How A Laudable Girl Escapes A Child Lecher!

January 23, 2012 at 7:44 PM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

You go, baby girl!!!  News about a precious nine-year-old child escaping danger has made it to the general public.  This is yet another account of our youths having to deal with the dastardly intentions of demented and older males.  It is good to know that this story does have a happy ending!

Out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, a phone call was made from a Circle K corner store phone.  This nine-year-old girl asked the store clerk to use the phone, and she was able to call 911.  This child revealed that she had been kidnapped, and that she was held captive for nearly fifteen hours!

The little girl got to this corner store by escaping a vehicle where she had been trapped by twenty-nine year-old Jose Garcia.  She escaped Garcia, after they had been given a ride because his car broke down while he was transporting his abducted passenger.   A good Samaritan gave Garcia and the girl a ride to a nearby Circle K to get assistance.  When they arrived at the corner store, the girl was able to escape, and to call 911.  The kidnapper saw that the girl had gotten to a phone, and he sped off!

The Circle K store clerk, and momentary shoppers, saw that the girl had two black eyes.  Also, she was bruised  throughout her face.  While in the store, the kidnapper  returned, trying to get the girl back into his car, but she vocally refused.  “I ain’t going nowhere”, the child yelled, “I’m waiting for my momma”!  Upon hearing this, and likely due to people watching, the abductor and possible pervert escaped!

Jose Garcia has been identified as a prior offender, and he was listed as a possible sexual assaulter of his former step-daughter.  The step-daughter attended the same elementary school as the girl whom Garcia kidnapped at the Circle K.  Apparently, Garcia had been prepared to become a practicing predator at this school!

Garcia had a record with Pueblo County, Colorado law officials.  This was from the reports of sexual assault on his former step-daughter.  It is twisted and ironic that Garcia had been listed as an emergency contact for this nine-year-old step-daughter at her school.  This is how Garcia was able to pull off the ruse of picking up the girl from school, claiming to be taking her to a dental appointment.

The United States Department of Justice states that an average of 2,185 children are kidnapped throughout the nation every day.  Of these abductions, 203,900 result from kidnappings by family members, and 58,200 occur with children being snatched by strangers.  Further reports from The F.B.I. state that over 2,000 reports of missing children are made, daily.

Pervert-Kidnapper Jose Garcia



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