Here, Rich Kitty!

December 18, 2011 at 1:14 AM (animal activism, current news, legal issues, pet play, social opinion, web gossip)

I absolutely adore my cats.  I know that other people care for felines for which they are extremely fond, as well.  As a pet guardian for many years, I do realize that people will go to some extensive measures in order to display their elevated levels of love for their animal companions.  Yet, every now and then, you will come across a story that tells of just how far, too far, some people can take that affection!

Thirteen million dollars!!!!  Marisa Assunta, a lady from Italy, who died during November at the age of ninety-four, adopted a stray cat.  Apparently, she had no immediate family, or at least she had no one for whom she cared enough to bequeath her belongings after her death.  However, she did have a four year-old cat, which she named Tommaso.  Now, this cat is without his guardian, yet he is $13,000,000 richer!

Yes, $13,000,000!  This money-packing meower has been left a total of thirteen million dollars by his former guardian.  Miss Marisa Assunta was an Italian heiress.  Her family was well-to-do within Italy, and she was the last one to have a hold of their fortune.

Miss Assunta initially planned to bequeath her wealth to an animal care organization.  Her plan was to leave a vast amount of money to a group that would promise dedication to the care of Tommaso.  However, the legal advisors for Assunta were unable to get hold of any organization that would care for the cat (I’m sure that they tried really hard….).  So, Assunta chose to state within her will that her $13,000,000 estate would be left to Tommaso!

Of course, there is a hitch to this story.  Italy does not allow for the financial acquisitions of people to be left to their pets after they die.  The attorneys whom tended to the affairs of Assunta’s estate made the final decision as to where the excessive wealth would be left.  They chose to have the money given to the nurse who provided aid to Assunta before she died.  Upon learning of this, the nurse simply said:  “I had no idea Signora had such wealth”!

So, now having an ample amount of money, I guess that this nurse will leave her job.  She can proceed into a pleasing, perhaps more productive lifestyle.  Surely, she will be able to find comfort somewhere within some of the luxurious regions of The Mediterraean.  Maybe this nurse will pursue a pampered period of living, taking Tommaso along with her.  Yet, she may go on her own, starting a new life altogether!

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