrir Square remains a focal point, where civilian protestors and military guards clash constantly.  The nation’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is attempting to bring things to a calm setting, while stating that it wants to open talks with citizens about proposals to bring that nation into a steady setting.  The Council regrets that females have been involved within the brutality, yet they are claiming to be taking legal actions that will hold all whom incited instability accountable for their actions.

It was yesterday when The Million Women March happened within central Cairo.  Egyptian ladies took to the streets of their nation, making vocal and valorous efforts to voice disdain toward toward the ruling party, as well as to show intolerance for government assaults on citizens.  The Egyptian government and security have not appeared immediately open to peaceful reviews of their national scene, as military and police have retaliated with the force of bludgeoning sticks and tear gas!

The culmination of this current clash seemed to occur within a two-hour period, yesterday.  Nearly 2,000 Egyptians were within Tahrir Square, and they spread the protests to the adjoining streets.  Activists were fervent in their efforts to call out the Egyptian government and police forces for abuses against the public.  Several displays of public rage were incited by videos of police attacking citizens, with one officer stomping upon a woman’s head, and one officer shooting a little boy!

The United Nations has stepped in, making statements about what it is currently viewing within Egypt.  Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay gave a statement of condemnation Monday, as she referred to the attacks on the public as “vicious and brutal”.  She did mention that the violators would be punished, yet she did not say when, nor did she say how it would happen….

Forty demonstrators from Egypt’s Parliament held a sit-in this past Monday.  They meant to express anger, and to call for the immediate release of government control to the Egyptian public.  The protestors demanded that all officials involved in the murders of citizen protestors be brought forward for appropriate legal punishments.

The Revolution Continues Alliance has made public broadcasts about the violence happening within Egypt.  Their intent is to counter statements and actions by their nation’s military, which is claiming that things are under control, and that a new government has been installed, successfully.  Indeed, members of Egypt’s military and government, some of those people whom claim that things are progressing peacefully, are the ones who have been videorecorded as they gave money to children, getting them to hurl Molotov cocktails at buildings, and to chuck rocks at guards!



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HATRED Lead to A Young Man’s Ruthless Murder!

December 20, 2011 at 1:36 AM (childcare and child protection, current news, late night studies, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It is saddening, and it is sickening!  Will we ever reach the point where all of us realize that, when it is all said and done, we are all the same?  We are products of This Mother.  When it is all said and done, we will return to Her.  We are one.

I was doing my usual reviews of the news, and I was stopped by a story out of California.  It told about the events surrounding a high school student, and how he was brutally murdered.  The assailant is Brandon McInerney.  Currently, he has been sentenced to serve up to twenty-one years of incarceration.  Right now, McInerney is seventeen years-old, so he must report to a juvenile detention center for the first year of his sentence.  Afterward, he will spend the remaining twenty years of his sentence at California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Brandon McInerney killed a fellow classmate when he was fourteen years-old.  The students attended E.O. Green Junior High School of Oxnard, California.  The victim was a fifteen years-old student named Lawrence King.  This young man identified himself as gay.  At a young age, he was comfortable with his sexuality, and he did not have a problem with expressing himself to the public.  Yet, as in many unfortunate situations, King found himself browbeaten and harassed by other students whom did not comprehend the differences of the world.  King faced the ultimate penalty, as levied by a mentally-shut classmate.

McInerney shot King in the back of his skull, two times, and at point-blank range.  They happened to be in their campus computer lab, where all of the students were busy with preparing English class research papers.  It was at a point when King was working on his paper that McInerney approached him from behind, placed a gun to the back of King’s head, and he pulled the trigger.  McInerney pulled the trigger twice, allowing bullets to be thrust into the skull of King.

Fifteen years-old King was described as openly gay, and he did not have a problem with displaying his sexuality to the public.  King was known to wear women’s shoes, jewelry, and makeup when he went to school.  He liked to be referred to as Leticia, and he asked for his teachers to refer to him by this name.  Of course, living within a society that commonly blocks things outside of the normal parameters, King found himself  often bullied by students.  Yet, he proceeded with expressions of his homosexuality, and with his preference to identify with the female gender.

It is highly likely that McInerney is the product of a closed home, where things that are viewed as outside of the box are not easily accepted.  Being a child, it is assumed that his family and social surroundings are against things that do not align with their regular views, which includes homosexuality.  As a young man, McInerney likely knew of no other manners of expression outside of hatred toward people and things that were unlike his imposed visions of what should be.

