A Fulfilling Intermingling of Friday Films!

December 3, 2011 at 2:46 AM (animal activism, curious research, current news, historic review, movie reviews, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

What a stupendous evening at the theater!  I got to see two fantastic features, and I am glad that these were the ones that we chose to view.  I actually had been anticipating one of the movies, yet I was not so sure about seeing the second one, beforehand.

We began with Puss in Boots!  It began with the fantastic fighting feline, Puss (voice of Antonio Banderas), seeking the magical beans of legend, while trying to beat Jack and Jill to reaching them.  A black cat enters the scene, with Puss trying to chase it to retrieve the beans, but he can not catch up!

They wind up reaching a bar that is filled with dancing cats!  a dance battle begins, as Puss encounters a female feline challenger, Kitty Softpaws (voice of Salma Hayek).  He offers to buy leche for her, in an effort to soothe the scene.  Yet, Humpty Alexander Dumpty (voice of Zach Galifianakis) arrives, as character with whom Puss has anger because of a prior disagreement.

Yet, as Kitty Softpaws arrives, the cats talk, and they become allies.  The cats review plans to capture their enemies, Jack and Jill (voices of Billy Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris).  However, Puss does not want to align with Humpty because of a prior argument.  Puss leaves the meeting, yet Kitty chases after him!

 As Kitty tries to coax Puss into being an ally with her and Humpty, Puss recalls his kittenhood.  He lived in a home with other kittens, and with a young Humpty.  Puss saved Humpty from bullies, and he learned Humpty’s love for magic.  They bonded, as they became allies to find magical beans.

After years passed without finding these beans, they grew into thieving teenagers.  Humpty was a regular troublemaker, yet Puss found praise for saving the mother of a soldier.  She adopted Puss, as Humpty proceeded to be a neighborhood thief.  He stole from the humans, luring Puss into this action as a debt of old friendship!

At one point, they were nearly captured!  Yet, they escaped, and they became scavengers.  They got to a place where they were trapped again!  Humpty was caught, yet Puss got away!  The cat was upset by the trapping of his friend, yet he ran away.  This lead Humpty to feel betrayed by Puss.

Humpty asked Puss for a second chance at friendship, to which Puss agreed for the sake of Humpty’s loved ones.  Puss then teamed with Kitty to rob a stagecoach because of her owed debts.  Jack and Jill caught them, and Kitty got away.  Yet, Puss was trapped because he was after the golden egg, which was held by Jack and Jill!

Jack and Jill planned to turn Puss over to Humpty because they owed a debt to him.  Yet, Puss escaped them, going to reach Kitty.  They united, as Kitty told Puss of her youth, and how her humans tortuously had her declawed.  They both reunited with Humpty, and they all had these magical beans.  Yet, a tornado emerged, and it sucked away the beans!

A sprout appeared suddenly, which grew into a giant stalk.  The three were forced into the sky, hanging onto this stalk.  It lead them into the clouds, and to the hidden castle of a giant.  They invaded the castle in an attempt to capture the golden egg, trying to sneak by the giant, who’s sight would have turned them into stone!

They reached a garden with a golden gosling laying golden eggs.  The three stole the gosling, and they had to run from the giant!  Kitty fell into a river, and Puss dived after her.  The gosling was falling as well, yet Puss was able to save Kitty, as they both saved the gosling!

Puss and the gosling parted ways, but Puss bonded more with Kitty.  Humpty saw this, as he meant to break the link between Kitty and Puss.  Humpty was jealous of Kitty, and he tried to rebuild a friendship with Puss.  Then, Puss was taken by people, Jack and Jill!  It turned out that they were the guardians of Puss, and they lost him to Humpty in a bet.  Puss had been travelling to find the $500.00 that his guardians owed for this debt, so that he could be reunited with his humans!

