A Special Selection For Sci-Fi Fans!

February 4, 2012 at 12:27 AM (curious research, current news, human life issues, late night studies, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

It was only earlier this week when I caught the first trailers for Chronicle.  I was excited immediately because it is a science-fiction tale.  Then, I saw that the story dealt with people having various special capabilities, powers, and extrasensory perception, so I had no choice but to see what it was all about!

Arriving at the theater, I entered the movie, which started with the introduction of Andrew (Dane DeHaan).  He is a video journalist who is in the process of filming everything!  Andrew finds himself being accosted by neighborhood bullies, as they take his camera, damaging it.  He gets a ride home, and the bullies continue harassing him.

It is at home where Andrew continues to face abuse.  He is punched in the head by his father for not opening the bedroom door fast enough!  Andrew gets away later that night, going to a party, and still filming everything.  He meets a girl who is video recording also, for her blog.

Another bully approaches Andrew, and he is punched again!  Andrew escapes to the yard, crying, where he is met by Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan), and Matt Garetty (Alex Russell).  The three go into a wooded area, where Andrew records something.  They approach a large hole in the ground, and they hear a strange sound emanating from it.  Then, Steve enters the hole!

Matt follows behind Steve, and Andrew goes to get Matt out of the hole.  As they all leave, they begin joking, and the walk upon a spot that is illuminated by a bright, bluish-white light.  Steve reaches out to touch an object at the light, and he begins to bleed from his face.  He turns to Matt, throwing a baseball into Matt’s face, and Matt attacks Steve!  Andrew breaks it up, as he is able to freeze the baseball in a single location of space-time.

Excited by their unexplained and apparently limitless powers, the three friends begin to test their powers of self-levitation.  They encounter a female, as they are in this wooded area, and they all reach a hole in the ground.  The guys trap the girl in this hole, who ends up being sought after by police.  The friends deny seeing the girl, and officers ask them to leave.

It is at Steve’s home where he is levitating a camera, and he is recording Andrew.  Also, Steve is filming his ailing mother, as well as Matt.  While bonding, the friends start to explore their abilities of telekinesis.  Their increasing abilities lead the friends to lust for more power, as Chris discovers that he has become practically invincible!

The friends proceed to use their abilities in public, going into a store to pull pranks.  They move items on shelves, scaring one young man, and they mentally move a BMW in the parking lot.  However, not settled with simple pranks, the three ride home on what has become a rainy afternoon.

They are driving slowly, and a car behind them is honking the horn.  It tries to drive around them, and Andrew uses telekinetic force to run the car off of the road!  It is forced into a lake.  The friends do stop to rescue the driver, and to call for help.

At the recognition that they have seemingly limitless powers, the three friends agree to abide by three basic rules.  They promise not to hurt people, they promise not to use their powers in public, and they promise not to use their powers in moments of anger.  Matt encourages them to think more before using their powers.  Then, he and Andrew have to go after Steve, who now can fly!

They catch up with Steve, who encourages Andrew and Matt to begin flying, too.  They all elevate into the clouds, where they toss a football back and forth.  Suddenly, Steve is knocked out by a passing jetliner!  Andrew saves him, as they all are alright, and now very excited!

During that evening, the three friends reflect on the day’s events.  The next day, they decide to go to Tibet.  Matt stops by a girl’s house before they leave, who was his girlfriend, to make amends with her.  Andrew and Steve are atop a building, where Steve encourages Andrew to be more responsible with his abilities.

At their school, Matt is video taping the day.  As he is speaking with a girl, Steve is on the school’s stage, and he introduces Andrew.  Andrew performs a floating cards trick, and they amaze their schoolmates.  They are invited to a party that night, where they do other magic tricks, secretly using their powers.

Andrew goes upstairs, accompanied by a girl.  Matt still is filming downstairs, and he talks with Casey (Ashley Hinshaw), who is filming, too.  Matt comes to  like Casey, so they leave the party together.  Andrew is upstairs, in a room with this girl, as they are making out.  Steve enters, and he is about to film it.  Yet, the girl hurriedly runs out of the room after Andrew ejaculates all over her!

Andrew returns home, where he is lectured by his father for being disrespectful and selfish.  Andrew’s dad punches him, but Andrew rebels, using his powers to harm his father.  This event is caught on tape.

Andrew leaves his home, going to fly at night with Steve.  They enter a thunderstorm, and Steve attempts lecturing Andrew about the fight with his father.  Enraged by being scolded, Andrew uses his powers to strike Steve with lightning.  Steve is killed!

At Steve’s funeral, Matt questions Andrew about what happened.  Matt is upset with and suspicious of Andrew, but Andrew flies away.  Andrew flies back to Steve’s grave, later that day, to apologize.

Andrew begins to study natural selection as a way to understand and to justify his powers.  He is getting stronger, and he gets into an argument with Matt.  This leads to a fight, as Andrew separates from Matt.

Andrew proceeds to rob neighborhood thugs, using his powers to kill them, and to take their money.  He is dressed as a fireman, and he goes to rob a gas station.  He was starting to make gas tanks explode, then he was approached by a man with a shotgun.  Andrew winds up catching fire as one of the nearest gas tanks explodes when he deflects a bullet!

It is in the hospital where Andrew’s father arrives, crying.  Andrew is not conscious, and his father tells him that his mother died the night before.  His father is angry because he feels that the mother’s death is Andrew’s fault.  The father then yells and strikes Andrew.  Then, Andrew awakens to kill his father, and to blow up the hospital!

While the hospital is aflame, Matt’s nose begins to bleed.  He rushes to the hospital with their female friend, Casey.  Matt sees Andrew flying away from the hospital, and Andrew drops a body.  Matt is able to catch the dropped person, but Andrew has flown off, on his way to destroy Seattle!

After Matt gets advice from Casey, he flies off to catch Andrew.  Yet, Andrew actually has not gone far, as he is at the hospital, and he grabs hold of Casey.  Matt rescues her, he flies after Andrew, and news reporters are on the scene.  Andrew has claimed superiority, as he declares himself to be an apex predator!  He slams a bus into Andrew, then he flies toward Seattle.

Casey has collapsed, and Matt is there to help her.  Police arrive with guns drawn, and they shoot Matt in the midst of the confusion.  Andrew is angered by this, tossing the police like toys!  He causes more devastation, and Andrew uses his powers of telekinesis to slam them backward.  Then, he screams, and surrounding buildings collapse.

Matt manages to pull a pole out of the sidewalk, then he spears it through Andrew.  He flies away, and takes time to ponder while in the clouds.  Matt is angry and confused, but he videotapes an apology to Andrew.  Then, he decides that he wants to improve himself, as he wants to find a meaning to all of what he and his friends have experienced.

Poster of Chronicle

Twilight:  Breaking Dawn Part 2 is out, and I want to see that film.  I am now somewhat of a closet fan of this film series, as I have seen most of the other episodes, and I enjoyed them!  I may see that movie within the coming weeks, before it gets to DVD.  As well, I am interested in watching The Grey and The Woman In Black!

Journey 2:  The Mysterious Island looks as if it will be fun!  It features Michael Caine,  Luis Guzman, Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Hutcherson, and Rock-Daddy Dwayne Johnson!  It is a science-fiction/adventure which opens next week.

Of course, several great films are on the way!  Look forward to The Dark Knight Rises, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, In Darkness, Ghost Rider:  Spirit of Vengeance, Gone, Rampart, Safe House, This Means War, The Vow, Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, and Wanderlust!  Movies, movies!!!


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