When Lewd Class Lessons Are Slammed On Students!

February 10, 2012 at 12:33 AM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

An entirely horrific and unacceptable event occurred within Los Angeles, which demanded immediate attention.  Public officials have been reviewing the situation, and they have been making what are possibly questionable adjustments.  This circumstance inevitably will have reverberating consequences, and surely the way that it has been handled will continue to receive various manners of review.

Miramonte Elementary School of The Los Angeles Unified School District underwent a drastic change in it’s school year arrangements, due to the current investigations of sexual misconduct that may have occurred within the facility.  Two teaching faculty members, Martin Springer and Mark Berndt, received felony charges of sexual misconduct with students.  Between the two teachers, twenty-six counts of lewd actions with students were indicted.

Third-grade teacher Mark Brendt, aged 61, has been accused of taking photographs that displayed the bondage of over twenty-four students within his classroom.  Details include Brendt showing the children blindfolded, with cockroaches at their faces, and spoons filled with semen placed toward their mouths!  The other teacher, Martin Springer, aged 49, has been charged with committing sexually explicit actions with a female student under the age of 14.  A new classification for the old pervert?

Berndt has been incarcerated, facing twenty-three of the criminal counts by himself.  He is remaining in jail because he and his affiliates do not have the $23 million bail.  He had been taken out of Miramonte Elementary School during January 2011.

An investigation had been occurring on Brendt, as he was supposed to have been involved with indecent actions against child students within the time spans from 2005 to 2010.  During this time, Brendt supposedly blindfolded young students, then he fed cookies that were laced with his semen to them.  Also, he is alleged to have taken photographs of students whom he blindfolded while he placed cockroaches to their faces!

Martin Springer faces three of the charges levied against both teachers.  He was incarcerated with a $300,000 bail levied upon him.  If he is set free, Springer will be legally required to wear a security monitoring device at one of his ankles!

Miramonte Elementary School endured some major adjustments as a result of this incident.  The L.A.U.S.D. Superintendent John Deasy acted acutely at the time of the charges, having each of the 128 members of Miramonte Elementary School’s staff transferred away from the campus.  This action is supposed to be temporary, lasting until the district’s spring session begins, tomorrow.

School is supposed to be one of the sanctuaries of safety to which people can send their children, so I thought.  Parents are not supposed to be worrying about their kids being psychologically and sexually abused while they should be learning basic knowledge.  Furthermore, it should not be at the level where school systems are required to do extensive and invasive background checks on potential employees due to this level of activity occurring within educational facilities.  Yet, it seems that the sad fact, for 2012 and beyond, is that guards will have to be elevated on greater grounds, including and especially directed at the activities which involve children.

Martin Bernard Springer and Mark Berndt

Perv Teachers Mark Berndt and Martin Springer















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