Eyes On Egypt As Unrest Unfurled!

December 22, 2011 at 12:22 AM (current news, historic review, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip) ()

Watching what is occurring within Egypt right now can be viewed from at least two angles.  There usually is a front and back side to every story.  This particular issue does hone upon a time-pressed issue that is happening within this area of the world, and has happened within the world on whole for ages.

Egypt is in the midst of revolution.  It was this past year when that nation’s dictatorial leader, Hosni Mubarak, was toppled from his position of rule.  Mubarak stepped as the Egyptian Presidency around February 12, 2011.  It was only one day earlier when he said that he gave a global speech, stating that he would not be forced from power!

Now, Egypt is under military control.  Tahrir Square remains a focal point, where civilian protestors and military guards clash constantly.  The nation’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is attempting to bring things to a calm setting, while stating that it wants to open talks with citizens about proposals to bring that nation into a steady setting.  The Council regrets that females have been involved within the brutality, yet they are claiming to be taking legal actions that will hold all whom incited instability accountable for their actions.

It was yesterday when The Million Women March happened within central Cairo.  Egyptian ladies took to the streets of their nation, making vocal and valorous efforts to voice disdain toward toward the ruling party, as well as to show intolerance for government assaults on citizens.  The Egyptian government and security have not appeared immediately open to peaceful reviews of their national scene, as military and police have retaliated with the force of bludgeoning sticks and tear gas!

The culmination of this current clash seemed to occur within a two-hour period, yesterday.  Nearly 2,000 Egyptians were within Tahrir Square, and they spread the protests to the adjoining streets.  Activists were fervent in their efforts to call out the Egyptian government and police forces for abuses against the public.  Several displays of public rage were incited by videos of police attacking citizens, with one officer stomping upon a woman’s head, and one officer shooting a little boy!

The United Nations has stepped in, making statements about what it is currently viewing within Egypt.  Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay gave a statement of condemnation Monday, as she referred to the attacks on the public as “vicious and brutal”.  She did mention that the violators would be punished, yet she did not say when, nor did she say how it would happen….

Forty demonstrators from Egypt’s Parliament held a sit-in this past Monday.  They meant to express anger, and to call for the immediate release of government control to the Egyptian public.  The protestors demanded that all officials involved in the murders of citizen protestors be brought forward for appropriate legal punishments.

The Revolution Continues Alliance has made public broadcasts about the violence happening within Egypt.  Their intent is to counter statements and actions by their nation’s military, which is claiming that things are under control, and that a new government has been installed, successfully.  Indeed, members of Egypt’s military and government, some of those people whom claim that things are progressing peacefully, are the ones who have been videorecorded as they gave money to children, getting them to hurl Molotov cocktails at buildings, and to chuck rocks at guards!




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