The Fellas Start This Week’s Wooing!

February 29, 2012 at 12:25 AM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I have not been keeping up with American Idol to the level that I have been doing during prior seasons.  However, I did watch tonight’s show, and I will be watching the rest of the week.  I do believe that there are some good singers this season!  I did note what I watched with a few of the guys!

Tonight, it was the fellas’ time to get the stage set!  As with each year, there are some good singers, and there are some not so good singers.  I felt that it was an evening that identified which of the male contestants need to be taken to the next level, along with the two or three that need to be cut.

There were some standouts, including Phillip Phillips.  I was surprisingly impressed by his presentation of Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight.  That is a hot evening song, and it is one of my favorite songs.  I felt that Phillips did it justice tonight!

However, I did NOT like  wild card contestant Jermaine Jones’ presentation of Dance With My Father!  That is a delightful ballad to me, as sung by a superior singer, Luther Vandross.  I could not appreciate Jones’ voice.  He sounded off-key, to me, and I did not think that he was delivering the song to the level of beauty that I feel it presents.  We will see what the overall vote says.

As well, Reasons, by Earth, Wind, and Fire, is another of my all-time favorite songs.  It is from that point where I was expecting more when Deandre Brackensick sang it, this evening.  I really can not say that I appreciated his falsetto.  It was almost Brackensickening!  Yet, it will be decided by a majority vote, so we will see what everyone else thought of his vocal presentation!

Creighton Fraker was terrific with his delivery of True Colors, by Cyndi Lauper.  Yet another good song, and Creighton did it justice!  I only wish that he stretched the ending of the song a bit, but I know that they only have so much time on the stage.

Joshua Ledet gave us Idol alumna Jennifer Hudson‘s You Pulled Me Through.  It is a nice song, and Ledet’s singing of it was nice, as well.  The judges seemed to agree, yet it will be the votes that count.

 Watch Joshua here:

The ladies sing tomorrow night!  Then, all of the votes will be counted, and it will be Thursday evening when the finalists are revealed, and those without enough votes are sent on their ways!  As well for Thursday, the audience will get scenes from an American Idol viewing party, hosted by Idol alumnus Taylor Hicks, from his Oregon restaurant!

American Idol Season 11 Top 12 Male Semi-Finalists



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Bullets and Backpacks DO NOT MIX!

February 28, 2012 at 7:51 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

What is it that leads our youths to find themselves in the positions where they feel that violent and horrific actions are the answers to their issues?  This is not the first account of a shooting attack at a school, and it is sad to say that it likely will not be the last.  Right now, thoughts and well-wishes are being extended to the families within Chardon, Ohio.

It is in this suburban town of Cleveland, Ohio where yet another school shooting has occurred.  During Monday morning, the teenager named T.J. Lane entered the Chardon High School campus with at .22-caliber gun, and a knife.  He had apparent intentions of committing a violent crime, which was followed upon, as T.J. attacked teenage learners within the school’s cafeteria.  The reports say that T.J. fired ten bullets, all of which were aimed at a cafeteria table full of students!

The seventeen year-old Lane attended Lake Academy, a nearby educational facility that is geared toward assisting students designated as at-risk.  A current informational release is that Lane had an ex-girlfriend who attended Chardon High School, and that he may have been upset at her having a new romance.

Lane got to the high school at around 7:30 this morning, walking into the cafeteria.  He sat at a table, and he had a backpack with him.  After a few moments of idling, Lane pulled the gun from the backpack, and he approached a table where his ex-girlfriend and a group of students were sitting.  At that point, Lane shot at least ten bullets at the group of students.  The reports say that the shots were seemingly random, as five students were hit, and Lane was not aiming directly at his ex-girlfriend.

Three students were killed, including Demetrius Hewlin, Russell King, and Daniel Parmertor.  Each of these students died at the hosptals to which they were rushed after the attack.  The additional two students currently are at Hillcrest Hospital, where one is in serious condition, and the other is in stable condition.

Is there enough occurring within schools and communities to address the life issues that teenagers face?  Do we forget that they are people too, with their own problems, thoughts, and expressions, all of which are not handled regularly for various reasons.   It does seem that there are several occasions where the psychologies and psycho-social settings of youths are not addressed adequately, leading to these random, yet appallingly frequent events, that bring forth the disturbing events of gunshots being fired within schools.