The mother of Lawrence King was mentally unable to attend the sentencing of her son’s killer.  As she was too distraught, she did prepare a letter, which was read by her husband, Greg King.  The message stated:  “You took it upon yourself to be a bully and to hate a smaller kid, wanting to be the big man on campus.  You have left a big hole in my heart, and it can never be filled”.

Prosecuting attorneys during the trial depicted McInerney as a child shaped by a background of White supremacy, and unable to handle his anger issues.  They pressed for the charges of a first-degree murder, as McInerney murdered Lawrence King directly in the presence of other students.  The prosecutors believed that McInerney should have been tried as an adult.

The trial ended with the attorneys of McInerney entering a plea bargain.  His conviction sentence of murder was upheld, as his sentence was to receive eleven years in prison for voluntary manslaughter, and an additional ten years for the use of a firearm during the crime.  McInerney did plead guilty to these crimes, so he can not have an early release for good behavior, or for time served.

Lawrence King



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New Horizons’ Studies of Pluto by 2015!

December 18, 2011 at 11:38 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology)

An ocean could be found beneath the icy surface of Pluto?!?!  Ridiculous, certainly!  Flowing water can not be found in a location where there is no substantial heat….

Pluto is one of the most distant objects of our solar system.  It is within an elliptical orbit that keeps this celestial body at an average distance of 3.67 billion miles from The Sun.  It is cold out there!

However.  Astronomers are currently working with studies of Pluto, making efforts to identify the dwarf planet’s composition to the most accurate levels, yet.  N.A.S.A. has launched the New Horizons space probe, which is supposed to reach the former ninth planet by the middle of 2015.  The spacecraft will acquire analyses and images of Pluto, and it’s four moons.

A current speculation is that an entire ocean could exist beneath the surface of Pluto.  It is being suggested that an area of the planet’s surface could contain a massive bulge.  This would hint at the presence of an ocean below the ice covering.  Currently, there is no legitimate evidence of water under a shell of ice that encases Pluto.

Any liquid beneath the ice of this planet would have to be maintained by the gravitational forces that are engaged in a setting of internal strife.  As these forces struggle between the rotation of Pluto, along with the gravitational forces between the world and it’s moons, a source of heat will be created.  This heat could be intense enough to have melted any subsurface liquid, allowing an ocean to exist.

New Horizons will examine Pluto, determining whether or not a bulge on the surface of the planet is present.  If there is a bulge, then the planet would not have an interior ocean.  All of the water would be frozen into this massive area, and none of it would be flowing beneath the surface.  Yet, if there is no bulge, this could indicate that a subsurface ocean could be present, with liquid remaining in that state due to the gravity between Pluto and it’s moons.

The heat source within Pluto would come from radioactive action beneath the surface.  Potassium has been identified to exist within Pluto. This element could produce the necessary energy to allow the action of underground radioactive decay.  Underground ice would melt, allowing for flowing, subsurface water.  It is speculated that Pluto contains enough potassium for this process to happen.

Studies from the New Horizons space probe will determine whether or not there is actually flowing liquid, or if it is frozen beneath Pluto’s surface.  If ice has thickened on the planet’s surface, it is possible that flowing fluid could be below the ice covering.  Whereas, if the ice surface is slushy, it is more likely that the interior of Pluto is frozen.

Again, none of this will be verified until New Horizons reaches Pluto.  It is anticipated to reach the former ninth planet by April 2015.  At that point, the most accurate studies of Pluto will occur, including details about it’s atmosphere, it’s temperature, and what effects that The Sun has on the world at such an extreme distance!


Dwarf Planet Pluto











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Here, Rich Kitty!

December 18, 2011 at 1:14 AM (animal activism, current news, legal issues, pet play, social opinion, web gossip)

I absolutely adore my cats.  I know that other people care for felines for which they are extremely fond, as well.  As a pet guardian for many years, I do realize that people will go to some extensive measures in order to display their elevated levels of love for their animal companions.  Yet, every now and then, you will come across a story that tells of just how far, too far, some people can take that affection!

Thirteen million dollars!!!!  Marisa Assunta, a lady from Italy, who died during November at the age of ninety-four, adopted a stray cat.  Apparently, she had no immediate family, or at least she had no one for whom she cared enough to bequeath her belongings after her death.  However, she did have a four year-old cat, which she named Tommaso.  Now, this cat is without his guardian, yet he is $13,000,000 richer!

Yes, $13,000,000!  This money-packing meower has been left a total of thirteen million dollars by his former guardian.  Miss Marisa Assunta was an Italian heiress.  Her family was well-to-do within Italy, and she was the last one to have a hold of their fortune.

