Did We Find It?

December 5, 2011 at 8:32 PM (Uncategorized)

Certainly, this is one of the most exciting topics of astronomy studies to date!   We knew that it was out there, yet it simply went to matters of where it was at, and how long it would take to find it.  Well, it could be looking as if that sweet spot has been spotted!

Alright; perhaps too much bravado!  Nonetheless, it is exciting to ponder the possibility of having found that place in space upon which humanity has imagined for generations.  An actual planet that seems to have the vital qualities which could place it into a setting to be viewed as a compatible option to our Earth!

The Kepler Spacecraft has captured images of the world that has been dubbed Kepler-22b.  This world is positioned approximately 600 light years away from Earth.  It is positioned within The Orion Spur of The Milky Way, just as we are located.  The planet itself is nearly five times as large as our planet, in orbit of a G-type main sequence star.  Observing scientists currently are unaware of how massive this world is, or what manner of surface detail that it may present.

The astronomers have learned that Kepler-22b orbits it’s star, Kepler-22, in a period of 290 days.  The fact that it orbits a G-type star is exciting because this is the same designation that has been given to our Sun.  Like our home star, Kepler 22 is estimated to range within a heat average of 5,800 degrees, Kelvin.  It is composed of three-fourths hydrogen and one-fourth helium.

Kepler-22b is exciting because studies reveal that it is precisely positioned within the so-called habitable zone of it’s solar system.  This world is not too close to it’s host star, and it is not too far away from the star.  If all factors fall according to favor, Kepler-22b will be identified as a world in the right location that makes it suitable for the existence of life!

As I am reading, I am seeing a lot of sites that are pushing the “Earth’s twin” title.  I can not go with that, just yet, as Mother has shown far more in her presentation over the eons than what is being delivered by astronomers through minimal observations laced with excessive speculation.  The surface of this world has NOT been examined.  We know nothing of what may exist within Kepler-22b, other than what has been viewed by our telescopic eyes, which are hundreds of light years away!

However, I will agree that finding a world with the potential to evolve into that special sphere like our Earth is exciting!  It further pushes the implication that our world is not alone in all that is capable of being a place for life to have evolved.  It suggests that we may soon be able to recognize with justification that life on Earth is not all that can be, regarding life throughout the universe.  It even slaps at the thought that we just may have someplace to send our descendants, if all else fails, and we finally do manage to f-up our beloved Blue Marble beyond repair!

The Kepler Mission scientists, along with researchers around the planet, are continuing to eye the skies for alien worlds.  Out of all that has been found, and all that will be found, I am sure that one of the main desires is to locate that one world that does not seem so alien, regarding the proposition of human exploration.  The identification of Kepler-22b further urges the thought that there are worlds out there, which are capable of being homes to life, along with the ones which indeed do host life!  We just have to keep looking to find them, or until they find us!









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