T.J. Lane being arrested.


Big Smiley Crying animated emoticon

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So, You Wanna Play?

February 28, 2012 at 8:47 AM (current news, environmental issues, historic review, human life issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Oh, bring it on!  I am sure that we are quite capable of leaving a radioactive hole in the ground that is appoximately the size of your nation.  South Korea might appreciate being situated as an island nation!

I have this funny-little noise that I make, each time after I hear news commentary regarding him.  I like to sit and make the lound sound “Uuun!  Uuun!”.  That is accompanied by the face of my having a constipation episode!

Anyhow; apologies.  Kim Jong-Un, the dictator inherited of North Korea, is crunk and ready to roll!   As South Korea and The United States went into their combined activities for annual military practices, North Korea has responded with an overall sentiment of a lack of fear.  That nation is positioning it’s military forces, preparing them for attack actions, as they are gearing up for a nuclear-level battle!

Last week, leaders from our nation and North Korea participated in talks that were meant to clarify the status of the political setting between us, along with discussion of bringing an end to their nuclear preparations, and requests from North Korea for help with food from The United States.  As they have resumed nuclear battle preparations, of course we are not about to offer assistance and negotiations with North Korea.  Beggars can’t be choosers….

It was thought that North Korea was going to halt it’s activities with upgrading it’s uranium supply, so that it could receive help with feeding it’s people from The United States.  This was an apparent part of the deal reached between both nations that was made at the time of the death of Kim Jong-Il.  However, it seems that Un is like “to Hell with all of that”, as North Korea is prepping it’s military forces in a self-needed reinforcement of military strength in the setting of what they see as a possible threat to their sovereignty.

Kim Jong-Un recently made trips to the military sites within the southwest area of North Korea.  There, he reviewed the status of the nation’s arsenal and warefare preparations, while checking the status of one base that sent missiles into territory of South Korea during 2010.  That attack killed four South Koreans, as North Korea claimed to be responding to military actions made by it’s southern relatives.

While Kim Jong-Un currently is preparing North Korea’s troops, he has made orders for them to be prepared to make attacks in response to any enemy actions.  News reports state that he has instructed North Korean forces to strike at any outside forces that intrude even 0.001 millimeters into the waters where it’s sovereignty is exercised.  North Korea plans to continue with military preparations at least until March 9!

Kim Jong-un, the youngest son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, watches a parade.

Kim Jong-Un

SEE THESE SITES!!!…week_at_war_prepping_korean_war

North Korean Map, East Asia

  Nuclear_explosion.gif - (14K)Medium animated flag of Korea, North

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A Good Day to See Good Deeds!

February 24, 2012 at 10:04 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

All of the films that have been written, produced, and presented by Tyler Perry have been extremely enjoyable!  This latest release is no different.  I had been catching all of the television clips and online trailers, eagerly anticipating the movie.  Upon arriving at the theater, then sitting through the presentation, I found myself to be as pleased with this latest release as I have been with all of the prior films.

Good Deeds opens with the introduction of Wesley Deeds III (Tyler Perry).  He has been groomed throughout his life to be a successful businessman, while being prepped to marry Natalie (Gabrielle Union).  She is happily prepared for commitment to Wesley, seeming to know him up and down, back and forth.

Wesley finds himself having to deal with his brother, Walter (Brian White).  He has been positioned to assist Wesley with the family corporation, yet he presents trouble.  Wesley has piles of financial and character issues, which have allowed him to be side-stepped for family responsibility.  The family matriarch, Wilimena Deeds (Phylicia Rashad), assists both brothers, yet she deals with disappointment over Wesley, while exuding pride over Walter.

Lindsey (Thandie Newton) is introduced, as a woman working for this corporation, and struggling with her finances.  Lindsey is late with her rent, and she struggles to raise her daughter, Ariel (Jordenn Thompson).  It is an afternoon, while rushing, when Lindsey gets into a parking lot confrontation with Walter and Wesley, as Walter calls her a bitch for taking Wesley’s parking spot!

At this point, it is revealed that Lindsey is in a financial bind.  She confronts Walter and Wesley, as her car is being towed.  Lindsey has parked in an inappropriate location at the office.  This adds further distress to Lindsey, as she is rushing to get Ariel to school on time.  Lindsey does get Ariel to school, and she is confronted for arriving late with her daughter.