Puss in Boots (2011) Poster

We got to see the much-anticipated The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn – Part One, as our second feature!  Now, I found myself to be upset by this film.  Like some strange critter, I had not been following along with The Twilight Saga, and I truly knew very little about the basis of the story.  I knew the main characters, Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattinson), and Jacob (Edward Black).  I knew a little about the love-hate relationship/rivalry between the three of them, yet I did not realize that it is such an enjoyable tale!

So, Bella and Edward had gotten married.  This was much to the chagrin of the vampire and werewolf clans.  Jacob opted to visit his dangerous choice of to-be-wed associates on the night of their wedding.  Bella chooses to tell Jacob that she and Edward plan to consumate their marriage on the night of the event, which is something that her hidden lover did not want to hear!  Jacob, in wolf-mode, attempts to assault Edward, but Edward’s blood-fanged fellowship immediately come to help him!

Edward and Bella proceed with their wedding, and they have a Brazilian honeymoon.  That night, the newlyweds consumate their marriage, and Bella winds up with a special gift inside of her!  It is a week or two later when they realize that she is pregnant, so they return to the werewolf stronghold to find out how to help Bella.

The majority of the Cullen vampire clan wants Bella to abort her growing fetus.  Yet, to Bella’s surprise, it is Rosalie (Nikki Reed), a vampiress with whom she has had disagreements, who has decided to help her.  Bella decides to allow Rosalie to help her with protecting the unborn child.

The Uley wolfpack knows of the pregancy.  They try to stop an overly enraged Jacob from attacking Bella to kill the fetus, and from attacking Edward.  This move would start a long-restrained war between both families, as the alpha wolf, Sam (Chaske Spenser) was ready to kill Bella and the unborn baby!

Jacob, never meaning to hurt Bella, goes to the Cullen vampire lair to provide protection to Bella.  Two members of Jacob’s wolfpack go with him to assist Bella.  They arrive to see that Bella has become gravely ill, and that she needs to consume blood.  This act will help her to regain strength, and it will help her fetus.  However, Bella is against this action, at first, as she is unready to force her child to become a vampire before the conscious capacity to choose the life-option.

Bella ends up enduring an intensely painful labor.  Yet, she successfully delivers a daughter, whom she names Renesmee. It becomes known that Bella must become a vampire in order for her to survive, so Edward tormentingly decides to convert her with a painful, yet love-filled  injection of his own blood directly into her heart!  However, no success is seen immediately, and The Cullens believe that Bella has died!

Jacob is infuriated!  He is prepared to kill Renesmee, but he suddenly understands that he has a genetic imprint on this child. His wolfpack is ready to kill the baby, but their sacred law requires that any member of their clan can not be killed by another member.  Therefore, Renesmee is safe with the Uley wolfpack!

The Uley wolfpack finds out that Bella has died.  They go to the Cullen lair to find Renesmee, and to kill her.  Yet, the wolves learn of the imprinting of Renesmee, and they indolently accept that they can not hurt the baby.  However, Bella does awaken from her death-like delivery, and her eyes are glowing vampire-red!  The Volturi vampire leader, Aro, (Michael Sheen) learns of this, and now the Cullen vampires want Bella’s baby!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Poster

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the movies!  Now, I need to catch up with the modern world, going back to watch all of The Twilight Saga.  I enjoyed that film so much that I do not understand why I have not watched each of the previous movies.  After all, I am deeply into Dracula, and the tales of vampires have always been exciting to me.  I am Catigula…. 

Well, even more fun films are on the way!  A possibly humorous film called The Sitter opens next week.  December 16 has Alvin and The Chipmunks:  Chipwrecked, Carnage, and Sherlock Holmes:  A Game of Shadows.  Christmas Day brings the release of a possibly exciting science-fiction feature called The Darkest Hour!

Real Life Puss in Boots?! GIF - Real Life Puss in Boots?!

My kitties would scratch me to pieces before I could get away with this trick! 

 Not that I am not thinking about trying it…..   Smiley

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