Stay Tuned For Chelsea!

December 15, 2011 at 1:23 AM (current news, historic review, political atmosphere, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I will admit to being a fan/supporter of Chelsea Clinton.  I think that I may have been briefly smitten by her, during her time as First Daughter, when her dad was President.  I remain in allure of her, as I do feel that she is highly intelligent, and that she is capable of becoming a prominent figure within our nation’s culture.  It is my point of view that Chelsea Clinton DOES deserve to be placed into this new career opportunity!

It is my belief that Chelsea Clinton must be an extremely smart young lady.  She has to have some excess levels of academic knowledge, as well as some amounts of political savvy.  She is, after all, the daughter of President William J. Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Surely, that fact has allowed Chelsea to gain a greater detail of understanding toward the way the world runs, as well as a possibly, additionally higher accumulation of intelligence.

One current issue floating through The Internet is in regard to whether or not Chelsea Clinton deserves her current job.  Right now, Chelsea is about to be a special correspondent for The National Broadcasting Company.  Through NBC, Chelsea will assist with Rock Center With Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News.

Chelsea’s acquisition of this job is being questioned and chastised.  There has been commentary regarding her capacity to handle this job adequately.  Several whispers, and some shouts, are being heard, about whether or not Chelsea would have been hired to this position, had she not been a former President’s daughter!

Chelsea is being criticized because statements are being made about her qualifications.  She is being called out for having little experience within the field of journalism, then suddenly being thrust into a top-tier journalism job opportunity.  Her placement into this job is seen as somewhat offensive by those whom are noting that journalists are being laid off from their current jobs in excessive amounts, as Chelsea seems to be sliding blithely into a position that any qualified and job-needing reporter would be glad to gain!

I do not know Chelsea Clinton.  Yet, from what I have viewed, she seems to be a very intelligent and articulate young lady.  She seems to be very capable of handling this job with NBC, likely even adding a bit of exhilaration to the overall setting of this news corporation’s public scene!

Chelsea Clinton is being observed, while being compared to children of former Presidents.  Margaret Truman, daughter of President Harry S. Truman, was a radio show hostess to the NBC Radio broadcast, Weekday.  John F. Kennedy, Junior was a co-founder to George, a periodical political publication.  Eleanor Mondale, who passed away this year, and was the daughter of Vice President Walter Mondale, was involved with public radio and television programs.  Jenna Bush Hager, one of the sororal twins of President George W. Bush, was a special reporter with The Today Show.  Some whispers do proceed with comments about none of these individuals getting these seemingly high-post job offers, had they not been the children of Presidents and Vice-Presidents.

I will admit to coming at this topic from a biased angle.  I have been a fan of Chelsea Clinton’s since her introduction while she was The First Daughter during her father’s 1990’s terms.  She did gain an undergraduate degree from Stanford University.  She has two master’s degrees from Columbia University and Oxford, England’s University College.  Right now, Chelsea is working toward achieving her doctorate from New York University.  I would have to say that she is qualified, not only for this job, but likely for many other jobs that she may choose to pursue!

Her mother, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has said that she is “a little surprised” about Chelsea getting the NBC News job.  Yet, she did state that she is excited that Chelsea has chosen to take the job.  Chelsea will be working with the children of other currently prominent politicians at NBC, including Jenna Bush Hager and Meghan McCain!

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