Mrs. Deeds is zealously excited about her son’s upcoming wedding.  It is one afternoon where she has met Wesley at a cafe for an afternoon lunch, as Walter arrives, late.  Mrs. Deeds displays happiness toward Wesley for his upcoming marriage, but she berates Walter, continuously.  She states that she is worried that Wesley could lose the family business, as she feels Walter can not carry the burden.  Walter gets angry, as he leaves to go for a smoke.

Lindsey finds herself sneaking Ariel into her job to watch over her instead of paying for daycare.  She hides Ariel within a janitorial closet until she can get to the child later during the day.  At this same time, a meeting is supposed to be taking place, for which Walter is late.  Wesley is there already, preparing to begin, as Walter arrives, yet he  is ready to leave merely moments later!

Another day arrives, with Wesley putting in extra work hours, and Lindsey struggling to get to work on time.  Wesley sees that Lindsey has arrived late this day, and he confronts her.  Lindsey gives a rude reply, not realizing that she is talking to her boss.

Later that afternoon, in the parking lot, she had her daughter with her, to whom she had spoken harshly, earlier.  Wesley stops, attempting to talk with Lindsey, trying to help her and her daughter into his car. Lindsey does not want to admit that she is homeless, so she states that she and Ariel are in the process of moving.  He does end up taking both of them out for pizza.

At the restaurant, Lindsey and daughter Ariel eat pizza, while talking with Wesley.  They get into discussion about riding motorcycles, which both of them like to do.  The conversation veers toward conversation about the company, and Wesley asks Lindsey about why she is a janitor.   Lindsey proceeds to reveal that she had to drop out of nursing school after having her daughter,  and after her father died.

Wesley arrives back at the office to see Heidi (Rebecca Romijn) and co-worker Mark (Jamie Kennedy) are drunk!  Natalie is there as well, excited to see Wesley, and ready to make love with him!  However, Wesley is sober, and he is not horny.  Natalie gets upset because of a seeming rejection by Wesley!

Later, Wesley has a meeting with clients at the office.  He speaks with Walter about buying shares within the family’s computer company.  Discussion becomes unsatisfactory to Walter, as he gets rude with other clients whom are present.  His behavior makes others in the room leave, and ultimately ends the meeting!

Lindsey and her daughter manage to get a spot at a shelter for the evening.  It is the next day, when Ariel is at school, where she reveals that she does not eat all of the time, and that she does not have a regular home.  A teacher contacts child welfare services.

Wesley is at his office until that night.  He finds out that Lindsey is there also, along with Ariel.  They speak, then they get into an argument about their life differences.  Yet, Lindsey does take Ariel, and they go to a shelter for the evening.

When Wesley gets home, Natalie is awake.  He confronts Natalie about being drunk the night before.  Then, Natalie pulls a blonde stand of hair out of their bed, giving Wesley a what is this look!  Wesley has no idea where it came from, and the notion ultimately passes.

At the homeless shelter, Lindsey finds herself attacked!  She has something stolen from her.  Meanwhile, Walter is at home, speaking with Natalie.  They have discussion about her perception of him, and Natalie states that she finds Walter to be predictable!

It is the next day, when Wesley is at work, and he has sealed a business deal.  Walter was no help, having displayed rude behavior in front of clients.  The brothers have an argument, and Walter is semi-enthusiastic about trying to make amends.

Walter has set up a child care center within the business.  It is for employees with children, as Walter is attempting to cater to Lindsey.  She does use the center for Ariel, and she meets with Wesley that evening at the office.  At that point, Lindsey is more forward with Walter about her situation.  She proceeds to give him a shoulder massage, and she turns on music.  How Do You Want It  is playing, and Walter never has heard the song!

Walter learns that Ariel is about to be taken from Lindsey by childcare services.  He offers to assist Lindsey, letting her know that she and her daughter can live within one of his corporate apartments.  At first, Lindsey refuses the offer, yet she does accept after a talk by Walter, and for the benefit of Ariel.

Excited by his time with Lindsey, Walter gets home in a state of passion with his fiancee, Natalie.  They make passionate love, which leads Natalie to confront Walter in the morning.  She is shocked to hear him grooving to the Tupac jam, apparently energized by the previous night’s activity!

