Extraterrestrials Studying Mercury?

December 8, 2011 at 7:26 AM (Uncategorized)

It is getting pretty bad!  We want to know that we are NOT alone in this universe, so badly, that we have people seeing spaceships around nearby planets!  I will admit that they have made some of the “evidence” appear so convincing that the first eager beaver ready to believe it will believe it!  However….

The STEREO observational probe has been sent by N.A.S.A. to capture close-up images of The Sun.  It was launched during October 2006, and it has been responsible for valuable recordings of how The Sun functions, and the relations of these activities with our Planet Earth.  Yet, while observing a powerful coronal mass ejection, STEREO got a close view of something rather interesting!

The outward images of the C.M.E. seemed to catch a glimpse of something unusual, which was seemingly close to Planet Mercury.  It was one week ago when STEREO was recording, and it filmed what looked like an unusually large and unnatural object near our solar system’s nearest world to The Sun.  As the flare spewed over Mercury, it looked as if it doused something that was positioned near to the planet.

The images show what looks like a huge mass that is parked next to Mercury.  They have U.F.O. enthusiasts excited and abuzz about what looks like an enormous spacecraft that is in orbit of the inner-most planet.  YouTube has been aflame with entries from extraterrestrial life enthusiasts about what has to be a mother ship that has arrived within our solar system!

As a clarification, there is NO evidence of anything unnatural that is anywhere near to Mercury, or to The Sun, unless WE put it there!  Yet, these images do stir excitement, as extended viewing of the object will make believers see something strange in the neighborhood between The Sun and World One!  Observers are being asked to look at the images, then to decide for themselves as to what they think that they are seeing.

Alright.  Now, why would an alien spaceship be in our solar system, studying our star?  There are so many other stars, why would this one be so special to receive attention from alien visitors?  Why would they not have stopped at Earth first, being the presumably most interesting object of this solar system?  Maybe they have been here already.  Now, they are collecting addendum details for a complete profile of this region of space!  Getting all of the information about this solar system’s star and planets would be necessary for anyone, anything planning to come for an extended stay!

Again, no one is legitimately saying that a spaceship has been spotted in orbit of The Sun.  Yet, U.F.O. enthusiasts are seeing the images, and they are speculating about what appears to be a very interesting sight!  Certainly, further explanations will be presented about what it is that is actually being seen.  Yet, for now, the images are posted, and viewers are to be the judges for themselves……










Calling the Mothership
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