Trying to See Past These Tragic Attacks!

January 9, 2012 at 6:59 PM (animal activism, current news, environmental issues, human life issues, social opinion)

It can not be stressed enough that these animals need to be left alone!  They all are NOT our pets.  They are NOT our toys.  They are NOT here for our amusement and entertainment.  They SHARE this planet WITH us.

Yes, WE are the dominant species of Earth.  We have made that fact VERY CLEAR to everything else that lives on the planet (except possibly for some of these friggin’ knuckle-headed arachnids and insects…).  It is, however, at the point that we need to come to that understanding with the realization that we can NOT live on Earth without everything else that is living here, also.

I was reading one online story about a leopard that attacked a few Indian zoo workers.  Guwahati, India is where The Assam State Zoo is located.  It is the location within India where the only natural forest remains.  The zoo hosts a wide variety of animal species, along with a spectacular botanical garden.  Some of the featured animals include endangered leopards, rhinoceroses, tapirs, and tigers.

This past Saturday, one of the zoo’s leopards got free from it’s zoological enclosure, and it prowled into a nearby residential area.  The cat managed to attack a man named Debo Kumar Das, who was a lawyer.  Das was working on the structure of his home when the leopard was able to roam into his neighborhood, then onto his property!

The cat did attack three different men, all of whom were not in the same place.  It reached the home of Das, as it apparently was not afraid of humans, and possibly scorned by previous encounters with humanity.  The leopard attempted to maul Das, as it clawed his head, likely biting and scratching other areas of this man.  The attack upon Das did become tragic, as the leopard did kill him!

Another man attacked by this leopard was Mr. Pitnu Dey.  He did survive, as he was attempting to protect the leopard from area police officers who had come to kill the cat.  Dey used his full body to shield the leopard from the police, yet his good intentions were not comprehended by the angry feline.  This leopard did attack Dey, deeply scratching him, and rendering him a bloody mess!

A crowd of area residents had come to gawk at the situation.  This made things worse, as the increased presence of people likely scared, then angered the leopard.  At that point, the cat was fully frightened and in attack mode.  Local zoological officials arrived, and they were able to tranquilize the leopard.  Then, the officials had it taken to The Assam State Zoo.

Yes, it is very tragic that the cat did attack three people, killing one of them.  There likely is no adequate level of condolence that can be offered to that man’s family for their loss.  However, it must be reiterated that we are NOT alone on this Earth, and that the other species have just as much of a right to be here as we do.  When it comes to viewing the other mammalian animals, I feel that it is our obligation to do all that we can to protect them, and to ensure that they will have a place upon Earth for future generations to admire.



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