At the office, Lindsey leads Wesley to leave, and to test drive a motorcycle.  They have lunch near The Golden Gate Bridge that afternoon.  Now a happy pair, both travel the area, walking and talking, then kissing one another.  Yet, Wesley suddenly reveals that he is engaged, much to Lindsey’s distress!

They are at Wesley’s apartment when Lindsey continues showing that she is upset by this admission.  Suddenly, Wesley’s fiancée, Natalie, show up.  As well, his mother, Wilimena, is at the apartment.  She confronts Lindsey, as Wesley and Walter get into an argument about their jobs.  Then, Wilimena notices that Wesley is not wearing his wedding ring, causing Walter to erupt into raucous laughter!

Wesley leaves, going to Lindsey’s apartment.  He attempts to kiss Lindsey, but she resists as she calls him out on his recent actions.  Both of them admit to being at rough points in their lives, then Wesley leaves.  Upon arriving at home, Wesley is confronted by Natalie!

Their talk is surprisingly calm.  Natalie reveals that she does not want to have children, if she is to marry.  Natalie reveals that she no longer wants to marry Wesley, but he does let her keep the engagement ring.

An engagement party that was arranged by Wilimena does happen that night.  There, Wesley announces that the wedding has been called off.  Wilimena is unhappy, but Wesley continues, announcing that he will be travelling.  Also, he declares that a worker named Humphrey will be running the company, not his brother, Walter.

That evening, Wesley goes to get Lindsey from her job as a cleaner.  He tells Lindsey that he has called off his wedding., and that he is travelling to Africa.  Wesley lets Lindsey know that he has two extra tickets, if she and her daughter want to go with him.  Lindsey denies the offer.

The next day, Wesley arrives at San Francisco International Airport.  Mother Wilimena meets him there to see him off, and to apologize for their disagreement.  When he is aboard the airplane, Wesley is greeted by Lindsey, who has brought daughter Ariel.  The three prepare for their flight to California!

Poster of Tyler Perry's Good Deeds


March will have a series of exciting films to open the spring season!  Being Flynn, featuring Robert De Niro and Julienne Moore, will premiere March 2.  That same day will have The Lorax, featuring the voices of Danny Devito, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, and Betty White.  Other March films include A Thousand Words, Dark Tide, Friends With Kids, John Carter, Playback, Wrath of The Titans, 21 Jump Street, and 4:44 Last Day On Earth!

cinema marquee

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New World Found With Water!

February 22, 2012 at 8:05 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology, web gossip)

I am sure that is BIGGER, thank you very much!  I do appreciate the information and updates, but I will pass on the insults.  It is smaller than your anus; how dare you!

I do not have a fat ass.  Oh, they said that it is smaller than Uranus!  My bad!  All silliness aside, I do have a continued interest in learning about all that is being discovered within the vastness of the as yet to be fully recognized universe.  It seems as if new information is being presented daily, and this latest bit is very intriguing!

The telescopic eyes of astronomers recently have been peering toward the constellation Ophiuchus (watch your mouth…).  This is some forty light years from our world, where the red dwarf star GJ 1214 resides.  This star is smaller and cooler than The Sun, and it is not as luminous.  GJ 1214 is attracting attention because of a planet that orbits it, which has earned an entirely new designation!

This world has been labeled as GJ 1214b.  It was discovered during 2009 by The MEarth Project, lead by David Charbonneau of The Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics.  It is assumed to be the inner-most planet to the red dwarf.  Apparently, there is an adequate distance between the star and the planet for water to exist.

GJ 1214b has been classified as a Super-Earth.  It is estimated to be 2.7 times the diameter of Earth, and roughly seven times as heavy (yes, they used a scale….).  It’s orbital period has been identified as once every thirty-eight hours, and is roughly 1.24 million miles from the host star.  GJ 1214 is estimated to be a scalding 446,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

The excitement surrounding GJ 1214b is due to it being largely composed of water!  This is unlike any previously discovered exoplanet.  As far as we know, where there is water, there is life.  Additionally, this planet is surrounded by a thick atmosphere which could protect it from any lethal solar releases, and could allow life to flourish!

Scientists at The Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics worked with The Hubble Telescope Wide Field Camera 3.  This allowed a viewing of GJ 1214b as it is in transit of GJ 1214.  The changes in light that appeared during the viewings allowed for observations of the planet having likely mixtures of gases within it’s atmosphere.  It is being shown that this atmosphere is a thick composition of water vapor.

