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December 10, 2011 at 1:22 AM (animal activism, climate studies, curious research, current news, movie reviews, science and technology, Uncategorized)

This was a sequel that I wanted to see because I enjoyed the first film so much!  I am sure that several people found the animation to be entertaining, as the original story was fun and captivating.  Happy Feet Two did turn out to be worth the time at the theater!

The second story started with penguins singing and dancing along with several songs!  As the flightless birds got their grooves on, the music of Rhythm Nation and Shake Your Body started their party!  They continued their dancing, as hyper tunes like Mama Said Knock You Out, Sexy Back, and Ain’t Nobody were turned into penguin social performances!

Mumble (Elijah Wood) is now an adult penguin.  He has married his sweetheart, Gloria (Pink), and they have a son, Erik (Ava Acres).  Yet, as all of the penguins are getting into the groove of a dance, Erik pees on himself!  He finds himself sad and embarrassed!

Mumble tires to console Erik, and so does Ramon Lovelace (Robin Williams).  Lovelace offers some rediculous advice!  Other baby penguins try to help Erik, and Mumble gets upset with his fathering skills.  He and wife Gloria try finding Atticus (Lil P-Nut).

We see thousands of krill swimming, with Bill (Matt Damon) and Will (Brad Pitt) among them.  They wind up being swallowed by a whale, yet they manage to escape!  At that point, the two krill see Lovelace trying to escape, too!

Mumble goes to find Lovelace.  He is with three penguin chicks, and they are going to a party.  Lovelace is going to emcee the party, where penguins are jumping about and wiggling wildly!  While dancing, they see one penguin climb to a great height, from which he lept, and he appeared to fly!

Mumble talks with this penguin, who talks of his past.  The penguin congratulates Mumble for being prepared to become a father, and the penguin tells Mumble of his past.  This bird dealt with polar bears, melting ice, and attacking humans.  At one point, the penguin had been trapped in an oil spill, yet humans came to his rescue!

Lovelace begins singing, as Mumble approaches to find his chicks.  Here, we see that Lovelace has an attraction to Carmen (Sofia Vergara), but she is not interested in him!  Mumble finds his chick, Erik (Ava Acres), and he is not ready to go home.  Erik is focused on his want to fly!

When they get home, Mumble tells Erik about focusing on personal problems.  Mumble tells Erik that running away is not the answer.  Meanwhile, it is shown that their ice-covered territory is melting to a point that all of the penguins’ homes could be affected!

Mumble, Erik, and other penguins want to find a more suitable home.  They have a distant journey, and walruses are blocking them.  One chick tries barrelling through, and so does another, then so does Erik.  A walrus tries to chase them, yet it falls through the ice!  Some penguin chicks attempt to rescue it.

The chicks attempt encouraging the walrus to escape the ice, and Mumble tries helping, also.  Meanwhile, a seal is in the distance, and krill have sneaked upon it to bite it on the butt!  Mumble continues trying to help the trapped walrus, getting the attention of a nearby, sleeping seal.  The krill awaken the seal, as it harasses Mumble, then it proceeds after a female seal.  Mumble helps the seal’s pups to ice above water.

A sleeping seal is awakened by krill.  The seal chases Mumble, yet it stops upon seeing a seal.  Mumble then leads the seal to it’s pups, which are safe upon an ice plate. The seal is Bryan (Richard Carter), who becomes a friend to Mumble.  They proceed to an area where Atticus (Benjamin Flores, Jr.) is at, and so is Gloria.  The chicks are following Mumble!

Mumble and the chicks begin to fish in order to help penguins that are trapped with Atticus and Gloria.  The water is rising in the location where the penguins are at, and Mumble has to save them.  His son, Erik, wants to help, as his mother is trapped there, too!  Yet, Mumble does not want Erik in a location of danger, or for him to see his trapped mother.  He sings a song of encouragement to Erik, getting his son to believe in himself, despite not being able to fly!

The song is heard by Erik’s mother, and she starts to sing it, also.  The song provides a greater sense of hope, as all of Antarctica, then all of Earth, then all of The Milky Way are shown, fully illuminated!  They see a glowing jellyfish, then they see the krill couple, Will (Brad Pitt) and Bill (Matt Damon).

Mumble is looking for Erik, but birds sway him from his path.  The penguin Seymour (Common) is looking for his missing chick, also.  Both chicks are trying to escape attacking avians, as their fathers come to their protection.  Erik’s mother, Gloria (Pink) arrives to assist, and Erik escapes with other penguin chicks.  Gloria and the other adults chase away the bad birds!

The flock of Penguins, including Carmen, Lovelace, and Ramon have gathered in a singing group. The krill continue swimming, with one singing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Never Gonna Give You Up!  Suddenly, Will decides that he wants to break up with Bill, and he leaves.  Then, Will suddenly is snatched into the air by Sven, the flying penguin (Hank Azaria)!

Sven takes Will to Gloria, but Will escapes by slipping from her mouth.  Then, Gloria is surrounded and praised by the penguin chicks  for being different. At that time, Mambo is seen by a passing boat.  A man has a guitar, playing it, and singing We Are the Champions, as Lovelace dances along!

Will the krill was able to escape the penguin, yet he was caught by humans!  He managed to get away from the people, but he can not find his partner, Bill.  Meanwhile, as other penguins see humans building on their land, and they are forced to find a new home!

A storm approaches, and the penguins huddle to protect from the snow.  Lovelace tries to snuggle with Carmen, unsuccessfully!  The storm passes, the penguins emerge, and the humans have gone away.  Then, it is announced that the seas are frozen, and food is not available!

Some penguins try diving away to try finding a safer place.  Some even try to fly, and other penguins gather, leaping into motions of psuedo-flight.  One penguin does manage to fly, revealing himself to be another breed of bird altogether!

Mumble begins to dance.  He means to unite the penguins for a new attempt at reaching safety.  Their dancing creates an ice flow which slide, then it crumbles the mass of blocking ice.  Mumble sees that his son is trapped on a rope above them, so he and Will the krill go to save him.

Lovelace finds Carmen, and he jumps toward her.  They unite romantically, but a tremor suddenly occurs!  Some penguins are trapped, and Mumble tries to get them above the shaking ground.  He attempts melting some of the ice, in an effort to build a bridge to safer ground.  It does not work, yet other penguins unite in song to try the idea, again!

Will the krill is below the ice, and he sees Bill the krill.  They realize that they are trapped.  However, several other krill pass by the ice, as Will and Bill want to join them on a journey to their home!

Squabbling elephant seals are approached by Mumble.  Yet, the penguins want Mumble and the elephant seals to shake the ice in order to break it to free trapped penguins.  Mumble and his son are forced to leave the elephant seals because they will not stop arguing, yet Mumble’s son suddenly begins to sing, powerfully!  His song encourages the elephant seals to sing, and to help the trapped penguins.

Mumble and the other penguins unite with the elepahant seals to the tune of Under PressureThey manage to break the ice, as the elephant seal Rinaldo (Jeffrey Garcia) now has a new Caribbean resort pad.  Mumble thanks the elephant seals for their assistance!

Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, Carnage, and The Iron Lady all premiere next week!  The following week brings The Adventures of Tintin and Mission Impossible:  Ghost ProtocolThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and We Bought A Zoo premiere December 23.  A thriller with Ed Harris and Sam Worthington, Man On A Ledge, opens January 27, 2012.  Plus, a documentary-film about our closest animal relatives called Chimpanzee opens April  20, 2012!


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