Trains, Personal Pains, and the Possibly Insane?

January 4, 2012 at 9:37 PM (curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

What in THE HELL?!?!?  That was my initial response, after reading this online news entry.  Now, there are weird stories and postings across the web all of the time.  Every now and then, you just might get caught on one to find out what all of it is about.  This is one that snagged me, as I browsed.

The base of the story actually is tragic.  An eighteen year-old boy in Chicago, Illinois was walking home.  The young man was Hiroyuki Joho, and he was rushing to catch a train before he was left behind.  It apparently is an area full of train tracks, where several trains pass back and forth, continuously.  Hiroyuki possibly knew that, yet he was in a hurry.

Well, Hiroyuki paid the ultimate and most unfortunate price for rushing without paying attention.  While he was trying to catch one train that was about to leave, he did not see the other train that was coming forward, on an adjacent track.  An Amtrak passenger train was rolling by rapidly; it was on a track that Hiroyuki had to pass.  As he stepped onto that track, without looking, and apparently without hearing, Hiroyuki was slammed suddenly by the speeding train!

The reports say that his body was ripped into pieces!  Various parts of the teen’s body flew into different directions.  An unfortunate fifty-eight year-old lady was standing nearby, and she saw the entire incident!  This woman, Gayane Zokhrabov, said that Hiroyuki was ripped apart, as parts of his body flew into various directions!  There was such force involved in the impact that some of the body parts hit Miss Zokhrabov.  It was the torso region of Hiroyuki that hit her, and the force of the impact caused one of her wrists and one of her legs to be fractured!

Yet, that is not the creepiest part of the story!  After the horrific incident, Miss Zokhrabov was not concerned about giving condolences to the Joho family for the loss of their boy.  However, she was concerned about receiving financial rewards for having endured such a seemingly traumatic experience.  Zokhrabov filed a lawsuit for negligence against the Joho family, likely in effort to gain the necessary funds to cover her medical bills.

Now, it is understandable that she feels the needs to have her financial obligations handled by those responsible for causing them in such abrupt, horrific, and unnecessary manners.  However, it does seem somewhat unreasonable that she would be suing the Joho family for these funds.  Does she truly believe that they have that money, or does she even care?  Is it not a factor to Miss Zokhrabov that this family is suffering at the loss of their young son, while attempting to come up with the necessary funds to have him put to rest, properly?

Why did she not try to sue Amtrak?  I understand that the train company was not at fault here.  Yet, if it is money that Zokhrabov is after, why not go to where you know some can be found?  A less-than-rich Chicago area family likely is trying to come up with all of the money needed to handle their son’s final resting.  Certainly, they were unprepared for that pain and expense.  Certainly, they do NOT have extra money on-hand to fling out to pay Zokhrabov, after having dealt with  Hiroyuki’s tragic death.  Why is she not trying to sue Amtrak for not having greater manners of protection for passing pedestrians?  Just asking……

This was merely one of Amtrak’s recent lawsuits against passing pedestrians, or vice versa.  During June, the train company won a lawsuit against  John Davis Trucking Company.  One of it’s trucks was passing across tracks on June 24, 2011, when it was hit by an oncoming train.  The incident occurred in Churchill County Nevada, where the truck driver and five other people were killed.  Other people at the accident did suffer injuries, and Amtrak has sued this trucking company for negligence.

During September of 2010, an Amtrak train barely missed striking a truck that was at a crossing on I-95.  One of the train company’s operators said that near misses along train-auto passing areas of Florida are frequent, as he himself has four to five bare escapes each year!  It was mentioned that Florida legislators are toying with the idea of reducing traffic speed limits for train crossings along the frequently-operated Florida highway.

Apparently, the train company feels that people should be more aware of their surroundings when passing through train track areas.  Also, the company believes that some of it’s drivers should go through additional training for dealing with railroad crossing.  Granted, that is likely the truth, yet it also seems that Amtrak feels that all people should have the agility to rapidly avoid oncoming trains that are passing, to have the visual acuteness to see the train before it arrives anywhere near to them, and to have the sense enough to stay off of train tracks where trains are passing regularly.  Would Amtrak be right?

PHOTO: Train-Truck Collision Outside Reno, Nev., Kills At Least 2

SEE THESE SITES!!!…vehicle…crossings-collisions

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