Scientists studying GJ 1214b believe that the world formed at a greater distance from it’s host star than where it exists, currently.  The theory is that the planet was situated in a position that allowed water to exist, then it shifted toward it’s current setting.  During this movement, GJ 1214b orbited within it’s solar system’s habitable zone, where the situation for water to exist, and to become stable upon the planet, could occur.

Of course, all of this presses the issues of finding life beyond Earth.  As far as we know, water does indicate the presence of life.  If a world has been stable long enough for liquid water to exist, it seems plausible to suggest that something could be living there.  Of course, it does not have to be walking and talking, as it simply could be plant life, or even mere forms of microbes.  Yet, that would prove instantly that Earth is not alone as the bearer of living things in all that is everything!

Astronomers Discover 'Waterworld' Planet


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Bracing For the Future….. Cost!

February 20, 2012 at 10:42 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, legal issues, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

We are trying to get past the insanity of the actual thought of this topic.  Surely, we are having students put through our collegiate institutions for the purposes of producing practical and intellectual minds which will lead to greater levels of stability for our society.  That was one of the underlying bases, or so I thought.  Yet, every so often, you roll around to learn about stories like this one.

Students whom are enrolled currently within a collegiate economics class have been given an unusual assignment.  Their task at hand has been to devise all of the parameters needed to construct an excessive object that was thought only to remain within the realm of fantasy.  As expected, all of what would be needed would grossly extend the barriers of ration and reason, leading many to ask the ultimate question of why.  Yet, as many things have happened, this indeed could happen, while we bear in mind that it is merely a humorous suggestion, for the moment.

The crime scene is Lehigh University, situated at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  This suburban Philadelphia educational center is where economics students used their skills with crunching numbers and calculating prices to come up with the extreme cost for an obsence object.  They figured that the total amount would equal to roughly $852,000,0000,000,000,000.  Yes, that is eight-hundred fifty-two quadrillion dollars.

This number is the estimated price for the metallics needed to build this object.  No one said anything about the interior of it, including lighting, furniture, appliances, and the whole gamut.  Surely, it has been recognized that none of this would be applied for free.

Okay, well what in The Hell is this thing, you may ask?  It seems that  economics students at Lehigh University have calculated the costs for constructing a Death Star.  Yes, the fantastic and fatal feature from the Star Wars film series has been brought from cinematic allure to classroom attraction!  Anakin Skywalker a.k.a. Darth Vader was not needed!

These students have online postings through their blog  This particular posting ponders the idea of an actual Death Star, and the true nature of what it would cost to produce such a feature.  They figured that it would have a diameter of roughly eighty-seven miles.  There would be 1,000,000,000,000,000 tons of steel required to build it, siphoned from the iron core of our Earth.  Also, they estimated that the task would require a time length of 833,315 years just to get started on the project!

Why bother?  Well, there is the ever-increasing threat of alien invasion.  That could be translated into an underlying paranoia of being approached by anything unknown.  Whatever the thought, the truth of the matter is that it is an insane thought which was presented within a classroom setting for youths to ponder.  Here, it might seem as if this presentation has been placed upon students in a possible mismanagement of funding from hard-working parents, educational grants, and/or generous benefactors.

Not meaning to totally knock the idea; all levels of education are important.  Surely, the base of this blog message was that there are several other ways that money should be spent within a currently suppressed national economy.  There are ways to spend money that include attempting to stop the fighting among simple Earthlings before we consider attempting to battle anything from realms unknown.  This particular economics class, with it’s hidden theme of using money to benefit all of society, is presenting creative ideas for using global funding to unite a world dealing with so much internal strife.  Yes…..

Death Star

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/20/lehigh-students…much-death-star-costs…/finally-a-cost-estimate…real-death-star…own-death-star-for-8100000000000000-21020218…alien-invasion-scenario

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Ghost Rider & Journey 2: The Night’s Films, Both Movies New!

February 18, 2012 at 2:25 AM (current news, human life issues, late night studies, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

The Friday cinema fanfare continues, as a typical double-dose took place this evening.  The films were enjoyable, as I had been anticipating both of them, and the casts were on-task with their deliveries.  It was a pleasant cinematic presentation.

