The Pennsylvania Perv?

December 7, 2011 at 5:05 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

I am still caught on the fact that this man is such a perv; he could not even say outright that he is not attracted to little boys!  That question was presented to him before the trial even started!  Well, it seems as if some level of justice has been presented with this case.

Jerry Sandusksy, a former athletic coach for Penn State University, found himself arrested, then arraigned, this morning.  He is facing more charges that he had illicit encounters with male youths.  One young man claimed that Sandusky approached him inappropriately during 1997, and another young man stated that he was touched improperly, by Sandusky, during 2004.

Jerry Sandusky is currently under forty charges of sexual abuse against children.  At least ten boys have come forward to state that they were approached improperly, sexually, by the Penn State coach, with one claiming to have been given an alcoholic beverage by Sandusky.  These incidences are supposed to have happened during a fifteen-year period.  Although Sandusky has stated publicly that he enjoys being around young boys, having played with them and showered with them, he does not admit, outright, to being sexually inappropriate with any of the boys (go figure…).

Now, these new charges are placing Sandusky in a position where he could receive a twenty-year prison sentence, and up to $25,000 levied against him. Additionally, three third-degree felonies were charged against him.  These are two counts of child welfare endangering, and one count of indecent assault.  Keep in mind that, during the legal questions placed toward Sandusky, he could not state that he is not sexually attracted to young boys!

Sandusky has stated that he has showered and wrestled with boys.  He says that he has supplied them with various gifts, and with financial offers. He has worked with many young men through The Second Mile, a program that he founded to help disadvanated young people whom reside in Pennsylvania.   He even has admitted to having travelled alone with young boys to locations that have not been revealed.  All the while, Sandusky is saying that he did not commit any actions, which were considered as sexual, with any young men.

Sandusky could receive up to twenty-seven years in prison, as a result of a conviction.  This entire affair has destroyed his image as a dependable coaching assistant to legendary Coach Joe Paterno.  Sandusky assisted the collegiate football icon for forty-six years. Now, with a totally tarnished image, facing life-crushing legal charges, and possibly facing lung cancer, Sandusky has a very steep climb ahead, if there is any capability of clearing himself!


   SEE THESE SITES!!!…sandusky-faces-12-charges-185755089.html…/2011-11-06/second-mile-key…/1…/2011/12/jerry-sandusky-faces-new-charges…/at…sandusky-tells-his-own-story.html



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