Iran Tries Heating Up Against The World’s Wishes!

December 30, 2011 at 12:42 AM (current news, environmental issues, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, science and technology, social opinion)

Tensions between Iran against The United States, and the Western world in general, have been borderline hostile/volatile for years.  It probably has been unstable for centuries, yet it likely can be traced to the 1950’s.  This is when Great Britain and Iran got into a disagreement over oil because of Iran’s attempts to nationalize it’s oil productions and exports.  Such an action likely would have lead to great limitations of oil access to an oil-addicted Western society.

Currently, Iran has been in the process of experimenting with nuclear materials, in likely efforts to begin the assembly of an atomic arsenal.  The International Atomic Energy Agency has become aware of this activity, and the organization has released reports on it’s findings.  Leaders from Canada, Great Britain, and The United States have reviewed these reports, with the nations showing immediate intolerance of an entance into nuclear experimentation by Iran.

Tehran officials responded to the statements made by Western leaders, with signs of disdain at the embargos.  The United Kingdom already has imposed sanctions on Iran for it’s alleged efforts to gather nuclear materials for the purposes of creating a nuclear arsenal.  This lead to an outburst from Iranian youths in The U.K., as they raided The British Embassy in Tehran last month.  Additionally, Russia and The United States have become aware of attempted shipments being made into Iran that contained radioactive materials.

Due to the highly likely efforts at an entrance into the field of nuclear armament, Canada, Great Britain, and The United States are strengthening financial limitations to Iran.  These latest impositions have lead to Iranian supporters raiding Great Britain’s embassy facilities within Tehran.  Great Britain reacted by severing it’s diplomatic relations with Iran.  Also, France immediately allied with it’s greatest European neighbor and ally by reducing it’s level of diplomatic representatives within Iran.

Furthermore, Russia took control of a package that contained radioactive metal that was headed for Iran.  A flight from Moscow was preparing to depart to Tehran, yet it was halted after alarms for radioactive materials were sounded.  The airport had radiation readings that gave level readings greater than twenty times above the allowed levels!  Russian agents did seize the package, possibly preventing some level of nuclear devastation at the hands of an Iran-related agent.

When looking at the issue, it could be viewed as a double-edged sword.  As some nations have access to and control of nuclear arsenal, it only seems inevitable that other advancing nations want to have the same levels of weaponry and alleged security.  However, as the greater number of terrorist factions and out of control dictatorial regimes are centered within this area of the world, it is practically logical for Iran to be watched, as well as controlled, regarding it’s access to and production of nuclear materials.

I do not see that Iran will be stopped from acquiring a nuclear weaponry supply.  If they want it, eventually they will get it.  It seems that the issues will be focused upon what Iran will do with it’s nuclear supply (they claim to want it for national energy use…).  Only one package bound for Iran happened to be stopped by Russian customs officials, yet how many were not caught, having proceeded into Tehran?

Threat: An Iranian politician claims the country's military is preparing to close off the Strait of Hormuz - the most important oil transport channel in the world

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Nuclear_explosion.gif - (14K)    animated atomic nucleus    Nuclear_explosion.gif - (14K)


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