We started with Ghost Rider:  Spirit of Vengeance!  The film opened in Eastern Europe with Moreau (Idris Elba) has to be taken to a monestary by The Ghost Rider.  Moreau has to keep a box safe, but soldiers invade the scene.  Moreau attempts to escape by car, as gunshots follow him!

Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) is introduced, shown as being possessed by a demon, and seeking the souls of the wicked.  Moreau (Idris Elba) works for Blaze, as he introduces a plan to Blaze that is to save a young boy.  Also, Moreau means to lift the curse from Blaze.

Blaze attempts to keep the demonic Ghost Rider from possessing him.  His efforts are futile as nightfall arrives, as The Ghost Rider is all powerful to Blaze.  It is one evening, as a young boy is hiding in a car, when he sees a gang about to attack a young female, and Ghost Rider appears, riding aflame, and on his motorcycle!

The gang tries to attack Ghost Rider, but the spirit sets off an explosion, causing them to run.  The scene changes, as Johnny Blaze awakens in a hospital, seemingly delirious.  As a nurse leaves his room, Blaze sneaks out, and he escapes the building.

Thieves are seen making phone calls to verify payments to be received for kidnapping a young boy.  One of the thugs talks about seeing The Ghost Rider, then another thug speaks to this boy, Danny.  The boy screams, then he falls unconscious.

Something was put inside of Danny.  He was taken to a hospital, where Johnny Blaze is outside.  Danny’s mother sees Blaze, she believes him to be a demon, but she feels that she must trust him for the sake of her son.  Danny winds up being kidnapped from the hospital, and his mother needs Blaze to help her find him because she reveals Blaze to be the boy’s father!

Danny is able to escape his kidnappers, yet he is injured.  Roarke (Ciaran Hinds) sees this, and he stops to speak with Danny.  Yet, Roarke is scared away by the appearance of Ghost Rider, who takes Danny with him.

Ghost Rider transforms back into Johnny Blaze, and he warns Danny that Ghost Rider will be coming after his mother.  Both of them must go to a gang party, where a gangster named Vasil (Cristian Iacob) has information that they need.  Upon obtaining the details, Blaze turns into Ghost Rider to chase after other gangsters!

Thugs have captured Danny, but his mother sneaks into the party.  She gets her son, but they are caught by gangsters.  The mother has a gun, and she shoots one of the thugs!  They escape, and some of the thieves proceed to an outside location, where Ghost Rider appears.

Danny and his mother are taken to Roarke, who is revealed to be The Devil!  He intends to possess Danny, preventing the young boy from bringing hope and salvation to humanity.  Satan has taken Danny to an isolated location within Eastern Europe.  There, a private religious faction is aware of a malevolent presence, and they have intended to spread word of an approaching apocolypse!

Johnny Blaze learns of what has happened with Danny, as he knows that the boy is the hope for  humanity to prevent a worldwide domination of evil.  Blaze delivers details to Danny’s mother, Nadya (Violante Placido), then he travels to Romania to find the boy.  It is there where Blaze has to battle Satan in human form to save Danny, and indeed the rest of the world, from evil domination!

Poster of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Our second pic was Journey 2:  The Mysterious Island.  Youthful Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) lives with his mother, and he is depressed due to the recent disappearance of his grandfather, Alexander (Michael Caine).  He is unable to adapt to the fact that his mom has a new romance, found in the man that she recently married, Hank (Dewayne Johnson).  Sean is deep into studying information and signals from remote areas of the world, and he is excited by the reception of a code that seems to emanate from a lost island.

Sean is set on going to this island to find out if his grandfather is there.  He discussses this information with Hank, and he tells Hank that he will be travelling to the island.  Hank decides to act in protection of Sean, getting a helicopter so that both of them can go to this lost location.  They rent a helicopter that is piloted by Gabato (Luis Guzmán), who travels with his daughter, Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens).

 All of them fly to this South Pacific island to find the code, and whether or not Alexander is there.  Upon landing, they quickly learn that the island is unstable, heavily succumbing to tectonic activity.  Yet, the island is home to exotic plant and animal life that is found nowhere else, some of which is beautiful, and some of which is as deadly as the sinking island itself.  Sean, Hank, Gabato, and Kailani all have to work together, quickly, to locate Alexander before the island recedes into the ocean, or before any unusual animals have them for a snack!