Miss Assunta initially planned to bequeath her wealth to an animal care organization.  Her plan was to leave a vast amount of money to a group that would promise dedication to the care of Tommaso.  However, the legal advisors for Assunta were unable to get hold of any organization that would care for the cat (I’m sure that they tried really hard….).  So, Assunta chose to state within her will that her $13,000,000 estate would be left to Tommaso!

Of course, there is a hitch to this story.  Italy does not allow for the financial acquisitions of people to be left to their pets after they die.  The attorneys whom tended to the affairs of Assunta’s estate made the final decision as to where the excessive wealth would be left.  They chose to have the money given to the nurse who provided aid to Assunta before she died.  Upon learning of this, the nurse simply said:  “I had no idea Signora had such wealth”!

So, now having an ample amount of money, I guess that this nurse will leave her job.  She can proceed into a pleasing, perhaps more productive lifestyle.  Surely, she will be able to find comfort somewhere within some of the luxurious regions of The Mediterraean.  Maybe this nurse will pursue a pampered period of living, taking Tommaso along with her.  Yet, she may go on her own, starting a new life altogether!










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Stay Tuned For Chelsea!

December 15, 2011 at 1:23 AM (current news, historic review, political atmosphere, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I will admit to being a fan/supporter of Chelsea Clinton.  I think that I may have been briefly smitten by her, during her time as First Daughter, when her dad was President.  I remain in allure of her, as I do feel that she is highly intelligent, and that she is capable of becoming a prominent figure within our nation’s culture.  It is my point of view that Chelsea Clinton DOES deserve to be placed into this new career opportunity!

It is my belief that Chelsea Clinton must be an extremely smart young lady.  She has to have some excess levels of academic knowledge, as well as some amounts of political savvy.  She is, after all, the daughter of President William J. Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Surely, that fact has allowed Chelsea to gain a greater detail of understanding toward the way the world runs, as well as a possibly, additionally higher accumulation of intelligence.

One current issue floating through The Internet is in regard to whether or not Chelsea Clinton deserves her current job.  Right now, Chelsea is about to be a special correspondent for The National Broadcasting Company.  Through NBC, Chelsea will assist with Rock Center With Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News.

Chelsea’s acquisition of this job is being questioned and chastised.  There has been commentary regarding her capacity to handle this job adequately.  Several whispers, and some shouts, are being heard, about whether or not Chelsea would have been hired to this position, had she not been a former President’s daughter!

Chelsea is being criticized because statements are being made about her qualifications.  She is being called out for having little experience within the field of journalism, then suddenly being thrust into a top-tier journalism job opportunity.  Her placement into this job is seen as somewhat offensive by those whom are noting that journalists are being laid off from their current jobs in excessive amounts, as Chelsea seems to be sliding blithely into a position that any qualified and job-needing reporter would be glad to gain!

I do not know Chelsea Clinton.  Yet, from what I have viewed, she seems to be a very intelligent and articulate young lady.  She seems to be very capable of handling this job with NBC, likely even adding a bit of exhilaration to the overall setting of this news corporation’s public scene!

Chelsea Clinton is being observed, while being compared to children of former Presidents.  Margaret Truman, daughter of President Harry S. Truman, was a radio show hostess to the NBC Radio broadcast, Weekday.  John F. Kennedy, Junior was a co-founder to George, a periodical political publication.  Eleanor Mondale, who passed away this year, and was the daughter of Vice President Walter Mondale, was involved with public radio and television programs.  Jenna Bush Hager, one of the sororal twins of President George W. Bush, was a special reporter with The Today Show.  Some whispers do proceed with comments about none of these individuals getting these seemingly high-post job offers, had they not been the children of Presidents and Vice-Presidents.

I will admit to coming at this topic from a biased angle.  I have been a fan of Chelsea Clinton’s since her introduction while she was The First Daughter during her father’s 1990’s terms.  She did gain an undergraduate degree from Stanford University.  She has two master’s degrees from Columbia University and Oxford, England’s University College.  Right now, Chelsea is working toward achieving her doctorate from New York University.  I would have to say that she is qualified, not only for this job, but likely for many other jobs that she may choose to pursue!

Her mother, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has said that she is “a little surprised” about Chelsea getting the NBC News job.  Yet, she did state that she is excited that Chelsea has chosen to take the job.  Chelsea will be working with the children of other currently prominent politicians at NBC, including Jenna Bush Hager and Meghan McCain!








     Chelsea Clinton Will Work for NBC    

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