Christmas Does Not Always Bring Joy….

December 26, 2011 at 11:17 PM (current news, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

I was doing my usual browsing of the evening news sites, when I was caught immediately by this most awful report!  I am sure that not everyone had the most-pleasant Christmas, yet the day for this particular family was terrible and tragic.  It was painful to read about, as children, and an entire family were involved in the terror.

It was yesterday evening, Christmas evening, when a Grapevine, Texas family gathering was held.  They were The Yazdanpanahs, and they had a gathering of their extended family to celebrate the holiday.  Their plan was to have a family holiday celebration at their apartment home, yet things went terribly awry!

A man was wearing a Santa Claus costume when he pulled a gun, then opened fire on this Texas family!  The reports say that the children just had finished with opening their gifts, and the family was settling into the mood of the holiday.  This sadistic Santa was watching, then he shot seven people who were in that apartment!

The reports say that the shooter likely was related to the family.  The adults of that apartment had gone through a separation earlier this year.  Grapevine Police may speculate that this was a likely cause behind the murders.   When investigators arrived, a gun was found in the kitchen, and a gun was found in the living room.

Nothing was stated about the religious affiliations of this family.  It is not known, currently, as to whether or not they were affiliated with the religious celebration of Christmas, or if they were having a Holiday family gift gathering.  Yet, this particular individual likely was going through a separation from his spouse, and he was not ready to accept the terms of what was happening.  His mounting anger and spite lead him to commit the unthinkable on Christmas Day!

It is upsetting to hear about such an awful crime occurring on a day that is supposed to be filled with happiness.  Yet, when browsing The Internet, it is shown that murder is as commonplace with Christmas as are the boxes beneath the trees.  Issues that range from family disagreements, to situations with communities, to employment settings, to various manners of issues between people often lead to the most horrid of results at the most wonderful time of the year!

Texas Police


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