Standing After A Rousing State of The Union!

January 25, 2012 at 12:22 AM (current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Watching The 2012 State of The Union Address was uplifting.  It did serve as a reminder of why President Barack Obama was elected on the promise of bringing change to our nation.  The President did give an inspiring speech that was focused on what needs to be done to assist with the improvement of The United States at economic, educational, and environmental levels.  The theme of the evening did seem to be rebuilding The United States!

President Obama began with welcoming home our armed forces from Iraq who have arrived at Andrews Air Force Base.  He reminded listeners of the successes with our military, as no U.S. soldiers are still fighting in Iraq, Al Qaeda and The Taliban are broken, and Osama Bin Laden is dead.  All of this demands that gratitude be given to The United States’ Armed Forces.

The President continued with focusing on The United States becoming a global leader in economy, education, and manufacturing.  He pushed the need to keep alive the promise of success through hard work, and to restore the national economy through fair actions.  This included monitoring the capacity for powerful and wealthy banks to profit off of people with lesser financial resources.

The topic of the national deficit looms, as The President has promised to have it cut by two trillion dollars.  He pledged not to return to the policies that lead to our current economic decline.  As well, he mentioned that rich and powerful banks have profited off of people with lesser financial capacities, and that his administration is working to change this practice.

President Obama pledged to have United States manufacturing restored.  He stated that General Motors again is the world’s number one auto maker.  He said that Chrysler is growing, while Ford is investing billions, and is providing jobs to a rebounding auto industry.

The issue of U.S. companies paying their fair shares of taxes was discussed.  Overseas workers are to be included in the collection of fair tax payments, as U.S. manufacturers and high-tech workers should receive greater tax cuts.  Products made within our nation will receive new legislation to have them shipped overseas at fair rates.  As President Obama stressed that businesses that create and send jobs abroad will not be rewarded, he stated that a Trade Enforcement Unit is to be created, with focuses on disadvantaged trade practices with China.

The focus on jobs within our nation remains a focal point, with The President pressing the topic of getting young United States citizens properly educated.  He mentioned that community colleges need assistance with creating programs that can help students to learn practical job skills.  This lead into a mentioning of turning our nation’s unemployment system into a re-employment system that will put U.S. citizens into real jobs!

Education remained a focal point, noting that states’ standards for teaching and learning are improving.  President Obama did announce that more will be done to assist teachers, and to reward teachers for jobs well-done.  He stated that more will occur to end the practice of teaching to the test, so that U.S. students will gain more needed knowledge than simply what is required to pass standardized tests.  The commonplace practice of teaching to the test is to be eliminated, a more is to done to assist with actual learning within U.S. public schools.  This will include having each state enhance it’s educational practices, while requiring all students to remain enrolled within public schools until graduation, or reaching the age of eighteen.

President Obama’s address was lengthy, continuing past his planned time parameters.  However, he was able to deliver prudent statements regarding pertinent topics that are defining our current national scene.  It should not be dismissed that The President did discuss the need for the regulation of affairs within Wall Street.  The national business affairs hub has been acknowledged for allowing several corporations to proceed within it’s functions while they continuously enforce unfair business practices.  The President has stated that over 500 reforms have been made to save U.S. – Wall Street operating businesses, while he means to work toward enacting regulations meant to control the methods in which some of them maintain policies throughout the nation’s economic hub.

President Barack Obama did give a lengthy and motivational speech to our nation, that was meant to motivate a population currently depressed by a faltered economic and employment scene.  Additionally, The President and all of Congress gave a rousing ovation and congratulations to Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who is making a remarkable recovery after the horrific assault in which she found herself while at her Tuscon, Arizona offices.  The overall essence of The President’s Address was to be a platform of encouragement for a nation in need of a slight nudging to the chin, and a call for unified action for all of those whom recognize themselves as our planet’s self-proclaimed greatest nation!


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