Savoring For The Scarlet Spider!

January 12, 2012 at 12:49 AM (comic book characters, curious research, current news, late night studies, tv reviews, web gossip)

I have come to respect spiders more than I find myself irritated or disgusted by them.  I recognize that our paths need not cross regularly, as I would much rather them to find residences in locations that do not include me, or any of my belongings.  Yet, understanding that they are yet another of the multitudes of fascinating creatures inhabiting our planet, I find myself bound to do what is necessary to protect them (though often from a distance…), and to spread useful knowledge about them.

My admiration for the arachnid life forms likely enhanced my fervor for the Spider Man comic series.  The Marvel Comics franchise currently has several versions of this popular superhero character being published.  I am seeing one website which states that there are 1,131 separate titles for Spider Man comics!  I always enjoy it when the Spider Man stories intertwine with the other Marvel characters, like The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and The X-Men!  Now, I am getting wind of this latest addition to the superhero’s story line!

The Scarlet Spider is being released as the latest addition to the Spider Man series.  Apparently, this character is a clone of Spider Man, and his name is Kaine.  He was placed on some deserted island, then he found his way to México.  Not long after that stay in the North American nation, Kane made it to the streets of Houston, Texas.

Kaine has all of Spider Man’s powers, yet he is not bound by the ideals of heroism and responsibility to which Spider Man abides.  He is being described as somewhat good, while often self-centered and violent!  Kaine was in México because he was evading the law.  Something went down in that North American nation (read the comics…), so Kaine made it up to The United States.

His adventure into The United States took him to Houston, Texas.  Apparently, he had a prior episode of self-illumination, where Kaine no longer wants to follow with a villainous lifestyle.  It is in Houston where he means to abandon the mentally binding and negatively encouraging traps of his past, becoming the latest addition to the Marvel Comics’ superheroes.

 The Texas metropolis is where Kaine meets the daughter of a criminally-minded businessman.  This man leads the company Roxxon, and he has a daughter for whom Kaine romantically falls.  The story line of this most recent Spider Man tale continues around how Kaine is able to become The Scarlet Spider, while attempting to evade his dark past, handling the present-day criminals with his web-slinging style of justice, and trying to raise a sixteen year-old girl whom he saved from a life-threatening accident.

This is merely what I have gotten from the story through some of my initial readings of the introductory plots.  I will need to peruse more websites, and to get hold of some of the actual comics, in order to have a better grasp on this latest series.  I do enjoy Spider Man, and I believe that The Scarlet Spider is going to be just as entertaining as the rest of the Spider Man and Marvel Comics adventures!

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