The Vow, featuring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, is in theaters!  This Means War, starring Tom Hardy, Chris Pine, Abagail Spencer, and Reese Witherspoon, premiered this week, also!  The rest of February includes Gone, Good Deeds, and Lockout!  Feature films to anticipate are 21 Jump Street, ChimpanzeeThe Cold Light of DayDark Tide, The Hunger GamesJohn Carter, The Lorax, Mirror MirrorThe Pirates!  Band of Misfits, Project X, and Safe House!

Taking A Journey While Checking Out Adele!!!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

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Death With A Side of Fries?!?!

February 17, 2012 at 12:56 AM (curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

Now, this is just stupidity at the highest levels!  First of all, the place is called The Heart Attack Grill.  Then, it is allowed to function, seemingly without any manners of police monitoring, continuous protests, or attempts at being shut down by the medical community.  You get what you get…….?

Heart Attack Grill is a hamburger restaurant that is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was opened during 2005 by owner Jon Basso, who publicly stated that he intended to have a menu of “natural pornography”.  Basso was a marketing student who decided to open a restaurant after he prepared his collegiate thesis which was about fitness gyms.  Somehow, this lead Basso to begin this eatery that is geared toward presenting the most unhealthy menu possible!

Basso has said that he means to serve food which is “so bad for you, it’s shocking”!  This indeed was the case, when one customer recently entered The Heart Attack Grill, and he ordered the restaurant’s infamous Triple Bypass Burger.  Apparently unconcerned for his health on any level, a forty-something-year-old man ordered one of these burgers for lunch this past Saturday.

The reports say that the man began sweating as he ate the six-thousand calorie burger.  This was followed by him shaking, and his being unable to talk.  One of the waitresses, who was dressed in the restaurant’s possibly bigoted, chauvinistic uniforms of a barely-dressed nurse, saw the man as he was entering his state of distress.  The waitress notified the store manager, “Doctor Jon” Basso, about what was happening.

The “nurse” told Dr. Jon that a problem was occurring within the restaurant.  It was seen that the man was having a medical breakdown, so medical assistance was called.  He was complaining of chest pains, and he was sweating, heavily!  An ambulance arrived, and medics had this man wheeled out on a stretcher, then taken to an area hospital!

This man is going to be alright, as he is recovering within a Las Vegas area hospital.  Meanwhile, The Heart Attack Grill plans to continue with it’s raucous regimen of serving ridiculous meals, and people certainly plan on continuing to patronize the place.  The restaurant even has the posted slogan, “A Taste Worth Dying For”!  Apparently, this is not taken seriously, as it presents a menu that is beyond ludicrous, and idiots (what else would you call them…) continue to order meals there!  There even is a sign at the front door that states:  “Caution:  This Establishment is Bad For Your Health”!

Granted, the majority of fast food restaurants throughout the nation serve menus that are bad for the health of the general individual.  Yet, when you have one that openly presents itself as lethal, and it has a continuous flow of patrons, I do not see where the issues of doing what can be done to improve levels of health among the general U.S. citizens actually are taken seriously.  This restaurant serves fries that are cooked in lard, butterfat milkshakes, along with it’s infamous 6,000 calorie Triple Bypass Burger!  Patrons arrive and eat daily!

A meal at the restaurant can easily exceed 8,000 calories

SEE THESE SITES!!!…heart-attack-while-eating-triple-bypass-burger

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50 Cent Brings Help to Africa

February 14, 2012 at 11:00 PM (childcare and child protection, climate studies, current news, environmental issues, human life issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It is always a good thing to see those with more doing things to help those with less.  Contemporary hip-hop artist Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson currently is doing his part to assist those in need, while making efforts to shine a spotlight on their situation.   His recent actions have taken him to Africa.

The nation of Kenya is where 50 Cent has gone to bring attention to the situations of poverty and starvation.  This country currently is suffering through an extended drought, which has caused devastation to crops, and has severly limited the levels of food needed for the population.  Starvation is leading to deaths, as the situation to have food brought to the people has prompted international response.

50 Cent’s tour of Kenya took him into a slum region of the nation.  Within the national capital city of Nairobi, he took time visit with youths of an area designated as Kibera.  Here, the majority of the children have been orphaned, and they are starving.  50 Cent mentioned that despite their desperate situation, most of the children show signs of optimism.  This has encouraged the hip-hop artist to be more active in assisting Kenya during it’s time of need, as he is acting to bring one billion meals to the nation’s hungry people.  Also, 50 Cent is donating one meal from each individual sale of the energy drink called Street King.

