Cain Can’t Take the Rain!

December 3, 2011 at 8:51 PM (current news, historic review, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Usually, the things that happen in the dark will be brought to the light.  It is apparent that Mr. Herman  Cain has found this out, and he is paying the costs for it.  As I am listening to people interviewed on the news right now, I agree that it is somewhat sad.

I was not about to vote for him.  Yet, I did think that it was a good thing for him to be a part of the 2012 Presidential race, as it added some flavor and interest to the Republican side of the hoopla.  I found him to be less than qualified for a Presidential candidate (not that such has mattered before…), yet Cain’s presence did allow for some level of so-called option to that area of the ticket.

I guess that the empathy needs to be extended to his wife.  Mrs. Gloria Cain has been thrust into this national front-page scene, already knowing that her husband would be a regularly public figure, yet now having extra details of her personal life propelled onto the national platform.  Not only is she coping with the knowledge that her husband is a cheating asshole, yet she has to deal with an entire country that is aware of what has happened within her home, and with numerous people continuously prying into her personal affairs.

Mrs. Cain is standing by her man, sticking to a possibly clouded perception that “false accusations” have been made.  She feels that this current setting is drawing attention away from what Mr. Cain can be / should be doing to secure a stable Presidential campaign.  The details about whether or not she believes that her Hermie is an actual cheating nut-wad have not been told to the public.

Those whom were following Cain’s campaign did hear from him, directly, that he was worn out by all of the allegations and rumors about his personal life.  This current media blast at him has been hurtful, not only to Cain, but to his family.  Cain has stated personally that his campaign has been decimated by the media attention brought to his public life, as he and his family can not endure the pressure of this, while he would continue with a Presidential run.

So, Cain is “suspending” his bid for The Presidency.  That does seem to translate into an exit announcement.  Unless he is receiving ample rousing from his party constituents, I do not see that he honestly will proceed with any serious attempts at the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.  It does not seem as if his 9-9-9 plan will be able to sustain him, after this incident, although it likely was not a true stronghold from Cain’s beginnings.

Well.  One down, and nearly twenty-six more to go!  Yes, The Republican Party is presenting twenty-six other options to their attempt at the 2012 ticket.  Well, actually, there are only three whom have been labeled as the Republican front runners:  Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney.

The other possible 2012 Republican Presidential candidates have been labeled as wild card candidates, or they have dropped out of the race altogether.  Those in that level of comedy rounded from a return of Sarah Palin, a browsing of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the pitiful scene of Ron Paul, the comedy of Texas Governor Rick Perry, the curiously possible illumination of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the “what in the Hell” of a maybe / maybe not running Jeb Bush!  There were others, yet more upon which I care to elaborate, and they did drop out, anyway.

The fact that I am giving these politicians any additional attention in this blog might mean that I need to receive a swift kick, myself!  I never planned to vote for any of them, nor was I attempting to endorse them to other Internet browsers and political voters.  Yet, it always is a good thing to have the news spread to others whom plan to keep up with the current scenes!


Herman Cain

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A Republican Rockin’?  Ha!

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