A Joyful Movie Journey!

January 13, 2012 at 10:50 PM (current news, human life issues, movie reviews, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

This was a totally delightful film!  Very joyful!  I will say that I had been anticipating this trip to the theater, as the previews for Joyful Noise had me very excited about seeing the movie.  After having watched it, I will admit to being pleased!

It opens with a church choir participating in a regional singing contest that is called The Joyful Noise Concert.  Vi Rose Hill (Queen Latifah) and Georgia (G.G.) Sparrow (Dolly Parton) are the lead singers.  It is being organized by the choir director, Georgia’s husband Bernard Sparrow (Kris Kristofferson).  Yet, shortly after this event, tragedy strikes, as Bernard dies.

G.G. Sparrow intends to pick up as the choir director, yet the position is given to Vi Rose Hill.  Vi’s daughter, Olivia (Keke Palmer),  is presented, as her mother is very protective of her!  Olivia gets the position of the church choir’s lead singer.  This excites Olivia, as she wants to put all of her energy into her singing.  However, Vi would rather that Olivia present herself more calmly.

G.G.’s grandson Randy (Jeremy Jordan) is introduced, and he shows that he has affection for Olivia.  Her brother Walter (Dexter Darden) appears, also.  It is made apparent that Walter suffers from the effects of Asperger’s Syndrome.  Vi lovingly works with her son, helping him to learn the church’s music, and to play the piano.  While working with the music, Walter practices a slightly out of place tune, called I’m In Love With A Stripper!  Yet, the song excites Walter, encouraging him to join the church’s choir!

Randy has joined the church choir, partially because he wants to be closer to Olivia.  Both of them have good singing voices, allowing them to take lead parts during some of the songs.  Their interaction at the church encourages further time together, as both of them go to a night club one evening.  This makes Olivia nervous, as she fears breaking the church’s rules.

Further is revealed about Walter, as it is shown that he is partially blind.  He is given help with piano lessons by Randy, who is a good piano player.  Through the piano practices, we hear that both young men sing very well!  One of their practices leads them into singing and playing the tunes for the T-Pain song, “I’m In Love With A Stripper”!  This excites Walter, and it encourages him to join the church choir.

It is during the practice with the church choir that Olivia and Randy show that they sing well together.  Their bond leads to their mingling outside of the church.  Olivia and Randy go together to a night club, yet Olivia is nervous about breaking church rules.

Randy continues to bond with The Hills, giving piano lessons to Walter.  He and Walter have one afternoon at a nearby lake, and their trip is interrupted by an unruly boy.  A fight breaks out, and Walter busts the boy’s lip!  He and Randy are excited because they won the fight, so they run to tell Vi.  Yet, Vi is not pleased by this news, and she throws Randy out of their house!

Time has passed, and the church choir is shown, as they prepare for the upcoming Joyful Noise Regional Contest.  They have heavy competition, as they have to challenge a talented choir that is lead by Pastor Baylor Sykes (Kirk Franklin).  The choir does enter the contest, they compete, but they do not win.  Furthermore, they are told by their pastor that they can not compete next year!  G.G. and Vi agree to fight the decision to have the choir blocked from competing.  However, the pastor stands with his word to keep the choir from singing in next year’s contest.

Olivia and Randy do not show up for some time.  G.G. and Vi decide to go the public to get assistance.  Yet, Olivia was taken by Randy to see her father, who was returning from military service.  They met her father at a restaurant, where he spoke with Olivia, and he gave her words of  encouragement.  This enthused Olivia about showing more love to her mother, Vi, despite some times of seeming despair.

At home, Vi and son Walter have bonding time.  Walter is angry because he is blind, and he is mad at God.  However, Vi consoles her son, and she gets a further understanding that he wants his father to come home from Army service.  Vi reiterates to Walter that he was not a mistake because of his being blind, and that God makes no mistakes!  Vi’s husband does return from the military.

Georgia and Vi begin to prepare the choir for the upcoming Joyful Noise Concert finals.  Vi is pushed to use the music that was written by Randy.  However, Vi is not happy with that suggestion, as she walks out in protest!  Vi winds up leaving the scene for some time.

Vi does get a job as a waitress.  She encounters G.G., to whom she admits that she has lost the feelings of friendship toward.  However, the women get into an argument, then into a fight!  The restaurant patrons are watching, and Vi winds up being fired!  She stops speaking to G.G., and she says that she is not going back to the church.

G.G. and her husband Bernard talk about the situation that evening, as G.G. cools down over the sounds of music.  She recalls times with her former husband, the late Pastor Bernard Sparrow, as she sings From Here to The Moon and Back!  Her time progresses into that evening, where she bonds with Bernard.

Vi gives Olivia a lecture in order to get her daughter back with the church choir.  The choir has opted for an updated performance to give at the upcoming contest.  They are revitalized, yet their director, Pastor Dale (Courtney B. Vance), is not pleased with the contemporary presentation.  Also, he does not want Randy in the choir, nor does he want her around Olivia!

Pastor Dale pulls the choir out of the impending competition.  Yet, they regroup to find another contest.  In the midst of this, Olivia is trying to be with Randy.  She gets sassy with her mother, Vi, which turns out to be a mistake.  To her later despair, Vi gives her daughter an impulsive backhand for her sassy comments!  Mother and daughter do come to their senses, and they talk to work things out.

G.G. finds herself inspired after speaking with her grandson, Randy.  She returns with Randy to the church to have him ordained a minister, which will allow him to lead the church choir for the finals competition.  Afterward, they speed to Hollywood to catch up with the choir, which is there already, preparing to compete at The Joyful Noise Concert!

Vi and Olivia have a bonding before the contest begins, as all of them are nervous about competition from a rival church’s choir.  Vi gives the choir a motivational lecture, as they are afraid of competing against a choir of children.  As the concert begins, Vi stops the music to pump up the audience.  All of her choir members come out of their robes to give a more melodic performance that the audience loves!

Olivia, Vi, and the choir all rejoiced after their show.  Vi ducks behind the church to be with Randy, who gives her a congratulatory embrace (…they kiss after the show).  The choir did win first place in the contest, as they took the trophy home to show their church!  While the congregation had gathered for a wedding, Vi’s husband, Olivia’s Dad, returned to the church, home from military service!

The end of the month includes Carol Channing:  Larger Than Life, The Grey, Man On A Ledge, Red Tails, and Underworld Awakening.  Movies to see afterward are The Amazing Spider-Man, Big Miracle, ChimpanzeeChronicle, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, Ghost Rider:  Spirit of Vengeance, Good Deeds, John Carter, Madagascar 3:  Europe’s Most Wanted, Men in Black 3, Rampart, Safe House, and The Woman In Black! 

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