As One Woman’s Story Shows A Greater Need

February 1, 2012 at 1:26 AM (current news, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

These particular stories waver along the height of sickness!  I was reading the day’s news, when I came across these reports out of Afghanistan.  I understand that this area of the world has been through a great deal of strife recently (and practically forever….).  Perhaps that is why such strange things are occurring and being reported recently, from over there.

Well, that is not exactly a fair thing to say.  There usually is some strange shit happening at any given time, at any given location of the planet.  It is that these stories are striking because they made the world news, and their nature was so appalling!  Due to all of the recent drama that has been taking place in The Middle East, reading about other stunning stories, albeit localized, remained stunning!

The city of Kunduz, Afghanistan was where law authorities are in search of 29 year-old Sher Mohammed.  He is being sought because he is believed to have choked his wife to death.  The story is that Mohammed was angry with his wife, Storay, for bearing a female child instead of a son!  The couple has three female children already, and Storay demanded that the next child be a daughter!

Mohammed’s mother, Wali Hazrata, allegedly aided and abetted her son in this criminal action.  Kunduz Province authorities arrested her, then they incarcerated her to be interviewed. As Hazrata was questioned, she told the authorities that Storay committed suicide!  Hazrata said that Storay had feelings of guilt for not being able to bear a male child for Mohammed, thus she killed herself!

This is one unfortunate example of what officials are saying is a commonplace action of abuse against women by men living within this area of the world.  Granted, male on female abuse is an unfortunate, and likely common thing around the planet.  Yet, this story stands out because of all that is being done in attempts to bring this region into an alleged state of modernization.

Another young female was Sahar Gul.  She was fifteen years old, and it was July 2011 when she was placed into a marriage with a thirty year-old man.  It is reported that the adults around Sahar were attempting to force her into a life of alcoholism and prostitution, while forcing her to marry this man.  Sahar was physically tormented because she would not be a prostitute.

Sahar wound up being rescued by authorities within Baghlan Province of Afghanistan.  Her uncle contacted police, and they saved her from the basement of the home of her set fiance.  There, Sahar was beaten, starved, burned with irons, and tortured by having her fingernails forcibly removed!  The law officials did arrest her mother-in-law, and her sister-in-law.  They remain in search of the husband, as Sahar has been hospitalized, and her family is fervent in their desire to have this man incarcerated!

Afghanistan remains a location that is in desperate need of rights equalization between the sexes.  Merely escaping a social setting that was dominated by The Taliban, the balance of respectful treatment between men and women still is something that is far from what is standard within the so-called civilized world.  Afghanistan remains a male-dominated nation, where the men run all and say all, as the women must submissively comply within a culture that has reigned for centuries.

Actions are occurring to assist Afghanistan with coming into a state of coherence with current times.  The United Nations has been working with Afghanistan to pass laws which were supposed to assist with improving female rights, and to protect women against male-inflicted abuse.  This level of security was denied aggressively to women while The Taliban controlled this nation.  Now, Afghanistan has created The Afghan Human Rights Commission, which has gathered over 2,299 reports of abuse against women.  Yet, this commission remains impotent due to the Afghan female fear of reporting abuse, and a continuous, general state of indifference by a male-dominated society.

Face of Afghan women's rights: Sahar Gul when she was rescued on December 28

Sahar Gul


locator map of Afghanistan

Animated Afghanistan flag gif - White BG





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