Additionally, The United Nations currently is making efforts to raise needed money for food to be shipped into Kenya. The global organization is working through it’s World Food Programme, appealing for $230 million to be used for food and supplies that will be used to help the Kenyan people.  These funds are meant to last for a six-month period, feeding roughly four million Kenyans. Yet, this money has not been approved yet, as funds are being monitored and distributed more precisely amid the current worldwide economic crisis situation.

Ralia Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya, has stated that the nation will reach a situation of catastrophe, if rains do not arrive by October.  He has warned that the continued droughts, accompanied by losses of food and financial sustenance, will lead to violence.  Also, Burke Oberle, Kenyan Director with The United Nations World Food Programme, has stated that roughly 19 million Kenyans are in need of food and assistance, as this number is expected to rise because of the late projections of arriving rainfall.

50 Cent has pledged to assist Kenya, and he is visiting eastern neighbor-nation Somalia, also.  This nation currently is in a state of national starvation. This has been amplified by an Islamist insurgent faction which is blocking the shipments of supplies to starving Somali citizens. 50 Cent visited Dolo Odo displacement camp in Somalia, where he stated that he does plan to assist in this country where fighting is prevalent, as an insurgent Islamic faction is blocking outside aide to a starving population.

The United Nations has formally declared the famine situation within Somalia has ended.  This has done little for a continuously starving people, thousands of whom have died already.  Projections show that over two million Somalis need emergency shipments of food and supplies for their survival.  The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations has had it’s Director General, Jose Graziano de Silva, to visit Somalia.  He has observed the continuing state of social disaster within a nation that has been plagued by drought, along with continously fighting factions, none of which has sufficiently assisted a nation in need of survival plans and supplies.


SEE THESE SITES!!!…news/…victims-kenya-somalia-pledges

Wiggle to A Lil’ Fitty….


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Whitney Houston: August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

February 11, 2012 at 10:17 PM (current news, human life issues, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

This indeed is heartbreaking.  I was dawdling around on a usually boring Saturday night.  I actually had just finished with tending to the cats, and I was flipping channels to see what I wanted to watch.  I always go by CNN to check on the latest news stories, and I was back-handed by this report!

I know that all of my generation, along with those of older ages, have grown highly familiar with the sound of Whitney Houston.  I believe that I was an elementary school kid when her smash-hit The Greatest Love Of All was topping charts, with all of the nation, and possibly all of the world, singing along with her.  Her music was entertaining and inspiring; it was a sound that could not be denied.

They said that this year would bring drama.  What a stunning and depressing way to enter a Saturday evening by learning that Whitney Houston has died!  At 3:55 p.m. PST, people from The Beverly Hilton Hotel contacted Beverly Hills Police to report that a body had been found in a fourth floor room, and it was that of legendary singer Whitney Houston.

It is highly depressing, along with wind-snatching, to hear the news of the loss of Whitney Houston.  I have grown up with the sound her music, hearing her incomparable voice, seeing her film works, and being enamored by her beauty. Whitney Houston has been a performer without equal, as there likely never will be another like her.

I had a childhood friend who had an eerie resemblence to Whitney Houston as a little girl!  I reflect on that, recalling how long it has been that I have enjoyed and cherished her sound.  It was around the time of the release of her first album, with songs like Saving All My Love For You taking center stage, that I became a forever-fan of hers.  My parents and I had her music, as we all would listen to her sound, and we found such delight in her melodic presentations.

It is especially dismaying because The Grammy Awards are tomorrow night!  Whitney Houston, an owner of six Grammys herself, has been a major part of that program.  I have to believe that an extremely low aura will encompass the atmosphere of the ceremony, as many of the musicians and celebrities will be drained by the suddenness of this tragic event.  Also, her family surely is at a loss of action, stunned by pain and a despair of what to do next.  I am hearing news that Clive Davis likely will give a presentation, and that Jennifer Hudson might be doing a musical tribute to Whitney Houston at tomorrow night’s show.

Well, certainly there will be more news reports, reflections, and other information revealed about this tragic situation throughout the days to come.  Whitney Houston; the loss of a legend.  Born August 9, 1963, she was 48 years old.  The world will always love you!


SEE THESE SITES!!!–abc-news.html,0,700407.story

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